“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
03/10/2023 5:45 AM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library



1) Cheap Shot

Meaning: An unfair attack on someone’s weakness

Use: I don’t use cheap shot on anyone.


2) Cherry-Pick

Meaning: To pick only the best people or things from a group

Use: It was a cherry-pick by the company.

3) Chickens Come Home To Roost

Meaning: The negative outcome of previous actions reveal themselves

Use: Because of you chickens came home to roost.

4) Child’s Play

Meaning: A very easy task Use: It is not a child’s

5) Chill Out

Meaning: To calm down or go easy

Use: You need to chill out in this situation.

6) Chin Music

Meaning: Idle or meaningless talk

Use: I don’t like chin music.

7) Chip off the Old Block

Meaning: Someone who is very similar in character to their father or mother

Use: He is a chip off the old block.                                                                                    

8) Chomp at the Bit

Meaning: To be eager and not willing to wait to do something

Use: Have some patience, don’t chomp at the bit.

9) Chop Chop

Meaning: Without delay; quickly

Use: Come here, chop chop!

10) Chop Shop

Meaning: A place where stolen automobiles are stripped of saleable parts

Use: I never visited any chop shop.

11) Dance to Someone’s Tune

Meaning: To do what someone else wants Use: Don’t dance to his

12) Dance with the Devil

Meaning: Deliberately do something immoral

Use: I never dance with the devil.

13) Dark Horse

Meaning: A person who keeps their skill, interests or ideas secret

Use: He is a real dark horse for the team.

14) Darken Someone’s Door

Meaning: Make an unwanted visit to someone’s home where he/she is not welcome anymore

Use: I don’t like to dark anyone’s door.

15) Dead as the Dodo

Meaning: To not be important or popular any longer

Use: It is dead as the dodo.

16) Dead Eye

Meaning: An unerring marksman

Use: I did not see a dead eye.

17) Dead Heat

Meaning: An exact tie in a competition

Use: The fight ended in a dead heat.

18) Dead of Winter

Meaning: The middle of winter, when it is very cold

Use: I don’t like to go out in the evening of dead of winter.

19) Dead Run

Meaning: Running as fast as possible

Use: It is a dead run for both of you.

20) Dead Shot

Meaning: A good shooter

Use: He is a very dangerous dead shot.

21) Deep Pockets

Meaning: A person or an organization having sizable financial wealth

Use: She has deep pockets for her future.

22) Deliver the Goods

Meaning: Provide what is anticipated

Use: He always delivers the goods.

23) Devil’s Advocate

Meaning: Someone who argues against an idea or plan that a lot of people support, in order to make people discuss and consider it Use: Don’t try to be a devil’s advocate.

24) Dirty Look

Meaning: To look at someone in a disapproving way

Use: He gave a dirty look to me.

25) Dodge a Bullet

Meaning: To closely escape disaster

Use: I just dodged a bullet.

26) Dog Days of the Summer

Meaning: The hottest day of summer

Use: I don’t like to go out in dog days of the summer.

27) Dog-Eat-Dog

Meaning: Intensely competitive

Use: We are living in dog-eat-dog world.

28) Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

Meaning: Don’t make your opinion by looks Use: You should not judge a book by it’s

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Meaning: Don’t think about small things Use: He should not cry over spilled

30) Double-Edged Sword

Meaning: Something which can be helpful or harmful

Use: He is a double-edged sword in our team.

31) Down in the Dumps

Meaning: Deeply sad

Use: He is feeling down in the dumps.

32) Down the Road

Meaning: In the future

Use: We have so many projects down the road.

33) Drag Your Feet

Meaning: Delay doing something

Use: Don’t drag your feet now.

34) Draw a Blank

Meaning: Unable to remember or recall something

Use: He always draw a blank in crucial times.                      

35) Draw a Line in the Sand

Meaning: Issue an final condition

Use: He should draw a line in the sand right now.

36) Draw a Long Bow

Meaning: Exaggerate

Use: Don’t draw a long bow here.

37) Draw the Line

Meaning: To set a limit to what one will accept or to do something

Use: You must draw the line somewhere.

38) Dressed Up to the Nines

Meaning: wearing very smart or attractive clothes

Use: She dressed up to the nines.

39) Drive a Hard Bargain

Meaning: To negotiate effectively for benefits

Use: He will successfully drive a hard bargain.

40) Drive Someone Up the Wall

Meaning: Enormously irritate someone Use: He drives her up the

41) Drop a Line

Meaning: To write a letter

Use: I will drop a line to him today.

42) Drop the Ball

Meaning: Make a mistake

Use: He already dropped the ball.

43) Eager beaver

Meaning: A person who is hardworking and enthusiastic

Use: He is an eager beaver in my friend circle.

44) Eagle-Eyed

Meaning: Having sharp or keen vision

Use: My brother is an eagle-eyed person.

45) Early Bird

Meaning: A person who gets up or arrives early

Use: We want some early birds in our team.

46) Eat Crow

Meaning: To take blame and accept humiliation

Use: He will be eating crow tonight.

47) Eat Humble Pie

Meaning: To admit defeat and accept humiliation

Use: He has to eat humble pie again.

48) Eat Someone’s Lunch

Meaning: Conquer someone thoroughly

Use: He eats her lunch.

49) Elephant in the Room

Meaning: An obvious problem that no one wants to discuss

Use: Nobody talks about the elephant in the room.

50) Eleventh Hour

Meaning: The last minute

Use: He came in the eleventh hour.

51) Every Dog Has Its Day

Meaning: Everyone is successful or happy at some time in their life

Use: No need to worry, every dog has its day.

52) Every Man and His Dog

Meaning: Many people or large number of people

Use: Everybody and his dog is going on a vacation this summer.

53) Every Man for Himself

Meaning: A situation where all are trying to do what is best for themselves and no one is trying to help anyone else

Use: In journalism and politics it’s every man for himself.

54) Face the Music

Meaning: Accepting the judgment or punishment

Use: He has to face the music.

55) Fall for Something

Meaning: To be deceived by something

Use: I fell for her in a big way.

56) Fall Off the Wagon

Meaning: To start drinking alcohol after quitting

Use: He fell off the wagon at the hostel party.

57) Fall on One’s Sword

Meaning: Accepting the blame; sacrifice oneself

Use: He falls on her sword.

58) Fashion-Forward

Meaning: Always ready to adopt new styles quickly

Use: He is a fashion-forward person.

59) Fat Cat

Meaning: someone who has a lot of money; high paying executive

Use: He is a fat cat businessman.

60) Father Figure

Meaning: A mentor

Use: He is a father figure for us.

61) Feast Your Eyes On

Meaning: To look at someone or something with great pleasure

Use: Come and feast your eyes on this cheese pizza.

62)Feather in One’s Cap

Meaning: A notable achievement

Use: It’s a real feather in our cap to play for the team.

63)Feather One’s Nest

Meaning: To take advantage of one’s position

Use: He has decided to feather his nest by blackmail.

64) Fed Up With

Meaning: Refuse to tolerate something any further

Use: I am fed up with her conduct.

65) Feel Like a Million Dollars

Meaning: To feel good and healthy

Use: The food made him feel like a million dollars.

66) Feel On Top of The World

Meaning: Healthy feeling

Use: Today I am feeling on top of the world

67) Fifteen Minutes  of   Fame

Meaning: Temporary success or renown

Use: I don’t need a fifteen minutes of

68) Fifth Wheel

Meaning: A superfluous person or thing

Use: The chair is a fifth wheel, they don’t need it.

69) Fight Fire with Fire

Meaning: Fighting against an opponent by using the same methods or weapons used by the opponent

Use: The only way we can deal with crime is to fight fire with fire.

70) Fight Like Cat and Dog

Meaning: Arguing repeatedly with each other

Use: We don’t fight like cat and dog.



71)      Find your Voice

Meaning: To become confident & willing to talk

Use: Finally we find our voice.

72)      Find Your Feet

Meaning: To adjust or become familiar with a new situation

Use: I have finally found my feet in my job.


73)      Finger-Pointing

Meaning: Making explicit and often unfair accusations of blame

Use: There’s a finger-pointing when we make mistakes.

  • Fire in the  Belly Meaning: Very strong ambition Use: They have a fire in the


75)      First In, Best Dressed

Meaning: The who do something will have an advantage

Use: The first 50 customers today will get a big discount! First in, best dressed!

76)      Fish for Compliments

Meaning: Manipulate people to take praise

Use: You don’t need to fish for compliments.

77)      Fish Out of Water

Meaning: Someone who is uncomfortable in a specific situation

Use: I felt like a fish out of water.

78)      Flash in the Pan

Meaning: A one-time phenomenon

Use: His success was just a flash in the pan.


79)      Flat Broke

Meaning: Having no money at all

Use: He is now a flat broke.








80)      Flesh and Blood

Meaning: Very close relatives

Use: She is not my flesh and blood.

81)      Flew the Coop

Meaning: Escaped

Use: He flew the coop with all the money.


82)      Fly High

Meaning: Become successful, especially for the moment

Use: Don’t try to fly high with shortcuts.

83)      Fly Off The Handle

Meaning: To react in a very angry way to something

Use: She just flew off the handle.


  • Follow In Someone’s Footsteps Meaning: To do the same thing as someone else Use: I follow in his footsteps in my

85)      Follow Your Heart

Meaning: Depends on one’s deeper feelings when making a decision

Use: We should always follow our heart.

86)      Food for Thought

Meaning: Something that makes you think cautiously

Use: There is so much food for thought in this article.


87)      For a Song

Meaning: For a very small amount of money

Use: She bought the book for a song.


88)      For XYZ Reasons

Meaning: For multiple reasons

Use: You should not stop working hard for xyz reasons.









89)      Foul Play

Meaning: Crime, typically murder

Use: There is a foul play in this case.

90)      Fourth Estate

Meaning: The media

Use: The fourth estate of our country is corrupt now.


91)      Fox in the Henhouse

Meaning: Someone who causes problems

Use: He is always a fox in the henhouse.

92)      Freak Out

Meaning: To become or cause someone to become extremely emotional or psychological

Use: Don’t freak out at this moment.

93)      French Leave

Meaning: Absence without permission; secret departure

Use: Many of the students took French leave.

94)      Freudian Slip

Meaning: A revealing slip of the tongue

Use: That is the Freudian slip of him.

95)      From Pillar to Post

Meaning: Forced to keep moving from one place to another

Use: We were driven from pillar to post.


96)      From Scratch

Meaning: From the beginning

Use: I am learning programming from scratch.

97)      From Soup to Nuts

Meaning: All from beginning to end

Use: He thought everything from soup to nuts.









98)      From the Bottom of One’s Heart

Meaning: Honestly and with deep feeling

Use: I am saying this from the bottom of my heart.

99)      Full Fathom Five

Meaning: Lost deep in the sea

Use: There was a boat accident yesterday, many people are lost full fathom five.

  • Full of the Joys of Spring Meaning: Very happy and energetic Use: He’s still full of the joys of

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