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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Miscellaneous GK Questions and Answers-19

01 The first woman Prime Minister in the world : 

Sirimavo Bandaranaike
02 The first woman to receive the J.C. Daniel Award :
Aranmula Ponnamma
03 Sakthan Thampuran was the ruler of : 
04 What is known as the ‘’Music of the devils’’ : 
Pop music
05 Founder of Sarada Book Depot : 
06 The first law which suggested that the British should consult with the Indians in the matters of administration: 
Indian Councils Act of 1861
07 The world’s first tobacco-free nation : 
08 Qutub  Minar is named after :   
Khwaja Qutbuddin, a native of Ush near Baghdad
09 The American President who gave sanction to the Manhattan Project to make the first atom bomb :
Franklin D. Roosevelt
10 The number of neutrons in Deuterium: 
11 Headquarters of National Council for Teacher Education: 
New Delhi
12 The first Prime Minister of Britain : 
Sir Robert Walpole
13 The first state conference of the Communist Party was held at : 
Kozhikode (1943)
14 Indian Diamond Institute is at : 
15 Cherukad is the pen name of : 
C. Govinda Pisharadi
16 The status of Ernakulam in industrialization in the State: 
17 Equipment which functions on the basis binary system: 
18 The oldest traditional industry in Kerala :
19 The first book based on Journalism in Malayalam :
Vrithanatha Patra Pravartanam
20 Nagarjuna Sagar dam is built across the river : 
21 The largest volcano is Mars : 
Olympus Mons
22 The first recognized opposition leader of the Lok Sabha: 
Ram Subhag Singh
23 The northernmost river in Kerala : 
Manjeswaram River
24 Tomb of Jahangir is in : 
25 Sultanate dynasty which never used the title of Sultan in their names and never minted coins with names :
Sayyid Dynasty
26 There are four people who received Nobel Prize and Bharat Ratna: namely, C V Raman, Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen and the fourth is : 
Nelson Mandela
27 Neva test is used to detect : 
28 The number of neutrons in Tritium: 
29 The capital of which South American country is located at the highest altitude: 
30 Cuneiform script  is developed by the Civilization of :
31 The greatest political achievement of Jahangir : 
he could put an end to the war with Mewar
32 The largest animal in the family of dogs : 
33 The Governor-General when Tipu sultan was killed :
Lord Wellesley
34 Dharmadom island is in the river of : 
35 The seat of Azhvancheri Tamprakal : 
Athavanadu in Tirunavaya
36 The first Indian State to introduce magic tourism : 
37 The raw form of Petroleum : 
Crude oil
38 A kind of drink produced from rice by the Japanese :
39 Mangrove research centre in Kerala : 
Ayiram Thengu, Kollam
40 Yellowcake is the ore of : 
41 Detroit of Japan is : 
42 River Rhine originates at : 
43 The mountain range which has the peak K 2 : 
44 In which year Dutch in Kochi declined : 
45 International Organization which functions for the protection of  Human Rights: 
Amnesty International
46 What is the scientific name of  Chazhi  : 
Leptocorisa acuta
47 The British Prime Minister who participated in the preliminary discussions of the formation of the UN : 
Sir Winston Churchill
48 Who discovered the layer of Ozone in the atmosphere: 
Charles Fabry
49 Bering strait connects which Ocean with the Arctic Ocean: 
the Pacific Ocean
50 The instrument used to measure the growth of plants :
851 The first Malayalee to become a Union Cabinet Minister in a non-Congress Government : 
G Ravindra Varma
52 The country with the largest density of population :
53 The first Indian Cricketer to score 10000 runs in test matches : 
Sunil Gavaskar
54 Study on Wines : 
55 Chairman of the Linguistic Provinces Commission appointed by the Constituent Assembly in 1948 : 
Justice S.K. Dhar
56 When the United Nations came into being the President of America was : 
Harry S. Truman
57 The only Chief Minister of Kerala who later became the Governor : 
Pattom A. Thanu Pillai
58 Statue of ‘Mother Land’  is in : 
59 Which animal is called American Jackal: 
60 Which deity is called Purandara in Vedas  which means who destroyer of the fort: 
61 Land of golden fleece is : 
62 Temple of Duryodhana in Kollam  is located at :
63 Absolute Zero is : 
– 273 degree Celsius
64 The radioactive isotope of Hydrogen: 
65 ‘Veda’ literally means : 
66 The smallest district in Kerala : 
67 The first IAS official to become an MLA in Kerala :
Alphonse Kannanthanam
68 The first person to get Bharat Ratna (1990) before the Nobel Prize(1993) : 
Nelson Mandela
69 The old name of Periyar : 
70 The standard unit of measuring petroleum products  :
71 Who isolated Aluminium for the first time:
Hans Christian Oersted
72 In which year Benjamin Bailey published his dictionary: 
73 Where is JIPMER (Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education  and Research ):
74 Majority of American citizens are originated from the inhabitants from : 
75 The element required for solar energy conversion: 
76 The Kerala Legislature which had the longest duration: 
77 The first Malayalee to be nominated as the member of Lok Sabha by the President : 
Charles Dais
78 The winner of the first Swadeshabhimani- Kesari Award: 
T Venugopal
79 The first Prime Minister to receive Bharat Ratna :
Jawaharlal Nehru
80 The diameter of the eyeball: 
2.5 cm
81 Sheffield is popular for : 
82 Highest honour next to Bharat Ratna given by the Government of India: 
Param Vir Chakra
83 Central Food Technology Research Institute  is in :
84 Who declares the policies of the Government in the Assembly : 
85 The national park is known for lion-tailed macaque : 
Silent Valley
86 Name the European country the National Anthem of which is penned by a Nobel Laureate : 
87 Mozambique current is in the : 
Indian Ocean
88 Mojave desert is in : 
North America
89 Tehri dam is built across the river : 
90 Who wrote ‘My Presidential Years’  : 
R. Venkataraman
91 The powerful ruler of Pandyas of Sangam :
92 Who invented Sodium and Potassium : 
Humphrey Dewey
93 Sholayar Dam is in : 
Chalakudy river
94 The main deity of Kedarnath : 
95 Who wrote ‘Life of Mahatma Gandhi’ : 
Louis  Fischer
96 Father of Mathematics : 
97 The first dynasty referred by Megasthenes on the rulers of Sangam Age : 
98 National Academy of Audit and Accounts is in : 
99 The first Indian State where a ministry was dismissed based on the Article 356 of the Constitution : 
100 The second woman to be conferred Bharat Ratna :
Mother Teresa

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