“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. ALACRITY (NOUN): (तत्परता): readiness 
Synonyms: eagerness, willingness 
Antonyms: apathy 
Example Sentence: 
She accepted the invitation with alacrity. 
2. ADMONISH (VERB): (धिक्कारना): scold 
Synonyms: reprimand, rebuke 
Antonyms: praise 
Example Sentence: 
She admonished me for appearing at breakfast unshaven. 
3. METTLE (NOUN): (उत्साह): spirit 
Synonyms: fortitude tenacity 
Antonyms: insensibility, callousness 
Example Sentence: 
The team showed their true mettle in the second half. 
4. CALAMITOUS (ADJECTIVE): (नुक़सानदेह): catastrophic 
Synonyms: disastrous, devastating 
Antonyms: good, advantageous 
Example Sentence: 
Many calamitous events such as fires, hurricanes, and floods have taken place. 
5. PRE-EMINENT (NOUN): (पूर्वप्रतिष्ठित): foremost 
Synonyms: greatest, leading 
Antonyms: unknown, undistinguished 
Example Sentence: 
She’s the preeminent chef in a city that has many good ones. 
6. EMULATE (VERB): (अनुकरण करना): copy 
Synonyms: imitate, reproduce 
Antonyms: disaffect, shun 
Example Sentence: 
Most rulers wished to emulate Alexander the Great. 
7. EXONERATE (VERB): (मुक्त करना): acquit 
Synonyms: absolve, clear 
Antonyms: charge, convict 
Example Sentence: 
An inquiry exonerated those involved. 
8. AFFRONT (NOUN): (अपमान): insult 
Synonyms: offence, snub 
Antonyms: compliment 
Example Sentence: 
He took his son’s desertion as a personal affront. 
9. COMMEND (VERB): (सराहना करना): praise 
Synonyms: compliment, applaud 
Antonyms: criticize 
Example Sentence: 
He was commended by the judge for his courageous action. 
10. PERPETRATOR (NOUN): (अपराधी): culprit 
Synonyms: offender, guilty 
Antonyms: innocent 
Example Sentence: 
The perpetrators must be punished. 

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