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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Miscellaneous GK Questions and Answers-22

01 How many feet does a snail has : 

02 In which year Wagan Tragedy took place : 
03 Indian Chief Justice who served for the longest period :
Y.V. Chandrachood
04 Indira Awaz Yojana  is connected with : 
05 Jalianwala Bagh massacre took place at :
06 Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was launched by : 
Rajiv Gandhi
07 Kathakali emerged from the art form : 
08 Kumarakom is on the banks of the Lake : 
09 MacMahon line separates : 
India and China
10 Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in India was won by :
Vinobha Bhave
11 Malayalee who refused Padmasree : 
12 Mayannur bridge connects : 
Palakkad and Thrissur
13 Monazite is the ore of: 
14 National Rural Development Institute is at : 
15 Paddy Research Centre in Kerala is at : 
16 Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia is famous in : 
Flute recital
17 The real name of the music director Pukazhenthi  : 
Velappan Nair
18 Sony is an electronic manufacturer belonged to the country : 
19 Sports star known as ‘’Golden Girl’’ : 
P.T. Usha
20 Tashkent treaty is signed between the countries : 
India and Pakistan
21 The circumference of the Earth was first calculated by :
22 The district in Kerala which has no mountains : 
23 The Finance Minister who presented the Union Budget ten times : 
Morarji Desai
24 The first atomic power station in India is at : 
25 The first eco-tourism spot in Kerala : 
26 The first internet literary magazine in Malayalam:
27 The first Malayalee to win Arjuna Award : 
28 The first Malayalee woman to become Governor in any Indian State : 
Justice (rtd) M.S.Fathima Beevi
29 The first person to appear in postal stamp : 
Queen Victoria
30 The first polio-free district in India : 
31 The first teak plantation in the world established by the British in 1842 is at :
32 The first woman opposition leader in Lok Sabha : 
Sonia Gandhi
33 The gas causing  greenhouse effect : 
Carbon Dioxide
34 The last colonial power to leave India : 
35 The layer of atmosphere closest  to the Earth Surface:
36 The National Leader who represented the people of  depressed classes in the Round Table Conferences held in London in 1930, 1931,1932:  
37 The novel by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in which the poem ‘’Vande Mataram’’ was included:  
38 The world’s largest producer of rice : 
39 Thennali Raman adorned the court of : 
40 Tomb of Akbar is in : 
41 Another name of Niranam Poets : 
Kannassa Panicker
42 Reformist also known as ‘’Shanmughadasan’’:
Chattampi Swamikal
43 The award that resembles a fig leave : 
Bharat Ratna
44 The first Malayalee woman to figure in Indian Stamp and Coin : 
Sister Alphonsa
45 The first multinational corporation  in the world the Dutch East India Company established in 1602 had its Headquarters at : 
46 The last temple established by Sree Narayana Guru :
47 The oldest stock exchange in the world is at :
48 The security Agency which protects Taj Mahal : 
49 The smallest country in terms of the area among Gulf countries : 
50 To increase benefits in agriculture the best method that can be adopted is :
Mixed Farming.
51 Travancore soldiers defeated Dutch in the battle at :
52 Veluthampi Dalawa revolted against the British in :
53 When did India conduct its nuclear tests  for the first time:  
18 May 1974
54 When fuels burn partly the gas produced maximum is :
Carbon monoxide
55 When the Indian President assumes power, the oath of office is taken before the: 
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
56 Which country attacked Israel in 1967 and conquered Sinai: 
57 Which river is also known as  Perar : 
58 Who are exempted from paying house tax : 
59 “Anuseelan Samithi” functioned from : 
60 “Mamsa nibaddamalla ragam” proclaims poet Kumaranasan in : 
61 Between 1843 and 1850 the Royal poet of Britain :
William Wordsworth
62 In 1936 Olympics, when an Afro American won Gold Medal, Hitler who witnessed the event left Stadium. The Afro American was : 
Jesse Owens
63 In which year Postal Life Insurance began : 
64 In which year Sree Narayana Guru attained Samadhi in Varkala : 
65 Industrial epicentre of Kerala : 
66 Lord Mountbatten assumed as the last Viceroy on : 
24 March 1947
67 Name the leader who was conferred Bharat Ratna for handling Sri Lankan refugee issue efficiently : 
68 National aquatic animal of India : 
Gangetic Dolphin
69 Non-Co-operation Movement ended on :
12 February 1922
70 Who is known as the father of  logic : 
71 Founder of Christianity : 
Jesus Christ
72 In India, the internet facility was made available through VSNL in the year : 
73 In which language Vedas are composed: 
74 Marrakesh Treaty which led to the formation of world Trade Organization was signed at: 
75 National game of France : 
76 Secretary of Dadabhai Naoroji during the Congress session in 1906:  
Mohammad Ali  Jinnah
77 Sree Narayana Guru established Advaita Ashramam at: 
78 Sunburn is caused by : 
Ultraviolet rays
79 The Act, which banned  diarchy  in British Indian Provinces : 
Government of India Act 1935
80 The Act that proposed provincial autonomy in British India : 
Government of India Act of 1935
81 The first artist to receive the title Kaizer e Hind of the British Government : 
Raja Ravi Varma
82 Who was known as the conscience keeper of Mahatma Mahatma Gandhi : 
C Rajagopalachari
83 The basic law of a country is its : 
84 Christmas Island is under the control of :
85 The flow of hot spring from the Earth’s surface : 
86 For the first time in India, Kerala announced pension for farmers called: 
Kisan Abhiman
87 The political and cultural capital of Malwa Plateau of ancient India : 
88 The second Indian film star whose picture adorned the cover page of Time Magazine: 
Aishwarya Rai
89 The Viceroy when Jawaharlal became the Vice President of the interim the government formed on 2 September 1946 : 
Lord Wavell
90 The vitamin which directly participates in photosynthesis : 
Vitamin K
91 What is known as ‘’ Daiva kanam’’ : 
Higgs Boson
92 Which organization came into being on 24 October 1945: 
93 Who appeared for C. Kesavan for his seditious Kozhenchery speech case : 
T.M. Varghese
94 Who authored ‘’Brahmasree Sree Narayana Guruvinte Jeevacharithra Samgraham’’: Kumaranasan
95 The atomic number of Chromium : 
96 Grey matter is a part of : 
97 The first suspension bridge in Kerala was built-in :
98 ‘“If a Temple is destroyed, that much superstition is destroyed” who said this : 
C. Kesavan
99 “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her” Who said this : 
William Wordsworth
100 Founder of the World Economic Forum :
Klaus M. Schwab

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