“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Types of Diseases

Type of Disease Examples
Congenital diseases Hare lip, club foot, mongolism, spastic paraplegia
Hereditary diseases Haemophilia, albinism
Dietary deficiency diseases Scurvy, rickets, beri-beri, anaemia
Hormonal diseases Goitre, diabetes mellitus, acromegaly, dwarfism
Infectious diseases (VIRAL) AIDS, chicken pox, common cold, german measles, influenza, jaundice, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, rabies, dengue fever, lassa fever
Infectious diseases (BACTERIAL) cholera, whooping cough, diptheria, gonorrhoea, leprosy, pneumonia, syphilis, tetanus, typhoid, tuberculosis, plague
Infectious diseases (FUNGAL) ringworm, atheletes’ foot, thrush
Infectious diseases (PROTOZOAN) malaria, amoebic dysentery, sleeping sickness, kala-azar
Infectious diseases (WORMS) filaria, tapeworm, pinworm
Degenerative diseases graying of hair, baldness, presbyopia, cataract, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, arteriosclerosis
Immunological diseases hay fever, asthma, rheumatoid, arthritis, nettle rash
Neoplastic diseases warts, moles, cancer

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