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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Known & Unknown Facts about Sri Krishna

  • 8th Child of Vasudev & Devaki was Shri Krishna. He was a born Kshatriya.
  • Sri Krishna was born in 8th dark night of Shravan month, BCE 3228.
  • Sri Krishna was born in end of 28th Dwaparayuga of 7th Manavantara (Vivasvan Manavantara) of Swet Varaha Kalpa.
  • Rishi Garg kept his name Krishna, technically the word ‘Krishna’ is an adjective means too much dark. But ‘Krish’ is a Dhatu means attraction and the prefix ‘Nak’ both together makes ‘Krishna’ the one who attracts all.
  • It is not KrishnAA, it’s Krishna, which can be pronounced as Krishn with a slight sound of A at the end.
  • Krishna was born inside the jail, immediately he shifted to foster parents, Yashoda and Nanda Maharaj.
  • Krishna and his elder brother Baladev went as far as Ujjain to study under Guru Sandipani Muni.
  • Krishna & Balarama didn’t take much time to learn whatever was to be taught. They learnt on first hearing. They learnt all Vedas and Vedanga in 64 days. Dhanurveda in 50 days. Mastering horses and elephants in 12 days. They also learnt arts, maths, and everything that was available in the syllabus then.
  • They both met their poor Brhamin friend Sudama in the same Gurukul.
  • Lord Krishna killed total 16 demons when he was a mere child; putna, turnavarta, Shakatasur, Bakasur, Vatsasur, aghasur, arishtasur, Dhenukasur, Shankhachura, Kalia, Pralambasur. Keshi, Kuvalaypeeda, Vyomasur, Banasur, Kalayavan.
  • Seems his 4th house or 4th lord was too much afflicted. He was moved away from his mother Devaki to Gokul immediately after he was born, then from Gokul he was further shifted to Vrindavan when his age was around 3.
  • Further Shri Krishna left Vrindavan when He was 11years and 53days old for Mathura to wrap up his notorious Mamaji Kansa, who was a demon named Kalanidhi in his previous life and was killed by Vishnu.
  • Sri Krishna stayed 13 years in Mathura, where He defeated Magadha King Jarasandh 17 times in 13 years.
  • He left for Dwarika at the age of 25 and got married with Rukmini at the age of 25.
  • Sri Krishna had total 8 wives named as Devi Rukmani, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Madra, Mitravinda, Bhadra. Each of them had 10sons (10X8) and few number of daughters, who were not less than their father, having all His personal opulence.
  • His first son Pradyumna from Rukmini was the most courageous, noble, righteous and praised by all.
  • Whereas his son Samba from Jambavati was the most notorious one due to the role Shiva was given in Dwapar Yug as Krishna’s son.
  • He met his cousins Pancha Pandava during the Sawamvar of Draupadi. Yudhishthir and Bhim was older than Him, Arjun was of his age and Nakul, Sahdev were younger to Him.
  • Though he didn’t pick any weapon during Kurukshetra war, still he killed total 6 people in his entire span of incarnation as Krishna, named as Chanoor, Kansa, Shishupal, Shalva, Dantavakra, Paundrika,
  • During the war of Kurukshetra, Sri Krishna also unveiled his universal form (Vishwarup) to Arjuna. After this Arjuna became a disciple of Sri Krishna, rather than just admirer and friend.
  • Apart from Arjun, even the disciple of Vyas Dev, Sanjay could see the supreme being at the same time.
  • Whatever the guidance and knowledge Krishna gave to His dear friend Arjun, during the war in the battle field, is compiled as Srimad Bhagavat Gita.
  • Sri Krishna narrated the entire knowledge of Gita to Vivaswan, the Sun Go, before he told it to Arjun.
  • Sri Krishna embodied both the human and divine aspects. As an avatar, he played a human role, but, at the same time, was a fully realized soul, Param Atma. During his lifetime, very few recognized Sri Krishna’s as the supreme personality of Godhead.
  • After the Battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna visited Gandhari, the one who lost her 100 sons to offer his condolences. Gandhari cursed Sri Krishna because she believed he could have stopped the fighting. Gandhari cursed that Krishna would die within 36 years. Sri Krishna was happy to accept this curse because he knew his mission was drawing to a close.
  • Sri Krishna told Uddhava to send message to Radha that don’t wait for Sri Krishna because he was going to his Devine abode.
  • Knowing his time to end the past time as Sri Krishna on this world had come, Krishna went to Vrindavan for the last time to meet and from his father Vasudev, Devaki, Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda for their blessings.
  • Balaram, Krishna’s brother, set on the bank of ocean in the meditative pose and departed from this world.
  • Seeing his big brother had left the earth, Krishna sat under a tree with his right leg on the left. He took his form of Chaturbhuj(four arms) and was emitting light all around.
  • Seeing the red sole of Krishna, that hunter Jara thought it to be a deer and shot an arrow.
  • Coming close, the hunter found chaturbhuj and fell on earth and was crying holding the feel of Krishna for his forgiveness. Sri Krishna told him that he had done this because Krishna desired it.
  • When Jara, the hunter realize he did a big mistake he was hell scared and went to Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna told him the mystery of his previous birth.
  • When Bhagwam incarnated as Ram Avatar, he shot Bali secretly without informing him and the hunter Jara was none other than Bali of previous birth. It’s just law of Karma. Sri Krishn didn’t want to break it. So, he left his mortal body by this way.
  • Prabhash Patan (modern Bhalaka Tirth) near Somanath, South part of West Gujarat Sri Krishna left his mortal body.
  • Lord Krishna returned to His eternal abode in His original body, and His eternal associates returned with Him.
  • That’s the reason all the members of Yadav clan’s were dead by themselves, they knew it was time to wrap up the show. Kali Yug was about to enter.
  • Tormented by separation from the Lord, His parents gave up their lives at that very spot. The wives of the Yadavas then climbed onto the funeral pyres, embracing their dead husbands.
  • The wives of Lord Balarama also entered the fire and embraced His body, and Vasudeva’s wives entered his fire and embraced his body. The daughters-in-law of Lord Hari entered the funeral fires of their respective husbands, headed by Pradyumna.
  • Arjun, Krishna’s great friend, arrived in Dwaraka to protect the orphaned survivors and women. He went to meet the father Basudev. However when he entered his room, Arjun saw Basudev on the floor in a meditative pose, dead.
  • Arjun cremated all the Yadav’s including Vasudev.
  • Dwarka sank into the sea, Arjun enthroned Krishna’s grandson Vajra as king of the Yadav’s, and he himself with his brothers, left for Swarga.
  • Dwaparyuga ended in BCE 3102.
  • Sri Krishna lived 125 years 8 months and 7 days lifespan.

Remember, His name is Deenabandhu, he is the friend of one who has nothing.

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