“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
04/10/2023 11:25 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. PERILOUS (ADJECTIVE): (जोख़िम) : full of danger or risk, hazardous
Synonyms: vulnerable, dicey
Antonyms: safe, secure
Example Sentence: 
Out current economy is in a perilous state. 
2. PERVASIVE (ADJECTIVE): (व्यापक) : present or noticeable in every part.
Synonyms: extensive, prevalent
Antonyms: scarce, limited 
Example Sentence: 
The pervasive smell of petrol made everyone anxious.
3. MOCKERY (ADJECTIVE): (मज़ाक): teasing, ridicule
Synonyms: light, sublime 
Antonyms: earthly, indelicate 
Example Sentence: 
The trail was a mockery-the judge has decided the verdict before it began.
4. MENACE (NOUN/VERB): (संकट) : be a threat or possible danger to.
Synonyms: hazard, threat
Antonyms: delight, pleasure
Example Sentence: 
“Africa’s elephants are still menaced by poaching”
5. DANGLING (ADJECTIVE): (झूलने) hanging or swinging loosely.
Synonyms: drooping, hanging
Antonyms: raised, upright
Example Sentence: 
she wear a pair of dangling earrings.
6. TRYST (VERB/NOUN): (गुप्त भेंट): meeting of two people having a romantic relationship.
Synonyms: appointment, engagement
Antonyms: division, separation
Example sentence:
Working couples find it hard to indulge in tryst.
7. SCOURGE (NOUN): (कोड़ा): whip used as an instrument of punishment, curse.
Synonyms: pest, terror
Antonyms: reward, blessing, delight
Example sentence:
Manish was found in the bleak little room in despair.
8. RATCHETING (VERB): (शाफ़्ट): to grow less in scope or intensity especially gradually
Synonyms: abate, decline
Antonyms: distend, appear
Example sentence:
Reduced demand and ratcheting costs are forcing small businesses to close.
9. PRE-EMPTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (पूर्व रिक्तिपुर्व): something done before people can act.
Synonyms: averting, defensive
Antonyms: incentive, encouragement
Example sentence:
The Prime Minister announced a pre emptive air strikes against the rebels.
10. VICINITY (NOUN): (आस-पास): surrounding area or district.
Synonyms: environs, proximity
Antonyms: distant, outlying
Example sentence:
The number of people living in the immediate vicinity was small.

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