“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1)  A Bit Much

Meaning: A bit too much

Use: These shoes costs a bit much.

2)  A Bite at The Cherry

Meaning: An opportunity that is not available to everyone

Use: After a long struggle, finally he got a bite at the cherry.

3)  A Cat Nap

Meaning: A short time sleep during day time

Use: I am tired, I need a cat nap.

4)  A Cold Day In July

Meaning: Something which never going to happen

Use: It like a cold day in July.

5)  A Cold Fish

Meaning: Someone who is hard, unfeeling or emotionless

Use: My boss is a cold fish.

6)  A Cut Above

Meaning: Something which is slightly better than other thing

Use: This pizza is a cut above other one.

7)  A Cut Below

Meaning: Inferior to someone

Use: This movie is really a cut below what I expected.

8)  A Few Sandwiches Short Of A Picnic

Meaning: Something which is stupid

Use: This lunch is really a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

9)  A Guinea Pig

Meaning: Someone who become part of an experiment

Use: The vaccine manufacturer is searching some guinea pigs for experiment.

10)  A Hair’s Breadth

Meaning: Very small amount or distance

Use: My house is at a hair’s breadth from here.

11)  A Home Bird

Meaning: Someone who spend his time at home

Use: Don’t be a home bird.

12)  A Lame Duck

Meaning: An unsuccessful person or enterprise

Use: The director of the company became a lame duck.

13)  A Life Of Its Own

Meaning: An independent existence

Use: He is living a life of its own.

14)  A Lone Wolf

Meaning: A person who is not social with people

Use: Because of so much pressure, he became a lone wolf.

15) A Notch Above

Meaning: Higher quality

Use: This mobile brand is a notch above the other brand.

16)  A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Meaning: A visual presentation conveys information better than words

Use: A picture is always a worth of thousand words.

17)  A Plum Job

Meaning: An easy work that pays well

Use: I am looking for a plum job.

18)  A Rare Bird

Meaning: Someone or something which is rarely found

Use: He is a rare bird in our team.

19) A Second Bite At The Cherry

Meaning: A second change to do something

Use: He got a second bite at the

20)   A Sight for Sore Eyes

Meaning: Someone or something that we pleased to see

Use: Her presence is a sight for sore eyes for me.

21)   A Sitting Duck

Meaning: Someone or something in a vulnerable position & easy to damage

Use: I don’t want to be a sitting duck any more.

22)  A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Meaning: Fix a problem early to avoid further problems

Use: You should stitch in time saves nine.

23)  A Stone’s Throw

Meaning: Very short distance

Use: My friend is living at a stone’s throw from my house.

24)  A Storm in a Teacup

Meaning: Unnecessary worry or anger about minor matter

Use: She always has a storm in a teacup.

25)  A Tall Order

Meaning: difficult job or work

Use: It’s very easy and not a tall order.

26)  Above And Beyond

Meaning: Something more than expected

Use: I got everything above and beyond in my life.

27)  Above Board

Meaning: without deceit, honestly

Use: Be open and above board with me.

28)  Above The Law

Meaning: Exempted from a law that is applied to everyone

Use: Nobody is above the law in our office.

29)   Accident Of Birth

Meaning: Having a good luck due to family

Use: His wealth is an accident of birth because of his father.

30)   Accident Waiting To Happen

Meaning: Dangerous way of organizing something

Use: His stunts with bike are like accident waiting to happen.

31)  Ace In The Hole

Meaning: A hidden advantage or benefit

Use: He always has an ace in the hole.

32)  Acid Test

Meaning: A severe or crucial test

Use: I have to go through an acid test in the interview.

33)  Acknowledge The Corn

Meaning: Admit to a mistake

Use: You should acknowledge the corn.

34)  Across The Board

Meaning: affecting all classes

Use: The corona virus is affecting across the board.

35)  Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Meaning: Character is shown more accurately by actions than by words

Use: Your actions will speak louder than words.

36)  Add Fuel To The Fire

Meaning: Aggravate an existing tension

Use: Don’t add fuel to the fire.

37)  Add Insult To Injury

Meaning: Humiliate someone after his defeat or damage

Use: They added insult to his injury.

38)   After The Fact

Meaning: After something is completed

Use: Such decisions after the fact can be dangerous.

39)  Against The Clock

Meaning: In a hurry to meet a deadline

Use: I am against the clock in this project.

40)  Agree To Disagree

Meaning: To agree not to argue anymore

Use: You have every rights to agree to disagree.

41)  Aha Moment

Meaning: Sudden realization about something

Use: Finally his aha moment came after one year.

42)   Airy Fairy

Meaning: impractical or idiotic

Use: I don’t want to do friendship with airy fairy people.

43)  Alive and Kicking

Meaning: Healthy and active despite problems

Use: Casteizm is still alive and kicking.

44)  All Along

Meaning: From the very beginning

Use: I knew the truth all along.

45)  All And Sundry

Meaning: Each one

Use: I help all and sundry at the office.

46)  All Bets Are Off

Meaning: Seemed certain is now it is unclear

Use: When he get lonely all bets are off.

47)  All Ears

Meaning: Listen carefully

Use: I am listening the news with all ears.

48)  All Eyes And Ears

Meaning: Attentive

Use: We should now be all eyes and ears.

49)  All Eyes Are On

Meaning: Watching something attentively

Use: All eyes are on the final match.

50)  All Hands on Deck

Meaning: Collective help

Use: I need all Hands on Deck in this work.

51)  All Hat And No Cattle

Meaning: Pretentious

Use: He is all hat and no cattle.

52)  All In Good Time

Meaning: At a more favorable time

Use: You will hear the result all in good time.

53)  All in One Piece

Meaning: Without damaged

Use: I got the glass door all in one piece.

54)  All Mouth And No Trousers

Meaning: To talk about doing something but never do it

Use: His promises are all mouth and no trousers.

55)  All Over The Board

Meaning: Everywhere

Use: You can get cars all over the board in the city.

56)  All Over The Map

Meaning: In different locations

Use: I love cricketers from all over the map.

57)   All Over The Place

Meaning: In different locations

Use: Please clean your room, your shoes are all over the place.

58)  All Rights Reserved

Meaning: All reproduction rights are asserted by the copyright holder

Use: We have all rights reserved.

59)  All Set

Meaning: Ready

Use: We are all set for the game.

60)  All Sizzle And No Steak

Meaning: Failing to live up to reputation

Use: After seeing the movie, I think it’s all sizzle and no steak.

61)  All Told

Meaning: With everything taken into consideration

Use: They all told me to save his brother.

62)  All That Jazz

Meaning: Similar things or qualities

Use: The mangoes and all that jazz.

63)   All The Marbles

Meaning: The entire reward, winnings, power

Use: Both the teams are fighting for all the marbles.

64)  All The Rage

Meaning:  Very fashionable

Use: Beard is all the rage now.

65)  All The Same

Meaning: Anyway or nevertheless

Use: All the same, the truth will come.

66)  All Very Well

Meaning: True to a certain extent

Use: You project is all very well, but not so practical.

67)  All Wet

Meaning: Completely mistaken

Use: He is all wet in this matter.

68)  Amateur Hour

Meaning: A display of inability, something done badly

e: Don’t show your amateur hour now.

69)  An Early Bird

Meaning: Someone who gets up early in the morning

Use: I am an early bird who always exercise in the morning.

70)  An Eye for an Eye

Meaning: The thought that a person who causes another person to suffer should suffer in an equal amount

Use: He always believe in an eye for an eye.

71) An Offer One Can’t Refuse

Meaning: Very attractive offer

Use: That is an offer I can’t

72)  And All That

Meaning: So on

Use: He like politics and all that.

73)  And Counting

Meaning: The mentioned number is increasing or decreasing

Use: He got a donation of 50,000 rupees and counting.

74)  And So Forth

Meaning: The list continues in a similar manner and similar things

Use: We remove them from the team ‘at our risk’, and so forth.

75)  And So On

Meaning: The list continues in a similar manner and similar things

Use: I spend my day doing works, eating, sleeping, and so on.

76)  Ants In Your Pants

Meaning: Restlessness

Use: Don’t have ants in your pants.

77)  Any Tom, Dick or Harry

Meaning: Any ordinary person

Use: I don’t want to work with any tom, dick or harry.

78)  Angel’s Advocate

Meaning: Taking a positive outlook on an idea

Use: I will be angel’s advocate for you.

79)  Apple of One’s Eye

Meaning: One that is highly cherished

Use: My son is just the apple of my eye.

80)  Apples and Oranges

Meaning: Not comparable

Use: These are like apples and oranges, don’t compare them.

81)  Armed to the Teeth

Meaning: Carrying many weapons

Use: The Indian army is armed to the teeth.

82)  Around the Clock

Meaning: At all times

Use: I am here for you around the clock.

83) As Fit as A Fiddle

Meaning: To be physically fit

Use: He is as fit as a

84)  As Poor as a Church Mouse

Meaning: Very poor

Use: Don’t be as poor as a church mouse.

85)  At Death’s Door

Meaning: Very near to death

Use: His grandfather is at death’s door.

86)  At Each Other’s Throats

Meaning: Constantly arguing

Use: They are at each other’s throats.

87)  At Sixes and Sevens

Meaning: In a state of confusion

Use: We are at sixes and sevens in the office today.

88)  At the Drop of a Hat

Meaning: Suddenly

Use: I will go at the drop of a hat today.

89)  At the End of the Day

Meaning: In the final analysis or in the end

Use: At the end of the day, we won that game.

90)  Babe In The Woods

Meaning: A Naive person

Use: My friend is a babe in the woods.

91)  Babe Magnet

Meaning: Someone who is very attractive to women

Use: My friend is a babe magnet.

92)  Back And Forth

Meaning: Negotiations; backward and forward

Use: He paced slowly back and forth.

93)  Back in the Day

Meaning: In earlier times

Use: He was a strong guy back in the day.

94)  Back Of Beyond

Meaning: A remote place

Use: My friend lives somewhere at the back of beyond.

94)Back to Square One

Meaning: Begin something again

Use: We will back to square

95) Back the Wrong Horse

Meaning: Supporting the losing side

Use: He always back the wrong

97)  Backseat Driver

Meaning: Someone who gives unwanted advice

Use: Don’t try to be my backseat driver.

98)  Bad Apple

Meaning: Dishonest person

Use: He is a bad apple in our office.

99)  Bad Blood

Meaning: Feelings of hate between people because of arguments before

Use: There is bad blood between us.

100)  Bad Egg

Meaning: Someone who is not trustworthy

Use: I don’t believe him because he is a bad egg.

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