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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Miscellaneous GK Questions and Answers-17

01 The scholar who led the Malabar revolt in 1921 : 
Ali Musaliar
02 Zen Buddhism originated in : 
03 The last of the Vedas : 
Atharva Veda
04 Serifed is related to : 
Silk industry
05 The main river of the Cholas : 
06 Founder of Durant cup : 
Sir Mortimer Durant
07 Composition of Stainless steel: 
Iron (73 %),  Chromium (18 %),  Nickel (8%) & Carbon (1%)
08 Charalkunnu tourist spot is in : 
09 King of Sports : 
Horse Race
10 Tibia and Fibula are the bones of : 
11  ‘Velicham dukhamanunni…’ are the lines by : 
12 KSRTC came into being in : 
April 1965
13 In which river is Chenkulam project:  
14 The smallest fish in the world : 
Pygmy Gobi
15 The other name of JCB : 
16 The metal is known as Cuprum in Latin :  
17 In which year the first Earth Summit was held : 
18 Lari is the currency of : 
19 Founder of Lahore Students Union : 
Bhagat Singh
20 What is called the ‘’Kalpavriksham of  wasteland’’ :
21 Penguins are found in : 
South pole
22 History is written by Winners: who said this : 
Sir Winston Churchill
23  “Frailty thy name is a woman” is a popular dialogue in the play by : 
William Shakespeare
24 Other names of Gersoppa  waterfalls    : 
Jog falls
25 The gas with the smell of rotten eggs : 
Hydrogen Sulphide
26 Who is regarded as the father of chemistry: 
Robert Boyle
27 Variety of kerosene used as fuel in Jet engines  : 
28 The first Bharat Ratna was awarded to : 
C Rajagopalachari
29 Who suggested the law of conservation of mass for the first time: 
Antoine Lavoisier
30 Name the Chief Minister of Kerala who was born first in the 20th century: 
R. Sankar
31 Where is Joan of Arc Square in India : 
32 The UN declared the Human Rights at its meeting held at : 
33 When did Kochi become a major port : 
34 The first ship Jala Usha made in India was inaugurated in the year 1948 at Visakhapatnam
35. Latent heat of vaporization is the highest for : 
36 The chief architect of Taj Mahal : 
Ustad Ahmad Lahauri
37 The remnants of Ammachi Plavu related to Travancore history is  preserved  at: 
38 India gave away ‘Teen Bigha Corridor’ under humanitarian consideration to : Bangladesh
39 St. Helena is in : 
North Atlantic
40 The first ship built in the Cochin shipyard : 
Rani Padmini
41 The chemical present in talcum powder : 
Hydrated magnesium silicate
42 The oldest teak garden in the world : 
Connolly’s plot at Nilambur
43 The oldest national flag belongs to : 
44 Who was known as Kerala Valmiki : 
Vallathol Narayana Menon
45 The architect of Kerala Education Bill :
Joseph Mundassery
46 When did the name of Travancore University become Kerala University : 
47 Travancore Kochi treaty was signed in the year : 
48 The tallest statue in Tamil Nadu : 
Statue of Thiruvalluvar (133 Feet)
49 Who wrote Travancore State Manual : 
V Nagam  Aiya
50 Taj Mahal is located on the banks of : 
51 The second Tamil writer to win the Jnanpith Award :
52 Jamshedpur is on the banks of the river : 
53 How many seats did Congress Party win in the  Lok Sabha in Independent India: 
54 ‘’Little Mecca’’ in Kerala is : 
55 Kerala gets a maximum of rain in the month of : 
56 Shenduruny wildlife sanctuary is in : 
57 Interfax in the News Agency of : 
58 Xinhua is the news agency of : 
59 The phenomenon in which the animal expresses its sexual maturity in the larva stage: 
60 Place popular for things made of  camel’s fur : 
61 Kasturba Gandhi passed away on : 
22 February 1944
62 Calvinism was born in the continent : 
63 The boat race in Kerala with the longest track: 
Payippad boat race
64 ‘’Jantar Mantar’’ in New Delhi is  an : 
65 Guruvayur Kesavan is the name of which animal:
66 The catalyst used in the manufacture of Ammonia : 
67 J.K. Rowling became world-famous through : 
Harry Potter series
68 Boat race season in Kerala commences with :
Champakulam boat race
69 The first person to refer to Kerala as Malabar : 
Al Beruni
70 The vitamin which gets destroyed on heating : 
Vitamin C
71 Tarzan is created by : 
Edgar Rice Burroughs
72 In which year Slaves in Kochi got freedom : 
73 ‘’Santha Samudram’’ is : 
The Pacific Ocean
74 The first Indian State to impose a tax on agriculture : 
75 Kamakhya Temple is in : 
76 In The first battle of Panipat, Babur defeated : 
Ibrahim Lodi
77 In which year All India Radio took over Thiruvananthapuram Radio Station : 
78  Chennakesava Temple is in : 
79 The material that expands the least in room (normal) temperature : 
80 Where did Armstrong and his team land after their voyage to the Moon : 
Pacific Ocean
81 The family that won Bharat Ratna for three-generation :
Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi.
82 How many countries have signed the UN charter when issued : 
83 Ismail Khedira winner of the first Man Booker Prize belonged to : 
84 The greatest among the Solanki (Chalukya) kings who ruled Gujarat  : 
Jayasimha Siddharaja
85 Founder of Sharqi dynasty at Jaunpur : 
Malik Sarwar
86  ‘Chach Nama’ deals with the history of : 
87 Who built the tomb of Sher Shah : 
Sher Shah
88 Willy Willies is the hot air current blows in : 
89 Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden is in : 
90 Founder of Bharat Naujawan Sabha  : 
Bhagat Singh
91 Founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan : 
92 Majority of the commonwealth colonies belonged to :
93 Tomb of Sher Shah is in : 
Sasaram (Bihar)
94 Viceroy during Jallianwala Bagh Massacre : 
Lord Chelmsford
95 Chempazhanthy is the birthplace of : 
Sree Narayana Guru
96 The dance form called Poetry in motion  :
97 In which year Jahangir passed away : 
98 The largest island in Japan : 
99 The continent of birds : 
South America
100 The only Prime Minister in the world whose mother and grandfather were Prime Ministers: 
Rajiv Gandhi

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