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“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

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Indian Polity: Questions and Answers-02

51. “The state shall have no religion of its own and all persons shall be equally
entitled to freedom of conscience and right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion”- This principle is termed: 

52. The first joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha was held in the year: 1961

53. The objective resolution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22nd January 1947

54. The sovereignty under the Constitution of India vested with: 

55. Which part of the Constitution of India represents the quintessence, the
philosophy and the ideals or soul of the Constitution? 

56. “A representative and responsible system under which those who
administer the affairs of the state are chosen by the electorate and accountable to them”- This refers to: 

57. Which term implies an elected head of state: 

58. The member of the Constituent Assembly who made the remark that
“The Preamble is the most precious part of the Constitution.  It is the soul of the Constitution. It is the key to the Constitution”: 
Thakurdas Bhargava

59. Who made the statement “The Preamble of the Constitution is the horoscope of our Sovereign Democratic Republic”? 
K.M. Munshi

60. In which case the Supreme Court gave the verdict that the preamble is a part of Constitution? 
Keshavananda Bharati Case

61. The words ‘Unity of the Nation’ in the preamble was substituted by …….
through the 42nd Amendment: 
Unity and Integrity of the Nation

62. In which year preamble was amended?

63. The idea of a council of ministers are collectively responsible to the lower
house of the Parliament has been copied from: 

64. The feature of Federal Scheme has been borrowed from: 
Govt of India Act, 1935

65. The post of speaker of Lok Sabha has been copied from: 

66. Which amendment amended the preamble? 

67. How many words are there in the preamble at present? 

68. Who drafted the preamble? 
Jawaharlal Nehru

69. The wording of the preamble of India is close to the preamble to the Constitution of : 

70. What is referred to as an ‘epitome’ of the broad features of the Constitution?

71. The preamble of the Constitution came into force on: 
26th January 1950

72. The preamble of the Constitution begins with: 
We, the people of India…..

73. Who was the Prime minister of India when the preamble was amended?
Indira Gandhi

74. How many times the preamble has been amended? 

75. The words included in the preamble through the 42nd Amendment: 
Socialist, Secular, Integrity of nation

76. The minimum age required to vote in the election to Legislative Assembly: 18

77. Name the Union Territories that have Legislative Assembly: 
Delhi and Puducherry

78. Ministers of the State are collectively responsible to the: 
State Legislative Assembly

79. The minimum age required to become a candidate for the post of President:

80. Who administers the oath of office of the President? 
Chief Justice of India

81. If the post of president is vacant, a new president will be elected within …..

82. The tenure of the president of India is …… years.- 

83. The status of Delhi as per the Constitution: 
National Capital Territory

84. Which state has the largest number of Rajya Sabha seats? 
Uttar Pradesh

85. The only Indian state that has its own constitution: 
Jammu & Kashmir

86. Which Article of the Constitution deals with special provisions regarding
Jammu and Kashmir? 

87. Which state has the largest number of Lok Sabha seats? 

88. Legislative Assembly of which state has the tenure of six years? 
Jammu & Kashmir

89. As per the provisions of the Constitution the minimum strength of State
Legislative Assembly is: 

90. The South Indian states with Legislative Council: 
Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

91. The tenure of a member of the Legislative Assembly is …… years. 

92. Which State/ Union Territory has the least number of members in its
Legislative Assembly? 

93. The minimum age required to contest in the election to Legislative Assembly:

94. As per the provisions of the Constitution, the strength of State Legislative
Assembly is limited up to: 

95. The Indian state where the President’s rule was imposed for the first time: Punjab

96. Which state has the largest number of Legislative Council seats? 
Uttar Pradesh

97. Which state has the least number of members in its Legislative Assembly?

99. Which state has the largest number of Legislative Assembly seats? 
Uttar Pradesh

100.The Indian state where Article 356 of the Constitution was imposed for the
first time: 

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