“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. DISCRETIONARY (ADJECTIVE): (वैकल्पिक): optional 
Synonyms: non-compulsory, voluntary 
Antonyms: obligatory, involuntary 
Example Sentence: 
A wide range of optional excursions is offered. 
2. MUZZLE (VERB): (रोकना): censor 
Synonyms: suppress, stifle 
Antonyms: permit, liberate 
Example Sentence: 
Opposition leaders accused him of muzzling the news media. 
3. RECANT (VERB): (वापस लेना): take back something said 
Synonyms: annul, renounce 
Antonyms: accept, agree 
Example Sentence: 
The judge ordered the magazine to recant the false statements it made about the actress. 
4. PUERILE (ADJECTIVE): (बचकाना): childish 
Synonyms: callow, infantile 
Antonyms: mature, adult 
Example Sentence: 
The fireman was scolded for playing puerile pranks on his coworkers. 
5. RHAPSODIZE (VERB): (बड़बड़ाना): rave 
Synonyms: babble, declaim 
Antonyms: be quiet, be happy 
Example Sentence: 
You’d rhapsodize with him to his heart’s content. 
6. NEFARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कुटिल): bad 
Synonyms: horrible, odious 
Antonyms: delightful, gentle 
Example Sentence: 
One man employed his nefarious scheme to hack into people’s computers and steal bank account’s information. 
7. JITTERY (ADJECTIVE): (परेशान): nervous 
Synonyms: restless, anxious 
Antonyms: calm, composed 
Example Sentence: 
She felt jittery before her stage performance. 
8. OBFUSCATE (VERB): (अस्पष्ट करना): confuse 
Synonyms: baffle, becloud 
Antonyms: clarify, enlighten 
Example Sentence: 
Because I am a sympathetic teacher, I avoid using language which will obfuscate my students. 
9. REPREHENSIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (दोषारोपण करने योग्य): very bad 
Synonyms: culpable, disgraceful 
Antonyms: good, kind 
Example Sentence: 
Instead of making reprehensible comments about women, go spread some cheer. 
10. ORDAIN (VERB): (स्थापित करना): establish 
Synonyms: anoint, enact 
Antonyms: ignore, refuse 
Example Sentence: 
John knows the ministry will never ordain him as a priest because of his checkered past.

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