“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
03/10/2023 5:39 AM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

1.Which among the following is not a security / privacy risk?

[A] Spam
[B] Virus
[C] Hacking
[D] Phishing


Correct Answer: A [Spam]

Spam is any kind of unwanted, unsolicited digital communications. They are sent in bulk. The Spam today is becoming a serious threat.

2.Which among the following is a high-level language used to develop software applications in compact, efficient code that can be run on different types of computers with minimal change?

[B] C


Correct Answer: C [COBOL]

COBOL is a high level labguage used to develop software applications in compact. It is compiled English-like computer programming language designed for business use. It object-oriented since 2002.

3.News websites deliver customized ‘feeds’ of content to their readers via RSS, which stands for :

[A] Really Simple Syndication
[B] Real Social Syndication
[C] Registered Subscriber Syndication
[D] Really Simple Synchronization


Correct Answer: A [Really Simple Syndication]

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is the term used to refer the collection of Web feed formats. They provide updated or shared information in a standardized way. They deliver customized ‘feeds’ to the customers.

4.Which of the following is not an arithmetic capability of a computer?

[A] Addition and Subtraction
[B] Calculation
[C] Copy and Paste
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: C [Copy and Paste]

A computer is much more than an arithmetic number crunching device and performs many other operations like copy, paste, delete, print etc.

5.How are registers measured?

[A] Number of programs
[B] Number of bits
[C] Number of Occurence
[D] Number of reference points


Correct Answer: B [Number of bits]

Registers are normally measured by the number of bits they can hold like an 8-bit register, a 32-bit register etc.

6.Who had discovered the Boolean algebra?

[A] George Boole
[B] Charles Babbage
[C] Augusta Ada Byron
[D] Herman Hollerith


Correct Answer: A [George Boole]

Englishman, George Boole had invented a new branch of mathematics called the Boolean algebra. Boolean algebra and the binary code help modern computers to make simple decisions by comparison of long strings of zeroes.

7.Who among the following had designed and realised the first single-chip microprocessor?

[A] Ted Hoff
[B] Federico Faggin
[C] Stanley Mazor
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

The first single-chip microprocessor was Intel 4004 was both designed and realised by Ted Hoff,  Federico Faggin and Stanley Mazor at Intel Corp.

8.What are the possible uses of a home theatre PC?

[A] Convergence Device
[B] Digital Video Recorder
[C] Digital Photo Viewer
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

A home theatre PC is a convergence device which is used as a Digital Video Recorder, digital photo viewer, video player, music player etc.

9.Which of the following system is also known as desknotes?

[A] Laptop
[B] Notebook
[C] DTR computer
[D] Nettops


Correct Answer: C [DTR computer]

A Desktop Replacement computer is also known as desknotes i.e. a combination of desktop and notebook.

10.Which of the following devices produces a permanent human-readable text of graphic document?

[A] Headphone
[B] Speaker
[C] Printer
[D] None of the Above


Correct Answer: C [Printer]

A printer is a device which makes a human-readable representation of graphics or text on paper. A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper.


11.How do the Analog computers perform arithmetic operations?

[A] With the help of Non-Measurable quantities
[B] With the help of Measurable quantities
[C] Both 1 and 2
[D] None of the above


Correct Answer: B [With the help of Measurable quantities]

An analog computer performs arithmetical operations with the help of measurable quantities like mechanical movement, rotation of gears etc.

12.A digital computer processes information in which form?

[A] Continuous form
[B] Discrete form
[C] Semi-Continuous form
[D] Semi-discrete form


Correct Answer: B [Discrete form]

A digital computer stands for a class of devices which can solve many problems by processing information in a discrete form. It works on data like magnitude, symbols, letters etc.

13.What can possibly be contained by an Integrated Circuit chip?

[B] Memory
[C] Peripheral Devices
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

Most modern microprocessors are usually contained in a single integrated circuit chip that contains a CPU, memory, peripheral interfaces and even other components of the computer. These are usually called the systems on a chip.

14.This part of the computer does all of the ‘thinking’. It can carry out billions of instructions per second and gets very hot.

[A] Motherboard
[B] Hard Drive
[C] Processor


Correct Answer: C [Processor]

A processor is the computer’s engine. The CPU is the part that actually does stuff by following the instructions of the computer program that it’s running.

15.What is the full form of SMPS?

[A] Switched-Mode Power Supply
[B] Switching Manual Power Supply
[C] Switched Maintenance Power Supply
[D] None of the Above


Correct Answer: A [Switched-Mode Power Supply]

A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is an electronic circuit that converts power using switching devices. They are used in many places in a computer.

16.What is the use of Output devices?

[A] To input data
[B] To store data
[C] To scan data
[D] To view or print data


Correct Answer: D [To view or print data]

An output device is any device that receives data from a computer. It is any piece of computer hardware equipment which converts the electronically generated information into human-readable form.

17.Which one is the common device used for drawing, painting, or interactively selecting coordinate positions on an object ?

[A] Image scanner
[B] Digitizers
[C] Data glove
[D] Touch panels


Correct Answer: B [Digitizers]

Digitizers can be used for drawing, painting and selecting positions. It is any device which receives analog information and creates a digital representation of it.

18.Which of the following is the another name for Secondary Memory?

[A] Auxiliary Memory
[B] Virtual memory
[C] Main memory
[D] Internal Storage


Correct Answer: A [Auxiliary Memory]

Auxiliary memory, also known as Secondary memory or External memory, is a non-volatile memory. Secondary Memory isn’t directly accessible to the CPU like primary storage.

19.What is the definition of a nibble?

[A] A small byte
[B] A group of 2 bytes
[C] A group of 4 bits
[D] A hand held device for playing games


Correct Answer: C [A group of 4 bits]

A nibble is a four-bit aggregation. It is also known as half-byte or tetrade. A nibble can be conveniently represented by one hexadecimal digit.

20.A floppy disk is a magnetic storage medium for computer systems. What is the size limit of data to be stored on a floppy disk?

[A] 250KB to 360 KB
[B] 360 KB to 1 GB
[C] 360 KB to 2 GB
[D] 360 KB to 2.88 MB


Correct Answer: D [360 KB to 2.88 MB]

A floppy disk is a type of disk storage composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium.3 1⁄2-inch floppy disk can store data up to 360 KB.8-inch floppy disk cab store data up to 2.88 MB.


21.Which of the following correctly defines the Digital Visual Interface?

[A] It is a video display interface developed by the Digital Display Working Group.
[B] It is used to connect a video source, such as a video display controller to a display device.
[C] The interface is designed to transmit uncompressed digital video.
[D] All of the Above


Correct Answer: D [All of the Above]

DVI is a video display interface. It was developed to be an industry standard for transmitting digital video content to display devices at resolutions as high as 2560 x 1600.

22.Which of the following is the type of a software?

[A] Firmware and Hardware
[B] System Software and Firmware
[C] System Software and Application Software
[D] Application Software and Hardware


Correct Answer: C [System Software and Application Software]

Software can be grouped into a few broad categories: Application Software System Software Malicious Software

23.Which of the following are the three different categories that application software is divided into?

[A] General purpose application
[B] Specialized application
[C] Mobile application
[D] All of the Above


Correct Answer: D [All of the Above]

Application software is computer software designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user. There are many kind of app out of which main are general purpose, specialized, mobile app .

24.Who is known as the father of the electronic spreadsheet?

[A] Cullinane
[B] Dan Bricklin
[C] Alsop
[D] Richard Rabins


Correct Answer: B [Dan Bricklin]

Daniel Bricklin is best known as the co-creator of VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet. In addition to the spreadsheet, he helped develop one of the first word processing systems and programmed the most popular prototyping tool of the MSDOS world.

25.Which of the following is necessary for an application software to be used ?

[A] Money
[B] Antivirus
[C] Software Engineering
[D] Software License


Correct Answer: D [Software License]

A software license is a legal instrument governing the use or redistribution of software. A software license grants the permission to use one or more copies of software in ways where such a use would otherwise potentially constitute copyright infringement of the software owner’s exclusive right.

26.What is the name given to the application which only runs on one platform, increasing the desirability of that platform?

[A] Standalone App
[B] Single Platform App
[C] Killer App
[D] All of the Above


Correct Answer: C [Killer App]

A new and popular application arises which only runs on one platform, increasing the desirability of that platform. This is called a killer application or killer app.

27.What is the name given to the skilled and trained professional who directs all activities related to an organization’s database?

[A] System Administrator
[B] System Manager
[C] Database administrator
[D] Database Manager


Correct Answer: C [Database administrator]

A database administrator is a specialized computer systems administrator who maintains a successful database environment by directing or performing all related activities to keep the data secure.

28.What is the name given to the undoing of partly completed database changes?

[A] Commit
[B] Edit
[C] Undo
[D] Rollback


Correct Answer: D [Rollback]

A rollback is the undoing of partly completed database changes when a database transaction is determined to have failed.

29.The CAP Theorem concludes that it is not possible for a distributed computer system to provide three guarantees at the same time. Which of the following are among these three guarantees?

[A] Consistency
[B] Availability
[C] Partition Tolerance
[D] All of the Above


Correct Answer: D [All of the Above]

The CAP Theorem consists three following terms: Consistency states that each computer node contain all of the same data at the same time. Availability states that each database request is responded to as either successful or failure. Partition tolerance states that the database system continues operating even when not all nodes are connected to one another and suffer communication issues.

30.Which of the following is true about Fiber Distributed Data Interface?

[A] It is a set of ANSI and ISO standards for data transmission on fiber optic lines in a local area network.
[B] It is based on the token ring protocol.
[C] It can extend in range up to 200 km.
[D] All of the Above


Correct Answer: D [All of the Above]

Fiber Distributed Data Interface is a set of ANSI and ISO standards for data transmission on fiber optic lines in a local area network that can extend in range up to 200 km. The FDDI protocol is based on the token ring protocol. An FDDI local area network can support thousands of users.


31.What is the name given to the situation where the lock waits only for a specified amount of time for another lock to be released?

[A] Wait Around
[B] Timeout
[C] Lock Timeout
[D] Wait Wound


Correct Answer: C [Lock Timeout]

The Lock Timeout event class indicates that a request for a lock on a resource. It has timed out because another transaction is holding a blocking lock on the required resource.

32.Which one of the following is a discontinued computer network operating system developed by Novell, Inc.?

[A] Netware
[B] Novellware
[C] IPX network
[D] None of the Above


Correct Answer: A [Netware]

NetWare is a discontinued computer network operating system developed by Novell, Inc. It uses IPX network protocol.

33.Which of the following hubs can store, amplify, split and retransmit the received signals?

[A] Passive Hub
[B] Active Hub
[C] Intelligent Hub
[D] All of the Above


Correct Answer: B [Active Hub]

Active hub can store, amplify, split and retransmit the received signals. It requires additional electronic circuit for performing different functions.

34.Which of the following represents a nibble data?

[A] 2 bits
[B] 4 bits
[C] 6 bits
[D] 8 bits


Correct Answer: B [4 bits]

Nibble refers to the half of an eight-bit byte or four binary digits. Byte is a group of bits (8 bits) used to represent a character. A byte is considered as the basic unit of measuring memory size in computer.

35.Who invented the Twister pair cables?

[A] James Macmillan
[B] Henry Ford
[C] Alexander Graham Bell
[D] Ron Cable


Correct Answer: C [Alexander Graham Bell]

Twisted-pair cabling was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881. It is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of improving electromagnetic compatibility.

36.Which of these devices is installed in the computer to plug a network cable coming from the modem?

[A] USB Drive
[B] Network Interface card
[C] Data card
[D] None of the above


Correct Answer: B [Network Interface card]

A computer must have a network card installed to be able to plug a network cable coming from the modem, router or gateway.

37.What do we call the networking hardware that allows data to flow from one discrete network to another?

[A] Switch
[B] Modem
[C] Gateway
[D] Repeater


Correct Answer: C [Gateway]

A gateway is a multi-use device that includes a modem and a router, all in one. It allows data to flow from one discrete network to another.

38.Which of these internet connections is always connected to the internet?

[A] Dial-up
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: C [DSL]

DSL stands for digital subscriber line. It is a type of internet connection which is always connected to the Internet. So, in this case, we don’t have to dialup to connect.

39.Which country has a search engine called as Baidu?

[A] China
[B] Russia
[C] Japan
[D] Cuba


Correct Answer: A [China]

Baidu search engine belongs to Baidu, Inc. which is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products and artificial intelligence.

40.Which of these is not an MS Office product?

[A] Office Sway
[B] Office 365 Video
[C] Open Office
[D] Delve


Correct Answer: C [Open Office]

OpenOffice is a discontinued open-source office suite. Sun open-sourced the OpenOffice software in July 2000 as a competitor to MS Office.

41.What is Microsoft Windows XP?

[A] It is an operating system
[B] It is a Word Processor
[C] It is a Database program
[D] It is an application software


Correct Answer: A [It is an operating system]

Microsoft Windows XP is an operating system. It is a version of Windows operating system introduced by Microsoft in 1985.

42.Which key combination can make the Windows operating system reboot?

[A] Ctrl + F10
[B] Ctrl + Alt
[C] Ctrl + Alt + Del
[D] Ctrl + F12


Correct Answer: C [Ctrl + Alt + Del]

Ctrl-Alt-Delete is the combination of keyboard keys in MS Windows that the computer user can press at the same time to terminate an application task or to reboot the operating system.

43.Which of these MS Office products is primarily used for notetaking?

[A] Powernote
[B] Access
[C] Visio
[D] Onenote


Correct Answer: D [Onenote]

MS One note is a notetaking program that gathers handwritten or typed notes, drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. With this software, notes can be shared with other users over the Internet.

44.Which of MS Office program is a graphics editor?

[A] MS Paint
[B] MS Planner
[C] MS Bookings
[D] MS Project


Correct Answer: A [MS Paint]

Microsoft Paint is a simple graphics editor that comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It is a part of MS Office family.

45.What features Microsoft Outlook offer?

[A] E-mail client
[B] Address book
[C] Task Manager
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager that includes an e-mail client, calendar, task manager and address book.

46.How can an existing presentation be opened in MS PowerPoint?

[A] Ctrl + N
[B] Ctrl + O
[C] Ctrl + S
[D] Ctrl + Shift + O


Correct Answer: B [Ctrl + O]

Ctrl + O is the key shortcut to open an existing presentation in MS PowerPoint. Ctrl + N is used to open a new blank presentation.

47.How can we ungroup selected groups in MS PowerPoint?

[A] By pressing Ctrl + Shift + U
[B] By pressing Shift + G
[C] By pressing Shift + U
[D] By pressing Ctrl + Shift + G


Correct Answer: D [By pressing Ctrl + Shift + G]

To group shapes, pictures, or WordArt objects in MS PowerPoint, select the items that needs to be grouped, and press Ctrl+G. To ungroup a group, select the group, and press Ctrl+Shift+G.

48.What does OLE in MS Access stand for?

[A] Object Length Extension
[B] Object Linking and Embedding
[C] Object Load Estimate
[D] None of the above


Correct Answer: B [Object Linking and Embedding]

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding. It is a proprietary technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects.

49.What do we call a malware that blocks access to the victim’s data and threatens to publish or delete it unless money is paid?

[A] Adware
[B] Ransomware
[C] Identity Theft
[D] Dropper


Correct Answer: B [Ransomware]

Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to the victim’s data and threatens to publish or delete it unless a ransom is paid.

50.What is CodeRed?

[A] An Anti-virus
[B] A Computer worm
[C] A Keylogger
[D] None of the above


Correct Answer: B [A Computer worm]

Code Red was a computer worm observed on the Internet in 2001 and it launched DOS attack on White House’s website. It attacked computers running Microsoft’s IIS web server.


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