“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Pedagogy – Child Development – Adolescent Psychology-15

366. The global day of parents was observed on 
(a) 12 June 
(b) 05 June
(c) 14 June 
(d) I June
Answer: (d)

367. The autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar 
(a) Culling Edge                      (b) Open
(c) Dreams from my father     (d) Playing it my way 
Answer: (d)

368. Reliability in research stands for
(a) Replicability  (b) Validity
(c) Measurability (d) Comparability
Answer: (a)

369. “The systematic and controlled handling of variables to see if treatments will create expect­ed result” is an essential step in
(a) Ex post facto Research 
(b) Scientific method
(c) Diagnostic method 
(d) Exploratory research 
Answer: (b)

370. In sufficient evidence in re­search leads to
(a) Faulty analysis 
(b) Over generalization
(c) Poor sampling 
(d) Wrong methodology 
Answer: (b)

371. Citation index is directly relat­ed to 
(a) Periodicity of a journal
(b) Popularity of a journal 
(c) Impact factor of a journal
(d) Publication of a journal 
Answer: (c)

372. Which of the following is the main characteristics of a standard achievement Test.
(a) Objectivity  (b) Validity 
( c) Reliability ( d) All the above 
Answer: (d)

373. Through evaluation one can be 
(a) The students  (b) The teachers 
(c) Both the above ( d) None of the above 
Answer: (c)

374. Which of the following is most effective audio aid 
(a) Radio (b) Loudspeaker
(c) T.V.  (d) Walky-Talky
Answer: (a)

375. Size of Slide is 
(a) 35 mm (b) 45 mm
(c) 55 mm (d) 50 mm 
Answer: (a)

376. Which one of the following is not classified into a graphic aids
(a) Photograph (b) Graphs 
(c) Bulletin boards (d) Maps 
Answer: (c)

377. Edgar Dale is famous for
(a) Experience cone  (b) Learning syndrome
(c) Applied Research  (d) None of the above 
Answer: (a)

378. Education evaluation is a com­plex in reference to 
(a) Teaching objectives
(b) Learning experiences 
( c) Tools of evaluation 
( d) All the above
Answer: (d)

379. The objectivity of the research can be enhanced 
(a) Through its reliability
(b) Through its validity
(c) Through its impartiality 
(d) All the above
Answer: (d)

380. First e-state in India 
(a) Punjab         (b) Kerala
( c) Tamilnadu   (d) Sikkim 
Answer: (a)

381. Don’t be evil is the motto of
(a) google   (b) whatsapp 
(c) Twitter    (d) Yahoo

Answer: (a)

382. The ‘Escape’ instinct expresses in the state of
(a) Hunger  (b) Difficulty
(c) Fear   (d) None of the above
Answer: (c)

383. The student can be trained in social behaviour through 
(a) Curriculum 
(b) Social and cultural pro­grammes in school 
(c) Discipline
(d) Classroom teaching 
Answer: (b)

384. The children’s learning is af­fected most by 
(a) motivation                   (b) Interest 
(c) Intellectual abilities        (d) Physical organisation 
Answer: (a)

385. Science education system in India at the school level should be best described as being
(a) Value oriented             (b) Teacher centered 
(c) Activity centered           (d) Text book centered 
Answer: (c)

386. The SE of the sample means
(a) Decreases in direct propor­tion to the sample
(b) Decreases in inverse pro­portion to the sample
(c) Increase in direct propor­tion to the sample 
(d) Doesn’t depend on the sample size 
Answer: (b)

387. Father of emotional intelligence
(a) Daniel Goleman       (b) Howard Gardner 
(c) Peter Salovey           (d) None of the above 
Answer: (a)

388. Systematic sampling is a type of
(a) Purposive sampling 
(b) Random sampling
(c) Quota sampling 
(d) Non Probability sampling
Answer: (b)

389. Denote the section enlisting the exemption from disclosure  of information according to
Right lo information Act 2005. 
(a) Section 2            (b) Section 5 
(c) Section 8           (d) Section 15 
Answer: (c)

390. Rule making power under sec­tion 6 of environment (Protec­tion) Act 1986 is entrusted with
(a) The Central Government
(b) The State Government 
(c) The pollution control board
(d) District Authorities 
Answer: (a)

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