“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


26. Communication boosters are mostly used during
(a) the introductory phase of a lecture 
(b) the development phase of a lecture 
(c) the conducting phase of a lecture 
(d) in all the 3 phases of a lecture 
(e) None of these
Answer: (B)

27. Which of the following is not a reason for the deterioration of higher education? 
(a) Lack of enthusiasm and eagerness 
(b) Unplanned speedy development of colleges and universities 
(c) Interested students and dedicated teachers 
(d) Inefficient professors
(e)None of these 
Answer: (C)

28. The teaching methodology, TPR refers to
(a) Teacher Pupil Reasoning 
(b) Total Pupils Response
(c) Total Physical Response 
(d) Teacher Parent Relation 
Answer: (C)

29. Empirical research is also known as
(a) experimental research 
(b) survey research 
(c) descriptive research 
(d) all of these (e)None of these
Answer: (A)

30. The major contribution of the ancient Greeks to modern education was their 
(a) religious standards 
(b) stress upon physical fitness 
(C) emphasis on the welfare of the state
(d) emphasis upon the development of individual personality 
Answer: (C)

31. Who is the Vice-Chancellor of University of Kerala .
(a) B.Iqbal  (b) Dr. Rajasekharan Pillai 
(c) K.K.NKurup  (d) Sukdev Singh Kang 
(e) none of these 
Answer: (E)

32. The greatest single cause of failure in beginning teachers lies in the area of 
(a)organisational ability . (b) interpersonal relations 
(c) stimulating students (d) communication 
(e) None of these 
Answer: (B)

33. Professional recognition like award should be given to teachers on the basis of 
(a) communal or disability basis (b) duration of service rendered 
(c) academic and professional qualifications acquired
(d) efficiency in teaching (e) None of these 
Answer: (D)

34. When behaviourist views were predominant, teachers stressed
the importance of 
(a) Repetition and practice (b) Input and output 
(c) Acquisition (d) Facilitation 
Answer: (A)
35. As a teacher which of the following should be given maximum consideration in your work. 
(a) Systematic drill of teaching material 
(b) Helping students for mastery of subject matter. 
(c) Making of children rewrite lessons 
(d) Growth and development of children
(e) Disciplining student. 
Answer: (D)

36. The main classroom function of a teacher is to
(a) help the child to progress towards desired development 
(b) make pupils disciplined 
(c) pass on maximum knowledge to students 
(d) satisfying psychological needs of children
(e) help for the preservation and transmission of our heritage. 
Answer: (A)

37. There is a commonfeelingthat teachers
(a) Maintain a number of controversial opinion. 
(b) Are less religions 
(c) Are conservative in outlook 
(d) keeps aloof from common man.
(e) possess average intelligence. 
Answer: (D)

38. One should select a career in terms of .
(a) values which are important to him 
(b) the amount of salary he can earn 
(C) suitability to one’s academic qualification 
(d) the ease with which one can gain his goal 
(e) social prestige which it carried
Answer: (A)

39. Recruitment of teachers should be directed towards
(a) selecting everybody who has an interest in the profession 
(b) attracting more students to the school 
(c)selecting those who have desired personality 
(d) relieving unemployment among personnel trained for the profession 
(e) obtaining the services of the best teachers available for the profession. 
Answer: (C)

40. The most important task in teaching is .
(a) giving assignments and scoring them 
(b) directing pupils in experiences geared towards development 
(C) giving test paper and assigning grades 
(d) making monthly reports and keeping records
(e)maintaining discipline among children. 
Answer: (B)

41. To which of the following categories of jobs does teaching belong
(a) Clerical (b) Managerial 
(c) Professional (d) Service (e) Skilled 
Answer: (C)

42. Most of the classroom problems can he solved if the teacher
(a) has good academic qualifications 
(b) has association with politics 
(c) does not insist rigid classroom activities. 
(d) leaves the problem to set solved in the natural course
(e) has constant interaction with pupils 
Answer: (C)

43. Which of the following criteria determines the success of an instructional programme most 
(a) The adequacy of instruments procurred 
(b) Quality of teaching
(c) The provision made for individual difference 
(d) The classroom atmosphere created
(e) The quality of the plan developed by the planners 
Answer: (B)

44. The major cause for failure of teachers in maintaining discipline is 
(a) inconsistent action 
(b) lack of knowledge of the subject taught 
(C)failure in understanding problems of children 
(d) failure to clarify the rules to he enforced
(e) leniency in dealing with misconduct 
Answer: (C)
45. According to behaviorists teacher is one who
(a) makes students repeat drills 
(b) create opportunities for learning 
(c)follows cognitive grading
(d) makes learner active processor of learning 
Answer: (A)

46. Classroom discipline has to be revealed through
(a) orderly behavior in classroom 
(b) pleasing conduct of students to others 
(c) complete elimination of pupil misconduct 
(d) proper self-direction on the part of pupils
(e) good interpersonal relationship among pupils. 
Answer: (D)

47. The basic purpose of supervision is to help teacher to
(a) improve their techniques of teaching 
(b) improve their understanding of children 
(c) do their work regularly 
(d) enable children learn more effectively
(e)understand their shortcomings 
Answer: (C)

48. A pupil facing a problem asks the teacher’What shall I do’? Me, teacher should 
(a) provide the pupil with course of action after considering his abilities 
(b) tell the pupil what he would do if he were in the pupils place
(c) advice the pupil to follow his advice without fail 
(d) ask the pupil to get advice of his parents 
(e) have an intimate discussion with the pupil and provide in
sight to enable the child to take a decision 
Answer: (C)

49. Competency of a Teacher is best demonstrated by his ability to develop in pupils 
(a) consistent behavior patterns 
(b) initiative in thought and action 
(c) obedience and submission to authority 
(d) polished behavior in social gatherings
(e) observation of class on rules and regulations 
Answer: (B)

50. Which of the following is the main reason for you to select teaching as profession? 
(a) provision of regular income 
(b) opportunity to serve the younger generation 
(C) status associated with job 
(d) pleasant work atmosphere
(e) opportunity to continue learning 
Answer: (B)

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