“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library




  • 11% of people are left handed
  • August has the highest percentage of births
  • Unless food is mixed with saliva you can’t taste it
  • The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes
  • A bear has 42 teeth
  • An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain
  • Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries
8% of people have an extra rib
85% of plant life is found in the ocean
Ralph Lauren’s original name was Ralph Lifshitz
Rabbits like licorice
The Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters
‘Topolino’ is the name for Mickey Mouse Italy
A lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue
Armadillos have 4 babies at a time and are all the same sex
Reindeer like bananas
The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds
Birds need gravity to swallow
The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E
The 3 most common languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English
Dreamt is the only word that ends in mt
The first letters of the months July through to November spell JASON
A cat has 32 muscles in each ear
Perth is Australia’s windiest city
Elvis’s middle name was Aron
Goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light
The smallest bones in the human body are found in your ear
Cats spend 66% of their life asleep
Switzerland eats the most chocolate equating to 10 kilos per person per year
Money is the number one thing that couples argue about
Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs
When lightning strikes it can reach up to 30,000 degrees celsius (54,000 degrees fahrenheit)
Spiders are arachnids and not insects
Each time you see a full moon you always see the same side
Stewardesses is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand
Honey is the only natural food which never spoils
M&M’s chocolate stands for the initials for its inventors Mars and Murrie
That you burn more calories eating celery than it contains (the more you eat the thinner you become)
The only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia
The longest street in the world is Yonge street in Toronto Canada measuring 1,896 km (1,178 miles)
About 90% of the worlds population kisses
Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine
The Internet was originally called arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) designed by the US department of defense
Toilets use 35% of indoor water use
The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco
Koalas sleep around 18 hours a day
The first Burger King was opened in Florida Miami in 1954
All insects have 6 legs
The croissant was invented in Austria
In eastern Africa you can buy beer brewed from bananas
African Grey Parrots have vocabularies of over 200 words
A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch tongue
Australia was originally called New Holland
‘Lonely Planet’ for travelers is based in Melbourne Australia
The sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English alphabet
The Grand Canyon can hold around 900 trillion footballs
All the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes
Your foot has 26 bones in it
The average human brain contains around 78% water
1 nautical knot equates to 1.852 Kph (1.150 mph)
If you add up all the numbers from 1 to 100 consecutively (1 + 2 + 3…) It totals 5050
Sponges hold more cold water than hot
Lightning strikes the Earth 6,000 times every minute
Fire usually moves faster uphill than downhill
Cats have over 100 vocal chords
Camel’s milk doesn’t curdle
Elephants sleep between 4 – 5 hours in 24 period
It’s possible to lead a cow up stairs but not down
Frogs can’t swallow with their eyes open
Elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump
A 1/4 of your bones are in your feet
Your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body
On your birthday you share it with 9 million others
1 googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros
A 1 minute kiss burns 26 calories
You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV
Frogs don’t usually swallow water (they absorb most of the moisture they need through their skin)
At birth dalmations are always white
Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards
A duck can’t walk without bobbing its head
A hummingbird’s heart beats at over a 1,000 times a minute
Dragonflies have 6 legs but can’t walk
A crocodile can’t move its tongue
That the first MTV video played was ‘Video killed the radio star’ by the Buggles
In 1878 the first telephone book made contained only 50 names
Pop corn was invented by the Aztec Indians
An average person will spend 25 years asleep
Hippopotamuses have killed more people in Africa than any other animal
An elephants ears are used to regulate body temperature
The Arctic Ocean is the smallest in the world
The most common mental illnesses are anxiety and depression
The word laser stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’
Crocodiles never outgrow their enclosure
Reindeer hair is hollow inside like a tube
Your skin is the largest organ making up the human body
Cows don’t have upper front teeth
Everyday is a holiday somewhere in the world
The coins thrown into the Trevi fountain in Italy are collected for charity
French fries are originally from Belgium
There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year
There are 22 stars in the Paramount studios logo
In a deck of cards the king of hearts is the only king without a moustache
Black on yellow are the 2 colors with the strongest impact
The safest car color is white
The most commonly forgotten item for travelers is their toothbrush
Coca Cola launched its 3rd product Sprite in 1961
Apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee
Room temperature is defined as between 20 to 25C (68 to 77F)
An octopus pupil is rectangular
The hyoid bone in your throat is the only bone in your body not attached to any other
The Australian aircraft carrier QANTAS stands for Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Service
The movie Pulp Fiction cost $8 million to make with $5 million going towards actor’s salaries
There are only 4 words in the English language which end in ‘dous’ (they are: hazardous, horrendous, stupendous and tremendous)
The oldest word in the English language is ‘town’
Cats can’t move their jaw sideways
Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave
Its physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky
Your most sensitive finger is your index finger (closest to your thumb)
‘Bookkeeper’ and ‘bookkeeping’ are the only 2 words in the English language with three consecutive double letters
Venetian blinds were invented in Japan
The average golf ball has 336 dimples
The word ‘Strengths’ is the longest word in the English language with just one vowel
The movie ‘Wayne’s World’ was filmed in two weeks
The Amazon rainforest produces half the world’s oxygen supply
A group of frogs is called an army
A group of rhinos is called a crash
A group of kangaroos is called a mob
A group of whales is called a pod
A group of geese is called a gaggle
A group of owls is called a parliament
The first sailing boats were built in Egypt
Brazil is named after a tree
Brazil covers 50% of the South American continent
Brazil borders every country in South America except Chile and Ecuador
Hilton was the first international hotel chain
The brand Nokia is named after a place in Southern Finland
Monopoly is the most played board game in the world
96% of candles sold are purchased by women
42% of men and women 25% don’t wash their hands after using a public toilet
If you filled a matchbox with gold it could be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court
Jamaica has 120 rivers
A cats urine glows under a blacklight
White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf
Cats have a peripheral vision of 285 degrees
Small dogs usually live longer than larger breeds
Domestic cats dislike citrus scents
Cats can jump up to 7 times their tail length
China manufacturers 70% of the worlds toys
The Great Wall of China is approximately 6,430 Km long (3,995 miles)
Paper originated from China
The wheelbarrow is invented in China
Tree hugging is forbidden in china
The film ‘Mary Poppins’ was filmed entirely indoors
All of the clocks in the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ are fixed to 4:20
Instant coffee was invented in 1901
The human body of a 70 kg person contains 0.2mg of gold
Rice is the staple food for 50% of the worlds population
Pearls melt in vinegar
A hard boiled eggs spin (uncooked or soft boiled don’t)
There is no butter in buttermilk
Giraffes and rats can last longer without water than camels
The dot on top of the letter ‘i’ is called a tittle
The electric chair was invented by a dentist
You’re more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider
A crocodile can’t stick out its tongue
Rubber bands last longer when kept refrigerated
Women blink twice as much as men
Ostriches don’t bury their heads in sand
Only female mosquitoes bite
Scotland has the most redheads
Household dust is made of dead skin cells
The past tense for the English word ‘dare’ is ‘durst’
Hummingbirds can’t walk
Wind doesn’t make a sound until it blows against an object
The naming of tropical storms and hurricanes officially began in 1953
India has the most post offices than any other country (over 100,000)
India is home to over 200 million cows
The Taj Mahal in India is made entirely out of marble
Bali has the worlds largest variety of flora
Bill Gates began programming computers at the of age 13
Every single possible 3 character .com domain has been registered
The word ‘uncopyrightable’ is the is the only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating any letter
The word ‘testify’ derived from a time when men were required to swear on their testicles
The word typewriter is the longest word that can be typed using only the top row of a keyboard
That you can spell the word ‘level’ the same backwards
Madonna and Michael Jackson were both born in 1958
Almonds are members of the peach family
An egg contains every vitamin except vitamin C
Owls can’t move their eyes from side to side
You take over 23,000 breaths everyday
Gold never erodes
Scorpions glow under ultra violet light
When water freezes it expans by 9%
Ants stretch when they wake up in the morning
Your foot and your forearm are the same length
Diamonds are the hardest natural substance
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
The longest possible eclipse of the sun is 7.31 minutes
Halley’s comet passes the Earth every 76 years (the next time it will return will be 2062)
There is no sound in space
Tennis was originally played with bare hands
The Olympic flag was designed in 1913
A bowling pin will fall at a tilt of 7.5 degrees
There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year
A piece of paper cannot be folded more than 7 times
The opposite sides of a die always adds up to 7
VHS stands for Video Home System
The WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacer
The electric toothbrush was invented in 1939
Porsche also builds tractors
The Eiffel Tower has 1,792 steps
Isaac Newton invented the cat door
The Titanic was built in Belfast
Buckingham Palace has over 600 rooms
Hawaii was originally called the Sandwich Islands
Americans eat 35,000 tons of pasta a year
Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee
Americans throw away 44 million newspapers a day
Einstein slept 10 hours a night
Germany borders 9 other countries
Peru has more pyramids than Egypt
Christmas trees originated from Germany
More people die from falling coconuts then from shark attacks
The original design of Monopoly was circular
The Earth is struck by lightning over 100 times every second
Over 2,500 left handed people are killed a year from using right handed products
Gorillas sleep 14 hours a day
The lifespan of a squirrel is 9 years
The stomach acids found in a snakes stomach can digest bones and teeth but not fur or hair
The word racecar can be spelled the same way backwards
A giraffe can go longer without water than a camel
You burn more calories sleeping than watching television
The word ‘underground is the only word that begins and ends with the letters ‘und’
56% of typing is completed by your left hand
There are more chickens than people
For every human there are 200 million insects
The average bed contains over 6 billion dust mites
An iguana can stay under water for 28 minutes
Emus can’t walk backwards
The Eifel Tower has 2,500,000 rivets
Americas top selling ice cream flavour is vanilla
The doorbell was invented in 1831
There are 7 points on the Statue of Liberty’s crown
The oldest known vegetable is the pea
The most fatal car accidents occur on Saturdays
The average hen lays 228 eggs a year
The Eiffel Tower has 1,792 steps
Iceland consumes more Coca Cola than any other country
Oak trees don’t produce acorns until they are 50 years old
The word ‘almost’ is the longest word spelt alphabetically
Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete
Earth is the only planet not named after a god
Months that start on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th
More people are allergic to cows milk than any other food
More people are killed from bees than snakes
The average person laughs 10 times a day
The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific
Your mouth produces 1 litre of saliva a day
Your head contains 22 bones
The coloured part of your eye is called the iris
If your DNA was stretched out it would reach to the moon 6,000 times
Everyone has a unique tongue print
You begin to feel thirsty when your body losses 1% of water
Hiccups usually lasts for 5 minutes
Not all your taste buds are on our tongue (10% are on the insides of you cheeks)
The life span of a house fly is between 10 to 25 days
A dolphins top speed is 60kmh (37mph)
The smallest dog is the Chihuahua
A sharks top speed is 70kmh (44mph)
There are 70 million sheep in New Zealand (with 4 million people)
The worlds smallest bird is the ‘bee hummingbird’ found in Cuba
African elephants only have 4 teeth
The first English dictionary was written in 1755
The rarest type of diamond is green
Mastercard was originally called mastercharge
The US flag has 13 stripes (representing the original 13 states)
Men are stuck by lightning 7 times more than women
Tokyo was once known as Edo
Women make up 49% of the worlds population
Wine is sold in tinted bottles because it spoils when exposed to light
The tea bag was invented in 1908
Carrots contain 0% fat
1 billion snails are served in restaurants each year
Plastic bottles were first used for soft drinks in 1970
The $ sign was introduced in 1788
The meaning of ‘Blue Chip’ comes from blue casino chips which have a high value
Dvds are physically the same size as a cds but can store 13 times more data
The term ‘disc jockey’ was first used in 1937
Sound travels 4.3 times faster through water than in air
The average soccer ball is made up of 32 leather panels and held together by 642 stitches
Soccer is the most followed sport
Volleyball was invented in 1895
That in developed countries 27% of food is thrown away
The odds of being struck by lightning are 600,000 to 1
The first train reached a top speed of only 8 kmh (5 mph)
Niagara Falls could fill 4,000 bathtubs every second
It takes 1 alligator to make a pair of shoes and 3 for a pair of boots
Your most active muscles are in your eye
A banana contains 75% water
13 people die every year from vending machines
Rain contains vitamin B12
Your liver has over 500 functions
Your brain uses 25% of all the oxygen your breathe
After Hawaii, New York is the state surrounded by the most water
Ice skating rinks always go counter clock wise (for the majority of people that are right handed needing to hang onto the rail)
A flea can jump 350 times its body length
Cucumbers are 96% water.
A full moon is 9 times brighter than a half moon
A honeybee’s top speed is 24kph (15mph)
A humming bird flaps its wings up to 90 times a second (5,400 times a minute)
Flys always launch backwards for a quick getaway
Horses have 18 more bones than humans
A cheetahs top speed is 114kph (70mph)
Horses sleep standing up
A jellyfish is 95% water
Bats are the only mammals that fly
A cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through
Every day 7% of the US eats at mcdonalds
A snail can sleep for 3 years
Tigers have striped skin as well as fur
Crocodiles are colour blind
A chameleons tongue is twice the length of its body
Dogs sweat through the pads on their feet
Hippopotamuses are born under water
Bananas grow pointing upwards.
Whales can’t swim backwards
Camels are born without humps
Only female mosquitoes bite
The average porcupine has 30,000 spikes
Tarantula spiders can survive 2 and a half years without food
Crocodiles are responsible for over a 1,000 deaths each year by the Banks of the Nile river
There are more insects in the world than all other animals combined
Giraffes can’t swim
Crocodiles swallow rocks to help them dive deeper
An elephant’s trunk can hold over 5 litres of water
Bull’s can run faster uphill than down
A shark’s teeth are literally as hard as steel
A moth has no stomach
Grasshoppers have white blood
It takes 50 minutes to soft boil and two hours to hard boil an ostrich egg
New York was once called New Amsterdam
There is 200 times more gold in the world’s oceans than has been mined
Brazil got its name from the Brazilian nut (not the other way around)
The moon orbits the Earth every 27.32 days
More than 75% of all countries are north of the equator
2 million hydrogen atoms would be required to cover a full stop (.)
Hawaii officially became apart of the US in 1900
The D.C. in Washington D.C. stands for District of Columbia
New York contains 920km (571miles) of shoreline
The Dead Sea is actually an inland lake
There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia
The largest exporter of sugar is Cuba
Dirty snow melts quicker than clean snow
Icelandic phone books are listed by first names (not surnames)
1 gigayear = 1,000,000,000,000 years
The water in the Dead Sea is so salty that its easier to float than sink
Rio de Janeiro translates to river of January
The Moons diameter is 3,476km
New York’s Central Park was opened in 1876
The subject of the first printed book in England was about chess
The word old English word ‘juke’ meaning dancing lends its name to the juke box
EMI awards stands for ‘Electrical and Musical Instruments’
The most sung song is happy birthday
The first rugby club was formed in 1843
The most common injury in ten pin bowling is a sore thumb
The yo-yo was originally used as a weapon for hunting the in the Philippines
Draughts (checkers) is older than chess
Orienteering originated from Sweden
Blonde beards grow faster than darker beards
When recognising a persons face you use the right side of your brain
The human body contains 96,000km(59,650miles) of blood vessels
The hydrochloric acid found in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve a nail
On average you blink 25,000 a day
Men have 10% more red blood cells than women
You have fewer muscles than a caterpillar
New Zealands first hospital was opened in 1843
When your face blushes so does your stomach lining
1 square inch of human skin contains 625 sweat glands
Your normal body temperature is 37C (99F)
Red blood cells are produced in bone marrow
You shed a complete layer of skin every 4 weeks
That after petrol, coffee is the largest item bought and sold
The first metered taxi was introduced in 1907
The Chinese used fingerprints as a method of identification as far back as AD 700
A Sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure
The revolving door was invented in 1888
Minus 40C is exactly the same temperature as minus 40F
Cars were first started with ignition keys in 1949
To crack a whip the tip must be travelling faster than the speed of sound
There is enough petrol in a full tank of a Jumbo Jet to drive the average car 4 times around the world
Sir Isaac Newton was 23 when he discovered the law of gravity
The lie detector was invented in 1921
The world’s knowledge is growing so fast that 90% of what we will know in 50 years time will be discovered in those 50 years
The drinking straw was invented in 1886
Red light has the highest wavelength
Paper money was first used in China
According to the old English time system a moment is 1 and a half minutes
Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen make up 90% of the human body
Light is electro magnetic radiation
A car travelling at 80kph (50mph) uses half its fuel to overcome wind resistance
Gunpowder is formed by mixing charcoal, saltpetre and sulphur
Giraffes have no vocal cords
Most birds eat twice their body weight each day
A group of whales is called a pod
Armadillos can walk underwater
The bones of a pigeon weigh less than its feathers
The cheetah is the only cat that can’t retract it’s claws
Roosters can’t crow if they can’t fully extend their necks
Dolphins can hear underwater sounds from 24km (15miles) away
Flamingos can only eat when their heada are upside down
The fingerprints of koala bear are indistinguishable to that of a human
A female ferret is called a jill
Porcupines float in water
The last Play Boy centerfold to have staples was published in 1985
Scissors were most likely invented ancient Egypt
Each year there is one ton of cement poured for each man, woman, and child
Turnips turn green when sunburnt
The US shreds 7,000 tons of worn out currency each year
Moisture (not air) causes super glue to dry
Americans spend $10 million a day on potato chips
Artificial Christmas trees have outsold real ones every year since 1991
70% of all Irish barley grown goes towards the production of Guinness beer
All of the cobble stones used to line the streets in New York were originally stones found in the hulls of Belgian ships ballast
A Chinese checkerboard has 121 holes
Britain was the first country to use postage stamps
The average person will consume 100 tons of food and 45,424 liters (12,000 gallons) of water in their lifetime
A deck of cards should be shuffled at least 7 times before playing
The side of a hammer is called a cheek
32% of all land in the U.S. is owned by the government
Pinocchio is Italian for ‘pine head’
The letter W is the only letter in the alphabet that has 3 syllables (all others have 1)
The longest word that can be typed using only our right hand is ‘lollipop’
1 out of every 8 letters written is an e
People who work at night tend to weigh more
You can only see a rainbow if you have your back to the sun
The oldest exposed surface on Earth is New Zealand’s south island
45,000 thunderstorms around the world occur every day
Most of the Vitamin C found in fruits is in the skin
Elvis Presley made only 1 television commercial
You can buy square watermelons in Japan (developed to stack better in supermarkets)
The typical wave height from Pacific tsunami is between 6 – 9 metres
Diet Coke was introduced in 1982
The word ‘lethologica’ describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want
Everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly sets than for the U.S. Treasury
Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times
55% of all movies are rated R
There are 2 chickens for every person
80% of burglaries are committed by people aged 13-21
Half of all crimes are committed by people under the age of 18
Half of all crimes are committed by people under the age of 18
Shakespeare invented the words ‘assassination’ and ‘bump’
There are a million ants for every person on Earth
Over 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens each year
New born babies have 350 bones (by age 5 the amount of bones merges to 206)
There is no proof as to who built the Taj Mahal
The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick’ is said to be the toughest tongue twister
That in the 17th century the value of pi was known to 35 decimal places (today to 1.2411 trillion)
Tiger Woods’ real first name is Eldrick
You use 72 different muscles while speaking
Coconuts kill over 150 people each year (more than sharks)
It took Leonardo Da Vinci 10 years to paint Mona Lisa
The most common disease is tooth decay
Avocados have the most calories of any other fruit
American’s eat 18 billion hot dogs a year
Emus can’t walk backwards
Half of all crimes are committed by people under the age of 18
The Earth weighs 6,588,000,000,000,000,000 tons
The average person goes to the toilet 6 times a day
Jack is the most common name in nursery rhymes
There are 7 points on the Statue of Liberty’s crown
‘Babe’ was played by over 50 pigs
The most common time for a wake up call is 7am
Giraffes has the highest blood pressure of any animal
India has over 50 million monkeys
Iceland was the first country to legalise abortion in 1935
Blue and white are the most common school colors
Ostriches have a 14 meter (46 foot) long small intestine
Your foot is the most common body part bitten by insects
Japan is the largest exporter of frog legs
The sun is 330,330 times larger than the Earth
Every year the sun loses 360 million tons
The shell is 12% of an eggs weight
The longest time a person has been in a coma is 37 years
The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley’s gum
The first Lifesaver flavor was peppermint
The longest one syllable word in the English language is ‘screeched’
A squid has 10 tentacles
The average American eats 263 eggs a year
In 75% of American households women manage the money and pay the bills
Hypnotism is banned in public schools in San Diego (U.S.)
A third of Americans flush the toilet while they’re still sitting on it
You’re more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day than any other
Your right lung takes in more air than your left
Womens hearts beat faster than mens
The atomic symbol for iron is Fe (the original name for iron was Ferric)
The odds of being stuck by lighting is 280,000 to 1
The average bank teller loses $250 every year
More people are killed by hippopotamuses then by lions, elephants and water buffalos combined
The average person has 10,000 taste buds
Iceland consumes more Coca Cola per capita than any other country
‘Underground’ is the only word that begins and ends with the letters ‘und’
A woodpeckers tongue can wrap around its head twice
Snakes can’t blink
Ants don’t like baby powder (talcum powder)
Employees are more likely to book holidays off work on a Monday that any other week day
The ball on top of a flag pole is called the truck
A rat can tread water for 3 days
Bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all all invented by women
There is no rice in rice paper
Dolphins can kills sharks by ramming them with their snout
Sharks can sense a drop of blood from 4km (2.5miles) away
Bottle nosed whales can dive to a depth of 915 metres (3,000feet) in 2 minutes
The only continent without reptiles or snakes is Antarctica
Australia has the largest sheep population
Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 67kph (42mph)
You can tell the sex of a horse by its teeth (most males have 40, females 36)
Sharks never stop moving even when they sleep or rest
Greyhounds can see better than any other dog breed
When 2 zebras stand side by side they usually face each other in opposite directions to keep an eye out for predators
Most cows produce more milk when they listen to music
Elephants communicate in sound waves below the frequency that humans can hear
Giant tortoises can live in captivity longer than any other animal
Snakes can’t bite in rivers or swamps (they would drown otherwise)
A blue whale can go up to 6 months without eating
Pelicans consume around a 1/3 of its body weight in a single meal
Gorillas can’t swim
House cats have 18 claws
Giraffes can’t cough
The Giant Pacific Octopus can squeeze its entire body through a hole the size of its beak
Deers don’t like hay
Shrimps are all born male but slowly grow into females
The average elephant produces 22kg (50 pounds) of dunn each day
There are more than 50 different kinds of kangaroos
The average lifespan of a squirrel is 9 years
A platypus can eat its weight in worms every day
Fleas can accelerate 50 times faster than a space shuttle
Spiders have transparent blood
Mosquitoes prefer children to adults and blondes to brunettes
Only 4 out of 20,000 species of bees produce honey
March 14 is ‘save a spider day’
All the people on Earth could fit into a 1 km cube
There are over 4,300 known species of ladybugs
A fly’s recation time is 30 milliseconds
Butterflies taste with their back feet
Moths have no stomach
Bees and house flies flap their wings 200 times a second
Bees have 4 wings
The most eaten fruit in America is the banana
The ancient Greeks first grew carrots as a form of medicine and not a food
Originally in 1886 Coca Cola was introduced as an ‘intellectual beverage’ to boost brain power
Over a third of all pineapples come from Hawaii
The frozen foods were first introduced in the 1920.
The color of a chile pepper is no indication of its heat (usually the smaller the the hotter)
John Kellogg invented corn flakes
60 cows can produce a ton of milk each day
Orange Fanta is the 3rd largest selling soft drink in the world
Italy and France produce over 40% of all wine
There are over 15,000 different kinds of rice
Dairy products account for 29% of all food consumed in the U.S.
The ideal temperature to fall asleep is between 18-30c (64-86f)
Canada has more lakes than any other country
The largest island in the Mediterranean sea is Sicily
90% of all volcanic activity occurs in the ocean
The Nile river flows North
Spain’s largest source of income is from tourism
Coca Cola was founded by Joseph A Biedenharn
The first place in the world to allow women to vote New Zealand
The first parachute jump from plane was in 1918 over France
The dollar values on the board game Monopoly have been the same since 1935
The first US coast to coast aeroplane flight occurred in 1911 and took 49 days
The first paperback book was printed by Penguin Publishing in 1935
Before 1863 the postal service in the US was free
The first taxi service began in New York in 1907
Pez was invented in 1927
The elevator was invented in 1850
The first toothbrush was invented in 1498
Honey enters your blood stream within 20 minutes of being eaten
You brain weights 2% of your body weight though uses 20% of all oxygen you breathe and 15% of the bodys blood supply
Each red blood cell lives an average of 4 months and travels between the lungs and other tissue 75,000 times before returning to bone marrow to die
The hardest substance in the human body is enamel
There are over 10 trillion living cells in the human body
The number 1 cause of blindness in the US is diabetes
Trees do not have life expectancies (most can grown indefinitely)
Rain contains vitamin B12
Over 500 meteorites hit the Earth each year
Clouds fly higher during the day than the night
The Sun has a diameter of 1,390,176km (864,000miles)
It takes a plastic container over 50,000 years to start decomposing
Every year over 98% of atoms in your body are replaced
Your blood is 6 times thicker than water
Clothes dried outside smell better because of a process called photolysis (sunlight breaks down compounds that cause odor)
Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature
The opposite of a ‘vacuum’ is a ‘plenum’
Sound travels 15 times faster through steel than air
Before 1850 golf balls were made of leather and were stuffed with feathers
The most common Spanish surname is Garcia
22% of people skip lunch daily
The average person swallows 295 times during a meal
72% of people eavesdrop
The most popular snack food is potato chips
45% of people use mouthwash daily
On average 22% of all restaurant meals include potato chips
The most popular toothbrush color is blue
The US produces 19% of the world’s trash
59% of people say that their average looking
53% of women don’t leave home without makeup on
44% of people have broken a bone
9% of people skip breakfast daily
Chocolate manufacturers use 40% of the world’s almonds
90% people depend on alarm clocks to wake up
21% of people don’t make their bed in the morning
85% of women wear the wrong bra size
The number 1 reason why people purchase a mobile phone is for safety
Per person France consumes the most cheese
The Earth experiences over 50,000 earthquakes a year
75% of people wouldn’t give up their spouse for a night for a $1,000,000
M*A*S*H stood for ‘Mobile Army Surgical Hospital’
The TV sitcom Seinfeld was originally called ‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’
The first James Bond movie was called ‘Dr. No’
‘Fan’ is short for ‘fanatic’
Clinophobia is the fear of going to bed
A standard 747 jumbo jet has 420 seats
Police dogs are trained to respond to commands in foreign languages (usually German or Hungarian)
The makers of the board game Monopoly print over 50 billion dollars worth of Monopoly money every year
The ‘black box’ that houses an airplanes voice recorder is actually orange so it can be more easily detected amid the debris of a plane crash
The average ice berg weighs 20,000,000 tons
The blueprints for the Eiffel Tower covered more than 14,000 square feet of drafting paper
The Colgate toothpaste company started out making starch, soap, and candles
The first crossword puzzle appeared in 1913
The human eye can detect more shades of green that any other colour
The number 4 is the only number that has the same number of letters in it
The statue of Liberty’s mouth is 3 feet wide
The surface area of a brick is 79 cm squared
3 teaspoons make up 1 tablespoon
Useful life of a modern toilet is 50 years
Jellyfish don’t have a brain
45% of Americans don’t know that the sun is a star
The Greek national anthem has 158 verses
It takes 1 week to make a jelly bean
You can’t tickle yourself
You can’t trademark surnames
Ferrets sleep between 18 – 20 hours a day
The ‘you are here’ arrow on maps is called an ideo locator
A Boeing 747 airliner holds 216,847 litres (57,285 gallons) of fuel
A violin contains over 70 separate pieces of wood
There are over 10 million bricks in the Empire State Building
The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year
Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch TV for 3 hours
A baby fetus develops fingerprints at eighteen weeks
A group of foxes is called a skulk
A hippopotamus can run faster than a man
A King Cobra is the biggest of all poisonous snakes and can grow to over 4 metres (13 feet) long
Lions in the wild usually makes no more than 20 kills a year
A male baboon can kill a leopard
Rhinoceros have 3 toes on each foot
A shrimp has 5 pairs of legs
Elephants can run up to 40kmh (25mph)
Baby rattlesnakes are born in August and September
Most snakes have 1 lung
Camels have 3 eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand
The night vision of tigers is 6 times better than humans
Flamingoes can live up to 80 years old
In Africa more people are killed by crocodiles than lions
Most dinosaurs lived to be more than 100 years old
Out of the 250+ known species of shark only 18 are known to be dangerous to man
An ostriches can outrun a horse
An ostriches life span is 40-45 years
Squirrels can climb trees faster than they can run on the ground
Wild cobras can live up to 20 years old
The average cow produces 40 glasses of milk a day
A blue whale can weigh as much as 30 elephants and as long as 3 large tour buses
The greyhound is the fastest dog and can reach speeds of up to 72kph (45mph)
The fastest fish in the sea is the swordfish and can reach up to speeds of 108kph (68mph, 59knots)
Female condors lays a single egg once every 2 years
Hippopotamuses have skin 3.8cm (1.5in) thick
An arrow frog has enough poison to kill over 2,200 people
Whales have the slowest metabolism of all animals
Penguins are only found in the southern hemisphere primarily in Antarctica (excluding zoos above the equator)
Toads only eat moving prey
When born a baby giraffe is 1.8m (6ft) tall
A bear in hibernation loses up to 25% of its body weight
Pandas spend 12 hours a day eating bamboo
Crocodiles continually grow new sets of teeth to replace old ones
The skeleton of an African elephant accounts for about 15% of its body weight
There are over 1,600 known species of starfishes
There are over 320 species of parrots
There are over 40,000 muscles tendons in an elephant’s trunk
There are over 690 known species of bats
There are over 130 species of owl
A garfish has green bones
A camel can shut its nostrils during a desert sandstorm
A cat can keep purring while inhaling and exhaling
The spikes of a newborn hedgehog begin to appear within 24 hours
Camels can drink 94 litres (25 gallons) of water in less than 3 minutes
You can smell a skunk 1.6km (1 mile) away
There are over 2,500 different types of mushrooms
There are over 7,000 different types of apples
Thin skinned lemons are the juiciest
On the average there are 8 peas in a pod
You have to eat 5kg (11lb) of potatoes to put on .5kg (1lb) of weight (a potato has no more calories than an apple)
A connected bunch of bananas is called a hand and individual bananas are called fingers
The ice cream cone was introduced in 1904
93% of households in Denmark consume wine (the highest % in the world with France second with 85% of households)
Chocolate is the number 1 food craved by women
Americans consume over 10 billion bowls of soup each year
Chicken drumsticks contain the least amount of meat on a chicken
Cooking or freezing does not reduce the heat (spiciness) of a chile pepper
Arachibutyrophobia is fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
Dark green lettuce leaves are more nutritious than lighter ones
The average person consumes over a ton of food and drink each year
Cabbage is 91% water
The most valuable nutrients of a potato are its skin
Fresh apples float because they contain 25% air
Green tea has 50% more vitamin C than black tea
Lettuce is the worlds most popular green vegitable
There are over 100 different viruses that cause the common cold
Antarctica is 98% ice and 2% barren rock
Finland has the largest number of islands in the world (over 179,550)
The average Americans diet consists of 55% junk food
Canada has more doughnut shops per capita than any other country
80% of all people hit by lightning are men
Before beginning his movie career Keanu Reeves managed a pasta shop in Toronto Canada
Chevy Chase’s real first name is Cornelius
The only thing that can destroy a diamond is intense heat
A 15th anniversary is called a quindecennial
A nanosecond is one billionth of a second
A whip makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound
Men change their minds 2 to 3 times more than women (women tend to take longer to make a decision but once they do they are more likely to stick to it)
All pilots on international flights identify themselves in English regardless of their country of origin
Brontology is the study of thunder
Diamonds mined in Brazil are much harder than those found in Africa
Dry ice transforms directly from being a solid to a gas
Employees of the Vatican pay no income tax
The first city to mint its own gold coins was Florence, Italy in 1252
Petrol has no specific freezing point (it can freezes at any temperature between -82 and -115C (-180 and -240F)
Sound travels 10 times faster through granite than air
Japanese people don’t have middle names
Some playing cards in India are round
The average pool cue is 1.4m (4.75ft) long
The expression to ‘knuckle down’ originated from playing marbles (players used to put their knuckles to the ground for their best shots)
The first aluminum drink can was introduced in 1964
The first drug that was sold as a water soluble tablet was aspirin in 1900
The national anthems of Japan, Jordan, and San Marino each have only 4 lines
There are only 3 sets of letters on a keyboard which are in alphabetical order (f g h, j k l, and o p)
Women were not allowed to vote in France until 1944
A bumble bee flaps its wings at 160 times a second
A dragonfly can fly at 40kph (25mph)
Flies can react to an object it sees and change direction in less than 30 milliseconds
A queen bee can lay up to 3,000 eggs in one day
Ants can lift 50 times their own weight
Bees can see ultraviolet light
80% of the world’s food crops are pollinated by insects
10% of with world’s food supply is consumed by insects
It takes 110 silkworm cocoons to make an average tie
Queen termites can live up to 50 years
Most spiders have transparent blood
Caterpillars have over 2,000 muscles
The fastest insect is the Australian dragon fly (its top speed is 57 km/h (35mp/h))
Honey bees kill more people each year than snakes
There are over 100,000 different species of butterflies
There are over 80,000 different species of ants
All the planets in our solar system could fit inside Jupiter
An area of the Suns surface to the equivalent of a postage stamp would shine with the brightness of over 1,500,000 candles
More than 1,000,000 Earths could fit inside the Sun
The world’s first paved streets were laid in Rome in 170 B.C.
It takes 1,100 watts to power a toaster
Natural gas has no smell (the odor is artificially added so that people are able to identify leaks)
There are exactly 1,048,576 bytes in 1 megabyte
Rainbows can only be seen in the morning or late afternoon (the sun needs to be less than 40 above the horizon)
Acorns are poisonous to humans (if eaten it can cause damage to your kidneys)
All hurricanes form over the sea and can last up to 10 days
There are over 225,000 trees in New York’s Central Park
Chalk is made from tiny plankton fossils
80% of the world’s rose species come from Asia
8.5 million tons of water evaporates from the Dead Sea every day
Every living thing on the Earth contains carbon
The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest
It takes 5 years for an oyster to produce a medium sized pearl
The average mature oak tree sheds over 700,000 leaves in Autumn
Onions are part of the lily family
The primary reason for growing rice in flooded paddies is to drown the weeds surrounding the young seedlings (rice can grow in well drained areas)
The softest known mineral is talc
‘Orology’ is the study of mountains
20% of China’s plants are used in medicine
2/3 of the world’s eggplants are grown in the US New Jersey
Humans are the only primates that don’t have pigment in the palms of their hands
It was once illegal to slam your car door in Switzerland
Moths have white blood
The diameter of Jupiter is 152,800km (88 700 miles)
The diameter of Earth is 12,756 km (7,926 miles)
The diameter of the sun is 1,390,000km (865,000 miles)
Mount Everest is 8.9km (5.5 miles) high
Dolphin’s can detect underwater sounds from 24 km (15 miles) away
Dinosaurs lived on Earth for over 165 million years before they became extinct
Jellyfish have been on Earth for over 650 million years
Only pregnant females polar bears hibernate
Polar bears are strictly carnivores
Sharks have been on Earth for over 400 million years
Some dinosaurs had tails over 13m (45 feet) long
The average age of a polar bear in the wild is 17 years
The tallest mammal is the giraffe
Warthogs can reach speeds of 48km/h (29mph)
Warthogs live for 15 years
When baby polar bear cubs are born they cannot see or hear for their first month
2 out of 5 people marry their first love
30% of people refuse to sit on a public toilet seats
45% of people use mouthwash everyday
Less than 20% of shark attacks are fatal
People in Iceland read more books per capita than any other country
The average shower temperature is 38C (101F)
Raindrops are not tear shaped (they more resemble the shape of a tiny hamburger bun)
The algae found in the world’s oceans produces nearly 50% of the world’s oxygen
The game of Tug-of-war was an Olympic sport from 1900-1920
There are 2,598,960 possible hands in a 5 card poker game
Nintendo first produced playing cards
The word denim comes from ‘de Nimes’ or from Nimes which is a town in France
There are over 600 windows on the Empire State Building
Chameleons can move their eyes in two directions at the same time
A chameleon’s tongue is twice as long as its body
A newborn kangaroo is about 1 inch in tall
A woodpecker can peck 20 times a second
Catfish have over 100,000 taste buds
The world’s smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand
England’s Stonehenge is over 5,000 years old
The Eiffel Tower is over 300m (984 ft) tall
The Eiffel Tower is repainted every 7 years
The Statue of Liberty weighs over 225 tons
There are 132 rooms in the US White House
Banana plants are the largest plants without a woody stem (they belong to the same family as lilies, orchids and palms)
Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber
Bananas contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium
Over 96% of American households purchase bananas at least once a month
Mosquitoes dislike citronella because it irritates their feet
Mosquitoes prefer children to adults and blondes to brunettes
No two spider webs are the same
There are over 900,000 known species of insects
Worker ants may live for 7 years and the queen up to 15
John Cadbury founded the Cadbury chocolate company in England in 1842 producing the first chocolate bars
Franklin Mars invented the Snickers Bar in 1930
Hawaii is the only US state that grows cacao beans which go into the production of chocolate
1 plain milk chocolate bar has more protein than a banana
52% of Americans drink coffee
Brazil accounts for 1/3 of the world’s coffee production
Coffee is generally roasted between 204 – 218C (400 – 425F) (the longer the beans are roasted the darker the roast)
Coffee is grown commercially in over 45 countries around the world
Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year
Coffee represents 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the US
As a world commodity coffee is second only to oil
Dark roasted coffee beans contain less caffeine than medium roasted ones (the longer a coffee is roasted the more caffeine is burns off)
The first ground vacuum packed coffee was first introduced in 1900
Japan is the 3rd largest consumer of coffee
Over 5 million people in Brazil are employed in the coffee industry
Coffee trees produce its first full crop after 5 years old
The US is the world’s largest consumer of coffee
There are around 30 milligrams of caffeine in the average chocolate bar while a cup of coffee has around 100 to 150
Between 1931 and 1969 Walt Disney was awarded 35 Oscars
Disneyland opened in 1955
MTV (Music Television) made its debut at 12:01 a.m. August 1st 1981 (the first music video shown ‘Video killed the radio star’ by the Buggles)
The 1st full length animated film was released by Disney Studios in 1937 (it was Snow White and the seven dwarfs)
The hamburger was invented in 1900
The hottest chile in the world is the habanero
Australia is the only country that is also a continent
Europe is the only continent without a desert
Hawaii officially became a part of the US on June 14 1900
The dollar was established as the official currency of the US in 1785
The supersonic Concorde jet made its first trial flight on January 1st 1969
In 1872 Yellowstone in the US was the world’s first national park
A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation (Death can occur about 10 days without sleep while starvation takes a few weeks)
The average human drinks over 60,566 litres (16,000 gallons) of water in a lifetime
An individual blood cell takes about 60 seconds to make a complete circuit of the body
By age 60 most people would have lost half of their taste buds
Every square inch of the human body has an average of 32 million bacteria on it
Fingernails grow faster than toenails
Humans shed and regrow outer skin cells every 27 days (almost 1,000 new skins in a lifetime)
It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown
The human body has over 600 muscles (40% of the bodys weight)
In 1900 the average life span in the US was 47
The vocabulary of the average person is between 5,000 to 6,000 words
DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleicacid
The study of insects is called entomology
The word ‘karate’ means ’empty hand’
The Cambodian alphabet has 74 letters
The word fortnight is a contraction of the 2 words ‘fourteen nights’
Wheat is the world’s most widely grown plant
Cheerios cereal was originally called Cheerioats
Flushable toilets were in use in ancient Rome
The first credit card was a Diner’s Club card issued in 1950
The most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust is aluminum
The world’s first roller coaster opened in 1884 at Coney Island New York
The average life span of a mosquito is 2 weeks
The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime
The Empire State Building in New York weighs over 365,000 tons
Sea water is approximately 3.5% salt
There are over 900 species of bats
After bananas a zoo gorilla’s favorite food is celery
The African Rock Python can survive 2 years without eating
The average American will consume over 465 trees worth of paper over their lifetime
Over 550 hot dogs are eaten every second in the United States
Instant mashed potatoes (dehydrated potato flakes) were invented in Canadian in 1962
In American supermarkets peanut butter is one of the most frequently purchased items
Ostrich meat is the leanest of all red meats
Banana plants can grow as high as 6 meters (20 feet) tall
Blueberries are very high in antioxidants
The grapefruit gets its name from the way it grows in clusters like grapes on a vine
A pumpkin really is a fruit
Laughing lowers levels of stress and strengthens your immune system
Once a women reachs the age of 30 they lose 1% of their bone mass every year thereafter (by the time a women is 50 she will have lost 20%)
The surface area of your lungs is roughly the same size as a tennis court
England’s first great industry was wool
The average age at which America’s presidents have taken office is 54
According to manufacturer Spalding the average lifespan of an NBA basketball is 10,000 bounces
The word ‘almost’ is the longest in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order
A pip is one of the spots on die or domino
The most commonly used word in English conversation is ‘I’
The number 2 is the only number greater than zero that when added to or multiplied by itself gives you the same result (4)
The word ‘taxi’ is spelled the same in English, German, French, Swedish, and Portuguese
Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing
Achluophobiais the fear of the dark
Acrophobia is the fear of heights
Agoraphobia is the fear of wide open spaces
Aichmophobia is the fear of needles and pointed objects
Akousticophobia is the fear of noises
Amathophobia is the fear of dust
Atychiphobia is the fear of failure
Brontophobia is the fear of thunderstorms
Catoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors
Dendrophobia is the fear of trees
Gatophobia is the fear of cats
Heliophobia is the fear of sunlight
Helminthophobia is the fear of worms
Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles
Hippophobia is the fear of horses
Iatrophobia is the fear of doctors
Ichthyophobia is the fear of fish
Melissophobia is the fear of bees
Melophobia is the fear of music
Myrmecophobia is the fear of ants
Ombrophobia is the fear of rain
Ornithophobia is the fear of birds
Siderodromophobia is the fear of trains
Tachophobia is the fear of speed
Zoophobia is the fear of animals
A lions feed once every 3 to 4 days
Lion’s can’t roar until the age of 2
An office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet
You have over 600 muscles
All owls lay white eggs
Mapping is older than writing
The bigger the orange the sweeter sweeter it is
From space the brightest man made place is Las Vegas
Sesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words
Triscadecaphobia is the fear of the number 13
The world’s most expensive spice is saffron
The corkscrew was invented in 1890
Albert Einstein never knew how to drive a car
After you’ve eaten it takes approximately 12 hours for food to entirely digest
The human eye blinks over 4,200,000 times a year
The little hole in some sinks that lets the water drain out instead of flowing is called a ‘porcelator’
The original name of Bank of America was Bank of Italy
The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze over completely
There are 2 credit cards for every person in the US
40% of Amsterdam commuters get to work by bicycle
$30 of raw popcorn translates into $3,000 in sales at movie theaters
A person produces enough saliva to fill 2 average size swimming pools during their lifetime
The average person sheds .7kg (1.5 pounds) of skin each year
The average woman will consume over 2.7kg (6 pounds) of lipstick in their lifetime
The human body creates 2,500,000 new red blood cells every second
A soap bubble is 10,000 times thinner than the average human hair
All snakes are carnivorous
The tentacles of the giant arctic jellyfish can reach 36.6 meters (120 feet)
The only letter which doesn’t appear in the Periodic Table is j
October the 10th is national metric day
The typewriter was invented in 1829
The dishwasher was invented in 1889
The wristwatch was invented in 1904
Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man
When hydrogen burns in the air water is formed
Due to gravitational effects you weigh is slightly less when the moon is directly overhead
If you could drive to the sun at a speed of 88.5 km/h (55 mp/h) it would take around 193 years
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe (75%)
The moon is 27% the size of the Earth
The center of the Sun is approximately 15 million C (27 million F)
Sun light can penetrate clean ocean water up to a depth of 73m (240 feet)
Cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 70 km/h (43mp/h) in 3 seconds
An astronaut can be up to 2 inches taller returning from space (the cartilage disks in the spine expand in the absence of gravity)
The oldest cockroach fossils are over 280 million years old
There are over 97,000 km (60,000 miles) of blood vessels in the average person

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