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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Sports Terms


Name Terms
Athletics Baton,Bell lap,Cross country,Decathlon,Discus throw,False start,Field,Foul,Hammer Throw,Heptathlon,High Jump,Hurdles,Javelin,Lane,Lap,Long Jump,Marathon,Middle distance,Pole vault,Photo Finish,relay,Record,Shot put,Sprint,Starting blocks,steeplechase,Track,Track and field,Triple jump
Badminton Alley,  Back Alley, Base Position, Baseline, Center Line, Center Position, Divorce Area, Forecourt, Long Service Line, Service Court, Short Service Line, Side Alley, T (T-Junction), Tape, Test Mark, Tramline,Angle of Attack, Angle Of Return, Attack, Back and Front, “Bird On”, “Clear”, Deception, Defense, Diagonal, Doubles, First Serve, Footwork, Free Point, Front and Back, Game Point, Hand In, Hand Out ,”Help”, “Hit”, Level Doubles, Match Point, Mixed Doubles, Offense, Patty-Cakes, Placement, Rally, Receiving Side, Rotation, Second Serve, Serving Side, Setup, Side by Side, “Sides” Singles, Unforced Error, “Touch”, Toss, “Up”,Ace, Air-Shot, Attacking Clear, Kill, Backhand, Block, Carry, Clear, Closed Face, Cross Court, Cut (Slice), Dab, Danish Wipe, Defensive Clear, Double Hit, Drive, Drive Serve,  Drop, Drop Serve, Flick, Flick Serve, Forehand, Hairpin, Halfcourt Shot, Holding a Shot, Jump Smash, Lift, Lob, Long Serve, Net Shot, Offensive Clear, Open Face, Pace, Passing Shot, Pop-Up, Push Shot, Round-The-Head, Serve, Short Serve, Smash, Slice (Cut), Sling, Spin Serve,  Stroke, Throw, Toss Serve, Wood Shot,Backhand Grip, Backswing,  Balk, Dead Bird, Fault, Feint, Flexible Wrist, Flight, Follow-Through, Foot Fault, Forward Swing, Frying Pan Grip, Hammer Grip, Home,  Let, Locked Wrist, Love (Luv), Lunge, Match, On-Guard Stance, ,  Player, Poaching, Rush A Serve, Setting, Stance, Straight Games, Sweetspot, Thumb-Up Grip, Tipping, Turnover, Waist
Baseball Balk,Battery,Bunt,Change-up,Cleanup,Count,Diamond,Double Play,Error,Fly ball,Foul Ball,Full Count,Ground ball,Hit and run,Hit for the cycle,Lead Runner,Load the bases,On-deck,Pinch hitter,Pinch runner,Pitch around,Pitch out,Position Player,power hitter,Relay,Reliever or relief pitcher,Runners at the corners,Scoring position,Strike Zone,walk,
Basketball assist,alley-oop,backboard,,buzzerbeater,cherry-picking,double,fast break,field goal,full -court press,key,pick and roll,posting up,run-and-gun,sixth man,triple threat,turnover,hops,beat,dime,bounce,bounce pass,wing,downtown,triple-double,strongside and weakside,elbow,baseline,brick,power dribble,chickenwing,draft,lay up,MVP,no look pass,overhead pass,slam dunk,
Billiards Angle Shot ,Backspin ,Bank Shot,Bed of Table,Break Shot,Bridge ,Call Shot,Chalk,Clean the Table,Cue Ball,Curve Shot ,Cushion ,Diamonds,Foot Spot ,Frozen Ball ,

Head Spot ,Hug the Rail ,Jump Shot ,Leave,Open Table,Rack ,Run the Table ,Scratch,Shaft,Sharking,Sights,Slate,Snooker,Solids,Stripes,Cannon,Baulk,long jenny,short jenny,frame,spider,short and long rest, in-off

Boxing Knock out, Round, Ring Stoppage, Punch, Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Timing, Footwork, technical knockout,sucker punch,standing eight count,southpaw,rabbit punch,parry,neutral corner,lowblow,knockdown,jab,hook,holding,head-butt,fist,cross,counterpunch,clinch,bout,block,bare-knuckled
Chess Gambit, stalemate, move, resign, checkmate, international master, Grand master ,accept,active defense,advantage,attack,back rank,backward pawn,badbishop,berserker,castle long,castle short,centre break,check,checkmate,chessmen,cross-check,double attack,double check,draw,knight on the rim,master,mate,minor piece,rank,
Cricket Toss, Run, Wicket, Pitch, Stump, Bails, Crease, Pavilion, Gloves, Wicket Keeper, Over, Maiden over, Follow On, Rubber, Ashes, Catch, Bowled, Stump out, Run out, L. B. W; Hit Wicket, Not out, No ball, Wide ball, Dead ball, Over Throw, Bye, Leg by, Cover drive, Late cut, Hook, Glance, Stroke, Shot, Pull, Sixer, Follow Through, Turn, Googley, Spin, Yorker, Bouncer, Hattrick, Round the wicket, Over the wicket, Seamer, Boundary line, Slip, Square leg, Runner, Cover, Gully, Long on, Silly point, Midwicket, Mid on, Forward short leg, Deep/mid-wicket, etc.
Cycling Sprint, Time trial, Point race, Track Race,attack,blocking,bonk,breakaway,bridge the gap,criterium,drafting,drop,field sprint,gap,jump,kick,hammering,take a flyer,stage race,pull off,pull,pull thorough,nep-pro,hook
Football Goal, Kick, Head, Penalty kick, Dribble, Off side, Hattrick, Foul, Left out, Right out, Stopper, Defender, Move, Side Back, Pass, Baseline, Rebound, Comer bick, back pass,attacker,free kick,goal line,goal kick,kick off, midfielder,yellow card,wingers,volley
Golf ace, albatross, double eagle, all square, approach putt, apron, ball mark, ballooning, beach, birdie, blind shot, bogey, bunker, caddy, chip, Claw grip, condor, dogleg, dub, flag, Four-Ball, Mulligan, off the deck, peg, sand trap, tee shot ,bail out,birdie,caddie,chop shot,divt,duffer,jungle,par,sand wedge,snake,
Gymnastics Aerial, Back Handspring, Back Somersault, Double Back, Double Twist, Flyaway, Front Hip Pullover, Front Pike Somersault, Front Split, Front Walkover, Gienger, Handstand, Hip Circle, Miller, Pike, Rudi, Straddle, Swedish Fall, Tsukahara, Tuck, Whip Back
Hockey Centre, defender, forward, half, penalty-stroke, penalty corner, push-in, free-hit, striking circle goal, goal-line, touch-line, goalkeeper, offside, foul, stick, carry, dribble, tiebreaker, trapping, etc
Polo Mallet, bunker, chukker, handicap, goal, sixty yarder, etc.
Shooting Bag, bull’s eye, marksmanship, plug, skeet
Swimming Add Up, Anchor, Approved Meet, Backstroke, Banner, Beep, Bonus Heat, Bottom, Breaststroke, Bullpen, Bulletin, Cap, Carpool, Cards, Check-In, Check-Out, Course, Dryland, False Start, Freestyle, Gun Lap, Heats, Jump, Lane Lines, Paddle, Parka, Pool, Pull Buoy, Relays, Split, Stroke, Yardage etc.
Table Tennis Backhand, Backspin, Block, Chop, Closed, Dead ball, Doubles, Drive, Drop shot, Expedite rule, Forehand, Inverted, Let, Lob, Long pips, Loop, Match, Medium-long, Open, Penhold, Pips-in, Pips-out, Push, Receive, Seemiller, Serve, Set, Shake Hands, Short, Sidespin, Skunk, Smash, Topspin etc.
Tennis smash, cross-court, passing shot,backhand, forehand,slice, topspin,serve, drop shot, lob, down-the-line, deuce, tie-breaker, set, game, grand slam, ace, volley, etc.
Volleyball Assist, Attack, Attack line, Back row attack, Block, Block assist, Campfire defense, Carry, Center line violation, Chester, Coach kill, Cover the hitter, Cut shot, Deep dish, Dig, Facial, Fish, Floater, Friendly fire, Free ball, Heat, Husband-and-wife-play, Jedi defense, Just, Jump serve, Kill, Kong, Line shot, Lollipop, Mintonette, Monument valley, Net violation, Paint brush, Pancake, Pepper, Prince/Princess of whales, Quick set, Rainbow, Red card, Redwood, Roof, Screening, Service ace, Set, Shank, Side out, Six-pack, Sizzle the pits, Spike, Strong side, Stuff, Tandem, Tip, Tool, Trap set, Tuna, Whale, Yellow card etc.
Weight Lifting Bulking, shredded, Six pack, Feeling the Burn, Power Rack, Smith Machine, Muscle Memory, Pump and Toners, Cardio Bunny, Plateau, Vascularity, Supersets, Drop Sets/Strip Sets, Periodization, Pyramiding, Standard Plates and Bars etc.
Wrestling Freestyle, Hal Nelson, Point, Heave, etc.

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