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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

General Science: Questions and Answers : Part-20

621. Which chemically inactive gases are usually filled in bulbs to prolong the life of filament?
Nitrogen & Argon

622. What is the SI unit of electric power? 

623. What is the name of the device that reverses the direction of flow of current through a circuit?

624. Which instrument can detect the presence of a current in a circuit?

625. In India, what is the frequency of Alternating Current (AC)? 
50 Hz 

626. What is the potential difference of AC supplied in India? 
220 V 

627. A generator converts ———- energy into electrical energy? 
Mechanical energy

628. What is the working principle of a generator? 
Electromagnetic induction 

629. In hydroelectric power plants, which energy of water is converted into electrical energy?
Kinetic energy 

630. The greater the percentage of————– in a fuel, the greater is its calorific value.

631. The process of burning of material in the absence of oxygen is known as ———– 
Destructive distillation 

632. Which chemical is produced through the Solvency process or ammonia-soda process?
Sodium carbonate 

633. Which colour is showed by a universal indicator in a solution with neutral pH value? 

634. Ponds look shallow due to the ——— of light. 

635. Which metal alloy is used to make permanent magnets? 

636. The force of attraction which stick the water particles at the window glass is ————-

637. What is the process in which two light nuclei to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy? 
Nuclear fusion 

638. What is the working principle of an atomic bomb? 
Nuclear fission 

639. What will be the weight of a body at the centre of Earth? 
Zero (Neutralized) 

640. What is the power of an ordinary torch cell?
1.5 volt 

641. Which colour is seen on the outer edge of a rainbow? 

642. Which device is used for detecting even feeble current? 
Galvano scope

643. Which is the strongest force in nature? 
Nuclear force 

644. Which rays of the sunlight makes solar cooker hot? 
Infrared rays 

645. The capillary action phenomenon of water rising up a narrow tube dipped in water is due to 
Surface tension 

646. The image formed by a plane mirror is ………. 
Virtual image 

647. Which kind of cells converts light energy to electric energy? 
Photoelectric cells 

648. Muddy water is an example of a solution. 
Colloidal solution 

649. Which rays of sunlight is absorbed by carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere?
Infrared rays 

650. Which type of waves a cellular phone uses to operate?

651. Bats can understand obstacles because they produce ————-
Ultrasonic sound waves 

652. Which process is used to separate water & alcohol? 

653. Which was the first planet founded by Mathematical prediction rather than by empirical observation? 

654. Liquefied natural gas or LNG is natural gas, predominantly composed of? 

655. The mineral form of which chemical is known as Sassolite? 
Boric Acid

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