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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Update Your Vocabulary-2

  1. EFFUSIVE (ADJECTIVE):Gushing, profuse

Synonyms: lavish, exuberant    


Antonyms: economical, unexcited

Example Sentence:

The president was effusive in his grief for the fallen soldiers.

  1. GAG (NOUN):Practical joke

Synonyms: hoax, quip      

Antonyms: seriousness, tragedy

Example Sentence:

Don’t gag on such matters.


Synonyms: alter, mutate     

Antonyms: preserve, stagnate

Example Sentence:

In the play, the actor suddenly transmogrified into a monster.

  1. OPINE (VERB):Think

Synonyms: suppose, consider         

Antonyms: calculate, measure

Example Sentence:

She opines a lot even on trivial matters.


  1. SPECIOUS (ADJECTIVE):Misleading

Synonyms: deceptive, false           

Antonyms: genuine, valid

Example Sentence:

Because it was based on specious information, the study was flawed.

  1. DISINGENUOUS (ADJECTIVE):Not straightforward or candid

Synonyms:  unfair, cunning 


Antonyms: frank, truthful 

Example Sentence:

He is disingenuous shopkeeper.


Synonyms: cheeky, mocking    

Antonyms:  praising, respectful

Example Sentence:

He gave a small derisive laugh at the ongoing discussion. 

  1. ODIOUS (ADJECTIVE):Extremely unpleasant

Synonyms: disgusting, horrid        

Antonyms:  attractive, delightful

Example Sentence:

The girl said it was the most odious crime she had ever seen.

  1. HALCYON (ADJECTIVE): Calm, peaceful

Synonyms: quiet, still   Antonyms:  agitated, loud

Example Sentence:

As I sat in the quiet gardens, I found it easy to relax in such a halcyon setting.


Synonyms: ravenous, avaricious         

Antonyms:  generous, selfless

Example Sentence:

He is a rapacious lawyer.

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