“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. TRECHAREOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विश्वासघाती) disloyal 
Synonyms: faithless, unreliable 
Antonyms: faithful, reliable 
Example Sentence: 
Advaik is a treacherous junk-dealer. 
2. SANGUINE (ADJECTIVE): (आशावादी) confident 
Synonyms: hopeful, optimistic 
Antonyms: pessimistic, depressed 
Example Sentence: 
Vishal is a sanguine person in every adverse situation. 
3. ORDAIN (VERB): (भयाक्रांत) impose 
Synonyms: order, proclaim 
Antonyms: unworried, unruffled 
Example Sentence: 
Vikram knows the ministry will never ordain him as a priest. 
4. AGHAST (ADJECTIVE): (स्‍वादहीन) horrified 
Synonyms: anxious, appalled 
Antonyms: delicious, pungent 
Example Sentence: 
Dinner tastes insipid. 
5. ACCESSIBILITY (NOUN): (अभिगम्यता/ पहुँच): capable of being reached. 
Synonyms: approachability, affordable 
Antonyms: unreachable, inconvenience 
Example Sentence: 
There is no accessibility to this place. 
6. ABASEMENT (NOUN): (मानहानि): A low or downcast state. 
Synonyms: abjection, humiliation 
Antonyms: praising, commendable 
Example Sentence: 
Every disaster brought my brother into an attitude of abasement. 
7. PREVARICATE (VERB): (छलकपट करना): belie 
Synonyms: cavil, con 
Antonyms: be honest, tell truth 
Example sentence: 
British ministers continued to prevaricate on the issue. 
8. PROPINQUITY (NOUN): (सान्निध्य): closeness 
Synonyms: togetherness, nearness 
Antonyms: distance, remoteness 
Example sentence: 
My maternal uncle is in great propinquity with me. 
9. CONCEDE (VERB): (स्वीकार करना) accept 
Synonyms: cede, admit 
Antonyms: deny, refuse 
Example Sentence: 
I had to concede that I’d overreacted. 
10. ENCROACH (VERB): (अधिक्रमण करना) violate 
Synonyms: trespass, infringe 
Antonyms: shun, abide 
Example Sentence: 
Rather than encroach on his privacy she might have kept to her room. 

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