“The Knowledge Library”

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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

General Science: Questions and Answers : Part-29

931. The element stored in oil due to its high reactivity 
– Barium

932. The element which has the highest reactivity or electronegativity
– Fluorine 

933. The element which has the highest ionization potential 
– Helium. 

934. The element which has the least ionization energy 
– francium. 

935. The element with the highest melting point 

936. The elements with the most number of isotopes
– tin. 

937. The escape velocity of moon is 
– 2.4 km/s -Earth – 11.2 km/s (7 miles/s. )(Jupiter: 59.6km/s)

938. The first portable computer 
– Osborne-I

939. A tachometer is a device to measure
– speed of rotation. 

940. A vehicle silencer works on the principle of’ Destructive Interference’ of 
– sound waves 

941. Alkaloids are a group of nitrogen-containing organic compounds produced by 
– plants

942. The alloy used for making permanent magnet is 
– Alnico.

943. An active galactic nucleus is called a 
– quasar.

944. Animals living in the bottom of water are called 
– benthic animals.

945. Approximately 111 Km is represented by
1⁰ latitude.

946. Average human respiratory rate 
– 16-20 breaths/min

947.  Average respiratory rate in a newborn baby
– 44 breaths/min

948. —————– is observed on October 23, from 6.023 am to 6.023 pm 
– Avogadro day

949.  ……………….. is the unit of radioactive decay. 
– Becquerel

950.  ……………….. is a mixture of an alkaline solution of Copper sulphate and Sodium citrate. 
– Benedict’s solution

951. Bismuth Aurite is the mineral of 
– gold.

952. The blue colour of the Sea was explained by 
– Sir. C. V. Raman

953. The blue colour of the sky was explained by 
– Lord Rayleigh 

954. Bosons which carry the strong nuclear force 
– Gluons

955. Bright’s disease affects 
– kidney.

956. …………………. prevent the changes in ph caused by the addition of acid or alkali.
– Buffer solution

957. ……………………. is the upward force which acts on a body immersed in liquid.
– Buoyant force

958. Calomel 
-Mercurous chloride 

959.Candy fluid Potassium 
– Permanganate. 

960. ………………… is the working principle behind the washing machine. 
– Centrifugation

961. Chemical decomposition by the action of heat is known as 
– Pyrolysis

962. The chemical name of vitamin B5 is Pantothenic acid and vitamin C is
– Ascorbic acid. 

963. The compound of sodium used as a purifier in submarines 
– Sodium Peroxide

964. Desert sand is usually composed of 
– calcite.

965. Diamond is the hardest form of carbon and lamp black is the softest form of 
– carbon. 

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