“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
31/01/2023 11:18 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Top 50 GK Questions and Answers in English

Q.1. Which is considered the tallest animal in the world?

Ans: Giraffe

Q.2. How many languages ​​are spoken in the world in total?

Ans: More than 5000

Q.3. What is the most expensive item in the world?

Ans: Uranium

Q.4. Which country’s law is considered to be the harshest?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

Q.5. In which state is the Indravati National Park located?

Ans: Chhattisgarh

Q.6. Between whom was the ‘First Battle of Tarain’ (1191 AD) fought?

Ans: Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj III

Q.7. Who made Bengal independent by separating it from the Mughal Empire?

Ans: Murshid Quli Khan

Q.8. Who was the first education minister of India?

Ans: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Q.9. Who was the first Indian Governor General?

Ans: C Rajagopalachari

Q.10. Which country’s people are considered the most hardworking people?

Ans: Japan

Q.11. When is ‘World Meteorological Day’ celebrated?

Ans: 23 March

Q.12. How many oceans are there on Earth?

Ans: 5

Q.13. How many continents are there on Earth?

Ans: 8

Q.14. When is ‘World TV Day’ celebrated?

Ans: On 24 March

Q.15. Which is the first university in the world?

Ans: Taxila University

Q.16. When was ‘ISRO’ established?

Ans: 15 August 1969

Q.17. What was the real name of Dayanand Saraswati?

Ans: Moolshankar

Q.18. Who founded Arya Samaj?

Ans: Dayanand Saraswati

Q.19. What is the basic basis of our life?

Ans: Environment

Q.20. Khajuraho is located in which state of India?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

  1. Where is the most prevalent Telugu language in India?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

Q.22. How many players are there in the game of hockey?

Ans: 11 players

Q.23. Which soil is most abundant in Maharashtra?

Ans: Black soil

Q.24. In which state of India ‘Kannada dialect’ is spoken?

Ans: Karnataka

Q.25. ‘Yakshagana dance’ is a folk dance of which state?

Ans: Karnataka

Q.26. Which is called the biggest fast on earth?

Ans: Equator

Q.27. Which leader popularized the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India by reintroducing it?

Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q.28. Which city has been renamed as Gurugram?

Ans: Gurgaon

Q.29. In which country do the ‘five suns’ emerge which can be seen with the naked eye?

Ans: China (in Sing Nite Chun city)

Q.30. The capital of which state is situated on the banks of river Tawi?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

Q.31. Which dance form gets its name from the Sanskrit word for beauty?

Ans: Lavani

Q.32. What is the currency of Bangladesh?

Ans: Taka (Dhaka)

Q.33. In which month is the budget presented?

Ans: February (Article-112)

Q.34. Which was the first country to adopt a national flag?

Ans: Denmark

Q.35. What is the minimum age limit to contest Lok Sabha elections?

Ans: 25 years

Q.36. For how many years are the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council elected?

Ans: 2 years

Q.37. Who is the first Indian female athlete to win a medal in the Olympic Games?

Ans: Karnam Malleswari

Q.38. In which direction does the earth rotate on its axis?

Ans: West to East

Q.39. What is mainly found in Gobar gas?

Ans: Methane

Q.40. After whom did the British get political power?

Ans: Battle of Plassey (1757)

Q.41. Who discovered the cure for Rabies?

Ans: Louis Pasteur

Q.42. What is the reason for the hardness of water?

Ans: Magnesium bicarbonate

Q.43. In which Indian state is the Kaziranga National Park located?

Ans: Assam

Q.44. Who talked about Cubism?

Ans: Pablo-Picasso

Q.45. Ranthambore National Park is in which state?

Ans: Rajasthan

Q.46. The Directive Principle of State Policy has been taken from the constitution of which country?

Ans: Ireland

Q.47. Who presides over the National Development Council?

Ans: Prime Minister

Q.48. When is Army Day celebrated every year?

Ans: January 15

Q.49. On which birth anniversary is National Women’s Day celebrated every year on 13th February?

Ans: Sarojini Naidu

Q.50. Which state of India contributes maximum in food grains production?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

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