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Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

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Microbes in Human Welfare MCQ Questions and Answers

Q. Which organism is used as a biofertilizer for raising soybean crops?

(a) Azotobacter

(b) Azospirillum

(c) Rhizobium

(d) Nostoc

Correct Answer: (c) Rhizobium

Q. In sewage treatment, which of the following removes suspended solids?

(a) Secondary treatment

(b) Primary treatment

(c) Sludge treatment

(d) Tertiary treatment

Correct Answer: (b) Primary treatment

Q. What do the guts of cows and buffalos possess?

(a) Chlorella spp.

(b) Methanogens

(c) Cyanobacteria

(d) Fucus spp

Correct Answer: (b) Methanogens

Q. Wastewater is treated primarily by removing?

(a) dissolved impurities

(b) stable particles

(c) toxic substances

(d) harmful bacteria

Correct Answer: (b) stable particles

Q. Wastewater BOD is estimated by measuring the amount of?

(a) total organic matter

(b) biodegradable organic matter

(c) oxygen evolution

(d) oxygen consumption

Correct Answer: (d) oxygen consumption

Q. Among the following alcoholic beverages, which one is produced without distillation?

(a) Wine

(b) Whisky

(c) Rum

(d) Brandy

Correct Answer: (a) Wine

Q. Which pair is incorrectly matched?

(a) Yeast – ethanol

(b) Streptomycetes – antibiotic

(c) Coliforms – vinegar

(d) Methanogens – gobar gas

Correct Answer: (c) Coliforms – vinegar

Q. What is the use of the free-living fungus Trichoderma?

(a) killing insects

(b) biological control of plant diseases

(c) controlling butterfly caterpillars

(d) producing antibiotics

Correct Answer: (b) biological control of plant diseases

Q. Where does vitamin B2 come from?

(a) Penicillium

(b) Acetobacter

(c) Aspergillus

(d) Ashbya gossypii

Correct Answer: (d) Ashbya gossypii

Q. What vitamin increases in content as milk is converted into curd by lactic acid bacteria?

(a) vitamin-C

(b) Vitamin-D

(c) vitamin-B12

(d) vitamin-E

Correct Answer: (c) vitamin-B12

Q. Sludge generated during wastewater treatment can be treated by?

(a) anaerobic digesters

(b) activated sludge

(c) chemicals

(d) oxidation pond

Correct Answer: (a) anaerobic digesters

Q. Where are methanogenic bacteria not found?

(a) rumen of cattle

(b) gobar gas plant

(c) bottom of water-logged paddy fields

(d) activated sludge

Correct Answer: (d) activated sludge

Q. Which of the following organisms cannot fix nitrogen?

(a) Anabaena

(b) Nostoc

(c) Azotobacter

(d) Pseudomonas

Correct Answer: (d) Pseudomonas

Q. Residue left after methane production from cattle dung is?

(a) burnt

(b) buried in landfills

(c) used as manure

(d) used in civil construction

Correct Answer: (c) used as manure

Q. What do methanogens not produce?

(a) oxygen

(b) methane

(c) hydrogen sulphide

(d) carbon dioxide

Correct Answer: (a) oxygen

Q. A transgenic species of what is being used to produce human insulin?

(a) Escherichia

(b) Mycobacterium

(c) Rhizobium

(d) Saccharomyces

Correct Answer: (a) Escherichia

Q. Cryl endotoxins obtained from Bacillus thuringiensis are effective against which organisms?

(a) mosquitoes

(b) flies

(c) nematodes

(d) bollworms

Correct Answer: (d) bollworms

Q. By fermentation, which of the following organic acid is produced?

(a) Citric acid

(b) Oxalic acid

(c) Lactic acid

(d) Propionic acid

Correct Answer: (c) Lactic acid

Q. Which of these is a pair of biofertilizers?

(a) Azolla and blue-green algae

(b) Nostoc and legume

(c) Rhizobium and grasses

(d) Salmonella & E. coli

Correct Answer: (a) Azolla and blue-green algae

Q. What is primary sludge used for?

(a) preparation of compost

(b) preparation of manure

(c) biogas production

(d) All of these

Correct Answer: (d) All of these

Q. Which of the following is a common biocontrol agent for the control of plant diseases?

(a) Baculovirus

(b) Bacillus thuringiensis

(c) Glomus

(d) Trichoderma

Correct Answer: (d) Trichoderma

Q. In organic farming, which of the following is not used?

(a) Glomus

(b) Earthworm

(c) Oscillatoria

(d) Snail

Correct Answer: (d) Snail

Q. Which of the following helps plants absorb phosphorus from the soil?

(a) Glomus

(b) Rhizobium

(c) Frankia

(d) Anabaena

Correct Answer: (a) Glomus

Q. Rennet is purified by C. Hansen (1874) for commercial use. What is the source of this enzyme?

(a) stomach of goat

(b) stomach of horse

(c) stomach of calf

(d) bacteria

Correct Answer: (c) stomach of calf

Q. What is a good producer of citric acid?

(a) Pseudomonas

(b) Clostridium

(c) Saccharomyces

(d) Aspergillus

Correct Answer: (d) Aspergillus

Q. Which microorganism is used to control pest butterfly caterpillars?

(a) Trichoderma sp.

(b) Saccharomyces cerevisiae

(c) Bacillus thuringiensis

(d) Streptococcus sp.

Correct Answer: (c) Bacillus thuringiensis

Q. Anaerobic sludge digesters produce what gases?

(a) Methane and CO2 only

(b) Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide and CO2

(c) Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide and O2

(d) Hydrogen Sulphide and CO2

Correct Answer: (b) Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide and CO2

Q. How is gallic acid obtained?

(a) Pseudomonas species

(b) Penicillium purpurogenum

(c) Aspergillus niger

(d) Streptomyces species

Correct Answer: (c) Aspergillus niger

Q. It is due to the direct action of what that sugar is converted to alcohol during fermentation?

(a) temperature

(b) micro-organisms

(c) zymase

(d) the concentration of sugar solution

Correct Answer: (c) zymase

Q. Alcohol is produced by using which of the following?

(a) Bacteria

(b) Water moulds

(c) Yeasts

(d) Slime moulds

Correct Answer: (c) Yeasts

Q. Some blue-green algae have the potential to be used as biofertilizers as they are?

(a) Photosynthetic

(b) Surrounded by mucilage

(c) Growing everywhere

(d) Capable of fixing nitrogen

Correct Answer: (d) Capable of fixing nitrogen

Q. The enzyme that dissolves blood clots in heart attack victims is?

(a) PNA

(b) TPA

(c) NAD

(d) RFP

Correct Answer: (b) TPA

Q. What do Rhizopus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yield, respectively?

(a) invertase and lipase

(b) lipase and lipase

(c) lipase and invertase

(d) invertase and invertase

Correct Answer: (c) lipase and invertase

Q. What is torulopsis utilis?

(a) food yeast

(b) microbe used to prepare vaccines

(c) used in the synthesis of citric acid

(d) used to prepare antibiotic

Correct Answer: (a) food yeast

Q. What helps in the production of Roquefort cheese?

(a) Yeast

(b) Rhizopus nigricans

(c) Aspergillus niger

(d) Penicillium roquefortii

Correct Answer: (d) Penicillium roquefortii

Q. A nitrogen-fixing bacterium that associates loosely with crop roots is?

(a) Azotobacter

(b) Bacillus polymyxa

(c) Clostridium

(d) Azospirillum

Correct Answer: (d) Azospirillum

Q. Gobar gas is more advantageous than conventional utilization as they are?

(a) More efficient source of energy

(b) Used as good fertilizer

(c) Reduces the chances of spreading pathogens

(d) All of the above

Correct Answer: (d) All of the above

Q. Which of the following is a pair of biofertilizers?

(a) Azolla and blue-green algae

(b) Nostoc and legume

(c) Rhizobium and grasses

(d) Salmonella & E. coli

Correct Answer: (a) Azolla and blue-green algae

Q. Pyrethrin is a common ingredient of what?

(a) Mosquito coils

(b) Fly sprays

(c) Mosquito mats

(d) All of these

Correct Answer: (d) All of these

Q. What is thurioside?

(a) Insecticide

(b) Fungicide

(c) Antibiotic

(d) Weedicide

Correct Answer: (a) Insecticide

Q. Sewage is purified by

(a) microbes

(b) fertilizers

(c) antibiotics

(d) antiseptics

Correct Answer: (a) microbes

Q. Alexander Flemming discovered which antibiotic?

(a) Streptomycin

(b) Tetracycline

(c) Penicillin

(d) Terramycin

Correct Answer: (c) Penicillin

Q. Which primitive prokaryotes produce biogas from the dung of ruminant animals?

(a) Halophiles

(b) Thermoacidiophiles

(c) Methanogens

(d) Eubacteria

Correct Answer: (c) Methanogens

Q. What bacterial group is exploited in the production of biogas?

(a) Methogens

(b) Methanotrophs

(c) Organotrophs

(d) Eubacteria

Correct Answer: (a) Methogens

Q. What is the methanol content of biogas?

(a) 24.6%

(b) 55.8%

(c) 8%

(d) 4%

Correct Answer: (b) 55.8%

Q. What is a free-living nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium that forms a symbiotic association with the water fern Azolla?

(a) Anabaena

(b) Tolypothrix

(c) Chlorella

(d) Nostoc

Correct Answer: (a) Anabaena

Q. What produces chloramphenicol and erythromycin (broad-spectrum antibiotics)?

(a) Streptomyces

(b) Nitrobacter

(c) Rhizobium

(d) Penicillium

Correct Answer: (a) Streptomyces

Q. What is normally given to a patient with myocardial infarction when they arrive at the hospital?

(a) Penicillin

(b) Streptokinase

(c) Cyclosporin-A

(d) Statins

Correct Answer: (b) Streptokinase

Q. Organic farming is the practice of raising crops using?

(a) Manures

(b) Resistant varieties

(c) Bio fertilisers

(d) All of these

Correct Answer: (d) All of these

Q. What does Brewer’s yeast lack?

(a) diastase and amylase

(b) amylase only

(c) diastase only

(d) maltose

Correct Answer: (a) diastase and amylase

Q. Bagasse is associated with the manufacture of what?

(a) cinchonidine

(b) cellulose materials

(c) resin

(d) cane sugar

Correct Answer: (b) cellulose materials

Q. Statins, a bioactive molecule, inhibit an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of?

(a) carbohydrate

(b) protein

(c) vitamins

(d) cholesterol

Correct Answer: (d) cholesterol

Q. Who initiated the Ganga and Yamuna action plan?

(a) Ministry of environment and forest

(b) Ministry of agriculture

(c) Ministry of wildlife conservation

(d) None of these

Correct Answer: (a) Ministry of environment and forest

Q. Citric acid is produced in industries by which of the following microorganisms?

(a) Lactobacillus bulgaricus

(b) Penicillium citrinum

(c) Aspergillus niger

(d) Rhizopus nigricans

Correct Answer: (c) Aspergillus niger

Q. Azolla enriches rice fields with nitrogen because of its association with?

(a) Anabaena

(b) Nostoc

(c) Rhizobium

(d) Frankia

Correct Answer: (a) Anabaena

Q. What is Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae used for in industrial production?

(a) butanol

(b) citric acid

(c) tetracycline

(d) ethanol

Correct Answer: (d) ethanol

Q. How are microorganisms used in cheese manufacturing?

(a) the souring of milk only

(b) the ripening only

(c) development of resistance to spoilage

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Correct Answer: (d) Both (a) and (b)

Q. The most abundant prokaryotes useful to humans for making curd from milk and producing antibiotics are categorised as?

(a) Cyanobacteria

(b) Archaebacteria

(c) Chemosynthetic autotrophs

(d) Heterotrophic bacteria

Correct Answer: (d) Heterotrophic bacteria

Q. Which of the following microbes forms a symbiotic relationship with plants and assists them with their nutritional needs?

(a) Azotobacter

(b) Aspergillus

(c) Glomus

(d) Trichoderma

Correct Answer: (c) Glomus

Q. What is the major source of liquid hydrocarbon?

(a) Calotropis gigantea

(b) Cocos nucifera

(c) Euphorbia antisyphilitica

(d) Solanum tuberosum

Correct Answer: (c) Euphorbia antisyphilitica

Q. What does biogas consist of?

(a) CO + H2 + CO2

(b) CH4 + CO + CO2

(c) CH4 + COz + H2

(d) CO + CO2 + NO2

Correct Answer: (c) CH4 + COz + H2

Q. A good substitute for diesel oil is sap from which plant?

(a) Euphorbia sp

(b) Copaifera longsdorfii

(c) Calotropis procera

(d) Manihot glaziovii

Correct Answer: (b) Copaifera longsdorfii

Q. In our country, besides dung, which weed is recommended for extensive use in biogas production?

(a) Mangifera indica

(b) Hydrilla

(c) Eicchomia crassipes

(d) Solanum

Correct Answer: (c) Eicchomia crassipes

Q. What is an aquatic fern that is also an excellent biofertilizer?

(a) Azolla

(b) Salvinia

(c) Marsilia

(d) Pteridium

Correct Answer: (a) Azolla

Q. In paddy fields, what is a common nitrogen fixer?

(a) Rhizobium

(b) Azospirillum

(c) Oscillatoria

(d) Frankia

Correct Answer: (b) Azospirillum

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