“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
02/10/2023 3:58 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. VENTURING (VERB): (उद्यम) undertake a daring and risky task, or journey.

Synonyms: deal, endeavor

Antonyms: assurance, fact

Example Sentence:

She ventured out into the blizzard.
2.TRAMPLED (NOUN/VERB): (रौंदे) walk over, squash

crush, encroach

Antonyms: aid, cure

Example Sentence:

The fence has been trampled down by the protesters.

3.PERISHED (VERB): (नाश) die, loose its normal quality;

Synonyms: cease, crumble

Antonyms: appear, grow

Example Sentence:

Three hundred people perished in the earthquake.

4. ENTICE (VERB): (लुभाने) attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage.

Synonyms: attract, beguile

Antonyms: repel, repulse

Example Sentence:

A show which should entice a new audience into the theatre.

5. INCONSPICUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अगोचर) not clearly visible or attracting attention.

Synonyms: unobtrusive, faint

Antonyms: exposed, noticeable

Example Sentence:

This type of bird is very inconspicuous because of its dull feathers.

6. MANOEUVRING (VERB): (कुशलता) move skilfully or carefully.

Synonyms: action, gimmick

Antonyms: cessation, honesty

Example Sentence:

They were manoeuvring him into betraying his friend.

7. DEMITS (VERB): (इस्तीफा देना) resign from (an office or position).

Synonyms: relinquish, cede

Antonyms: accept, welcome

Example Sentence:

Arguments within his congregation led to his demitting his post.

8. SWAPPED (VERB): (विनिमय) take part in an exchange of.

Synonyms: exchange, substitute

Antonyms: keep, maintain

Example Sentence:

we swapped phone our numbers.

9.RIFE (ADJ/ADV.): (व्याप्त) in an unchecked or widespread manner.

Synonyms: abundant, alive

Antonyms: limited, scarce

Example Sentence:

Dysentery and malaria are rife in refugee camps.

10. CHARADE (NOUN): (शब्द पहेली) act or event that are clearly false.

Synonyms: deception, farce

Antonyms: honesty, reality

Example Sentence:

The interview was just a charade-every one knew who would get the job.

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