“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
04/10/2023 9:09 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1) Bag of Tricks

Meaning: A set of methods

Use: I have a whole bag of tricks.

2) Bang for Your Buck

Meaning: Value for money

Use: This mobile phone is a bang for your buck.

3) Bat/Play for the Other Team

Meaning: To be homosexual

Use: He always plays for the other team.

4) Bat/Play for Both Teams

Meaning: To be bisexual

Use: He plays for both teams.

5) Batten Down the Hatches

Meaning: Prepare for a storm

Use: We have batten down the hatches.

6) Be A Barrel of Laughs

Meaning: To be funny

Use: Life is not a barrel of laughs at every moment.

7) Be A Cold Day In Hell

Meaning: Something that will never happen

Use: It will be a cold day in Hell when we will become friends.

8) Be in Seventh Heaven

Meaning: Extremely happy

Use: I was in seventh heaven when I saw her.

9) Be Like Chalk and Cheese

Meaning: Very different from each other

Use: Don’t compare us, we are like chalk and cheese.

10) Be on the Mend

Meaning: Improving after an illness or damage

Use: He’s been ill, but he’s on the mend now.

11) Be Snowed Under

Meaning: Be extremely busy with work

Use: He will be snowed under with work tomorrow.

12) Beat Around the Bush

Meaning: To avoid talking about the important and uncomfortable topic

Use: I will not beat around the bush.

13) Beat Someone To The Draw

Meaning: Obtain something more quickly than someone else

Use: I will beat him to the draw.

14) Beat Someone to the Punch

Meaning: Do something more quickly than someone else

Use: We will beat them to the punch.

15) Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Meaning: Character is more important than external appearance

Use: I always believe that, beauty is only skin deep.

16)Bed of Roses

Meaning: A comfortable situation

Use: Don’t stay in bed of roses every time.

17) Behind the Eight Ball

Meaning: At a serious drawback

Use: She is already behind the eight ball.

18) Behind the Scenes

Meaning: An event which is not apparent to the public

Use: We should see the behind the scenes.

19) Behind the Times

Meaning: Old-fashioned

Use: My equipment are a bit behind the times.

20) Bell the Cat

Meaning: Take on a difficult task

Use: I am going to bell the cat.

21) Bells And Whistles

Meaning: Decorative but not essential

Use: Manufacturers still build bikes with all the bells and whistles.

22) Belly Laugh

Meaning: Hearty laughter

Use: The movie is full of belly laugh.

23) Best of Both Worlds

Meaning: The advantages of two different things at the same time

Use: His stories are best of both worlds.

24) Better late Than Never

Meaning: Something to be late than never to arrive or to happen

Use: It is always better late than never.

25) Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Meaning: In a difficult position or situation

Use: He is in between the devil and the deep blue sea.

26) Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt

Meaning: Absolutely certain or definitive

Use: I will prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

27) Big Cheese

Meaning: An important person in an organization

Use: He is the big cheese in the company.

28) Big Deal

Meaning: An important event

Use: It is not a big deal.

29) Big Fish

Meaning: An important person

Use: The police is searching the big fish.

30) Big Picture

Meaning: A wide perspective of something

Use: I always try to see the big picture.

31) Birds of a Feather

Meaning: of the same kind or nature

Use: Birds of a feather flock together.

32) Bird’s-Eye View

Meaning: A view from above or a broad perspective

Use: I want to see the bird’s-eye view.

33) Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Meaning: to try to do something that is very difficult for you

Use: You should not bite off more than you can chew.

34) Bite the Bullet

Meaning: To do something even though that involves pain

Use: He is ready to bite the bullet.

35) Bite the Hand That Feeds You

Meaning: Harm someone who has helped you

Use: We should not bite the hand that feeds

36) Bitter Pill to Swallow

Meaning: Very unpleasant fact but must be accepted

Use: His words were bitter pills to swallow.

37) Black and White

Meaning: A distinction between good and bad

Use: These are like black and white.

38) Black Eye

Meaning: A mark of shame or a bad reputation

Use: I can see him with black eye

39) Black Sheep

Meaning: Someone who does not fit into a group

Use: I don’t want to be the black sheep in this group.

40) Blind Date

Meaning: A date between two persons who have not previously met

Use: I don’t believe in blind date.

41) Blood and Thunder

Meaning: A dramatic performance

Use: The movie is full of blood and thunders.

42) Blow Off Steam

Meaning: To express anger and frustration without damaging

Use: They need to blow off steam.

43) Blow the Whistle

Meaning: Reporting an illegal activity to the authorities

Use: He needs to blow the whistle on him.

44) Blow Your Own Trumpet

Meaning: To promote proudly about your achievements

Use: She always blow her own trumpet.

45) Blue Eyed Boy

Meaning: A man who is liked very much and is treated well by someone

Use: He is a blue eyed boy in our college.

46) Bolt From the Blue

Meaning: Something completely unexpected

Use: It was like bolt from the blue.

47) Bone Dry

Meaning: Completely dry

Use: I don’t like bone dried pizza.

48) Born on The Wrong Side of the Blanket

Meaning: Born to parents who were not married

Use: He was born on the wrong side of the

49) Borrow Trouble

Meaning: Invite problems

Use: Don’t borrow troubles every-time.

50) Bottom of the Barrel

Meaning: The lowest possible condition, level; low-quality choices

Use: He don’t like anything from the bottom of the barrel.

51) Break Out in A Cold Sweat

Meaning: To perspire from fever or anxiety

Use: The thought made him break out in a cold sweat.

52) Break the Bank

Meaning: Exhaust one’s financial resources

Use: One day he would break the bank.

53) Break The Ice

Meaning: To make people who have not met before feel more relaxed with each other

Use: He tried to break the ice when I was interviewing. 

54) Bring Home the Bacon

Meaning: Earn money that is needed to live

Use: I have to bring home the bacon.

55) Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Meaning: Under equipped

Use: I don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight.

56) Bucket List

Meaning: A list of things that one wants to do before dying

Use: I have a bucket list for the next month.

57) Bump in the Road

Meaning: A temporary setback

Use: There may be a bump in a road in every journey.

58) Burn the Candle at Both Ends

Meaning: Work too hard despite bad consequences for one’s health

Use: I can’t burn the candle at both ends forever.

59) Burn the Midnight Oil

Meaning: Working late into the night

Use: I always burn the midnight

60) Busman’s Holiday

Meaning: A working vacation

Use: I don’t need a busman’s holiday this month.

61) Buy a Pig in a Poke

Meaning: Buying something without prior inspection

Use: Don’t buy a pig in a poke.

62) By Hook or by Crook

Meaning: by any method possible

Use: I have to complete my target by hook or by crook.

63) By Word of Mouth

Meaning: in speech but not in writing; by being told by another person

Use: The good news spread by word of mouth.

64) Call a Spade a Spade

Meaning: Speaking frankly about a problem

Use: We have to call a spade a spade.

65) Call It a Day

Meaning: To stop work because you think you have done enough

Use: Finally he agreed to call it a day.

66) Call It a Night

Meaning: To stop an activity in the evening or night in order to go to bed

Use: The band called it a night and left the stage.

67) Call the Shots

Meaning: Making an important decisions in an organization

Use: It is time for me to call the shots.

68) Call the Tune

Meaning: Make an important decisions to control a situation

Use: I have to call the tune in right time.

69) Carry Coals To Newcastle

Meaning: engaging in useless labour or work

Use: Never carry coals to Newcastle.

70) Carry the Can

Meaning: Taking the blame for something one is not responsible

Use: Only I will carry the can for it.

71) Cast the First Stone

Meaning: Be the first to criticize or attack someone

Use: I will be the first person to cast the first stone.

72) Castle in the Air

Meaning: An impractical or illogical plan

Use: I don’t need your castle in the air.

73) Cat Fight

Meaning: A fight between two women

Use: I can’t see their cat fight any more.

74) Cat on a hot tin roof

Meaning: Extremely nervous

Use: He’s been like a cat on a hot tin roof all day.

75) Catch Some Rays

Meaning: To sit or stand outside in the sun

Use: You should get out and catch some rays.

76) Catch Someone’s Eye

Meaning: Attract one’s attention

Use: He always catches her

77) Caught Red-Handed

Meaning: Catch while committing a crime

Use: The thief caught red handed by the owner.

78) Circle the Wagons

Meaning: Take a defensive position

Use: People increasingly see it as their job to circle the wagons.

79) Claim to Fame

Meaning: A reason why someone or something is famous

Use: That is his primary claim to fame.

80) Clip Someone’s Wings

Meaning: Reduce someone’s freedom

Use: He should not clip her

81) Close, But No Cigar

Meaning: Almost succeeded, but is not completely successful or correct

Use: It was close but no cigar for Johnny.

82) Cock and Bull Story

Meaning: A story that is obviously not true, used as an excuse

Use: I don’t listen to his cock and bull story.

83) Come Out in the Wash

Meaning: Problems will be solved in the end

Use: All your problems will come out in the wash.

84) Come Out fighting

Meaning: Respond to something aggressively

Use: We have to come out fighting now.

85) Coming Down the Pike

Meaning: Something likely to occur in the near future

Use: So many new inventions coming down the pike.

86) Cool as A Cucumber

Meaning: Calm even in frustrating situations

Use: He is as cool as a cucumber.

87) Cool Your Heels

Meaning: Wait

Use: You have to cool your heels.

88) Couch Potato

Meaning: A lazy person who sit all day

Use: Don’t be a couch potato.

89) Crash a Party

Meaning: Attending a party without invitation

Use: I never crashed any party in my life.

90) Cross to Bear

Meaning: An unpleasant situation that you have to deal with, although it is very difficult

Use: There is no option, this is your cross to bear.

91) Crunch Time

Meaning: A critical moment or period

Use: It is a crunch time in my office.

92) Cry Your Eyes Out

Meaning: Cry for a long time

Use: I cried my eyes out when I missed him.

93) Curiosity Killed The Cat

Meaning: Don’t be too curious

Use: Always remember, curiosity killed the cat.

94) Cut Corners

Meaning: Take shortcuts

Use: I don’t need any cut corners to get success.

95) Cut the Mustard

Meaning: Do something adequately

Use: I don’t think he can cut the mustard.

96) Cutting-Edge

Meaning: Innovative

Use: We are bringing a cutting-edge solution.

97) Change Horses in Midstream

Meaning: Changing plans or leaders in the middle of serious problems

Use: We have to change our horses in midstream.

98) Change of Heart

Meaning: A change in opinion

Use: I don’t see any change of heart in him.

99) Changing of the Guard

Meaning: Change the leader of an organization

Use: It is an incredible changing of the guard this time.

100) Chase Rainbows

Meaning: To pursue impractical goals

Use: Don’t chase rainbows every time.


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