“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
20/03/2023 5:42 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

INTERNET Multiple Choice Questions

TCP/IP is a:

a. Network Hardware
b. Network Software
c. Protocol
d. None of these

OSI stands for:

a. Open System Interface
b. Out System Interface
c. Open System Interconnection
d. Out System Interconnection.

TCP/IP mainly used for:

File Transfer
b. Email
c. Remote Login Service
d. All of these

IPX/SPX used for:

a. Linux
b. Unix
c. Novel NetWare
d. Windows

NetBIOS is developed by:

a. Microsoft
b. IBM
c. Sun
d. None of these

Which IEEE standard is developed for CSMA/CD

a. IEEE 802.1
b. IEEE 802.2
c. IEEE 802.3
d. IEEE 802.4

Which is the part of Data Link Layer:

a. LLC
b. MAC
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Which network architecture is developed by IBM?

a. System Network Architecture
b. Digital Network Architecture
c. Boroughs Network Architecture
d. Distributed Network Architecture

_______are hardware and software combinations that connect devices running different native protocols.

a. Protocols
b. Models
c. Gateways
d. Ports

Which is the lowest layer of TCP/IP model:

a. Host to Host Layer
b. Network Access Layers
c. Internet Layer
d. Application Layer

_____is an access channel for computers to exchange information.

a. Socket
b. Port
c. Gateways
d. Protocol

How many ports a computer may have:

a. 256
b. 128
c. 65535
d. 1024

Which is the type of port:

a. Serial
b. Parallel
c. AGP
d. All of these

Parallel port can transfer ____ bits of data at a time:

a. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 16

Parallel Port can not connect:

a. Printers
b. Scanners
c. Telephones
d. Monitors

In computer which range is in registered ports:

a. 0 to 1023
b. 1024 to 49151
c. 49151 to 65535
d. None of these

USB stands for:

a. United Serial Bus
b. Universal Serial By-Pass
c. Universal System Bus
d. Universal Serial Bus

Which is the fastest port for data transfer:

a. USB
b. Serial
c. Parallel
d. FireWire

Default port for HTTP:

a. 23
b. 80
c. 21
d. 25

Which is not the part of the UDP datagram:

a. Source Port
b. Destination Port
c. Checksum
d. None of these

Which is the type of socket:

a. Datagram
b. Stream
c. Raw
d. All of these

In which layer of OSI model IP is available:

a. Layer 1
b. Layer 2
c. Layer 3
d. Layer 4

IP is defined in:

a. RFC 790
b. RFC 791
c. RFC 792
d. RFC 793

TTL stands for:

a. Time-To-Login
b. Time-To-Live
c. Transistor-Transistor-Live
d. None of these

Which protocol is used to report error message:

a. TCP
b. IP

Which is the error message reported by ICMP:

a. Time exceeded
b. Host unreachable
c. Echo request
d. All of these

What is the use of IP source routing:

a. Mapping the network drive
b. Troubleshooting
c. Performance
d. All of above

Which is the IP source routing method:

a. SSR
b. LSR
c. LLR
d. Both a and b

In a TCP header source and destination header contains:

a. 8 Bits
b. 16 Bits
c. 32 Bits
d. 128 Bits

Which is the false statement:

a. TCP enable dataflow for monitoring
b. It avoid network saturation
c. TCP makes communication between server and client.
d. In TCP/IP model Internet layer is closest to the user.

INTERNET Objective Questions

Which is not the application level protocol:

a. FTP
c. PGP

RDP server runs on:

a. Computers
b. Switches
c. Routers
d. Servers

RDP client runs on:

a. Clients
b. Routers
c. Hosts
d. Switches

Which is the false statement:

a. Telnet is used for remote login.
b. FTP can transfer files between two hosts.
c. TFTP rely on TCP.
d. SMTP used to send mail message.

The default port for SMTP is:

a. 21
b. 23
c. 25
d. 80

SNMP used for:

a. Sending Message
b. Network management
c. Domain Management
d. Sending files

Which agency assign IPs:


Which is the component of IP:

a. Client Identifier
b. Network Identifier
c. Host Identifier
d. Both b and c

Which IP address is reserved for loop back or local host:

d. None of these

Which class of IP is used in smaller organizations:

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D

The size of the IPv4 is:

a. 16 Bits
b. 32 Bits
c. 64 Bits
d. 128 Bits

Which is the part of IP:

a. Netid
b. Subnetid
c. Hosted
d. All of these

The subnet mask belongs to:

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D

Who provide us internet:

a. TCP
b. ISP
c. FTP

In which method we can connect to internet

a. Dial-up
c. PPP
d. All of these

URL stands for:

a. Universal Resource Locator
b. Uniform Resource Locator
c. Uniform Radio Locator
d. None of these

Which is not the server side programming language:

a. JSP
b. ASP
c. JavaScript
d. PHP

The process of transferring files form a computer on the Internet to your computer is called ……

(a) downloding
(b) uploding
(c) FTP
(d) JPEG

In HTTPS ‘S’ is stands for:

a. Simple
b. Secured
c. Server
d. None of these

Which is not the requirement of internet:

a. Operating System
b. Dos
c. Web browser
d. Modem

The maximum speed of Modem is:

a. 32 Kbps
b. 56 Kbps
c. 64 Kbps
d. 128 Kbps

Which protocol is used for browsing website:

a. TCP
c. FTP

Which is not the browser:

a. Internet Explorer
b. Opera
c. Mozilla
d. Google

Which is not the search engine:

a. Altavista.com
b. Google.com
c. Facebook.com
d. Yahoo.com

Email stands for:

a. Easy mail
b. Electronic mail
c. Electric mail
d. None of these

Which is the chatting application:

a. Yahoo messenger
b. Google earth
c. You tube
d. None of these

Which service provide 3D view of earth:

a. Google Earth
b. Wikipedia
c. Skype
d. None of these

WWW uses …………… protocol.

a. FTP
c. WBC
d. MTP

Website is a collection of ………

a. HTML documents
b. Graphic files
c. Lock key
d. All of these

For document exchange on network which of the following is not necessary?

a. Floppy
b. Telephone line
c. Connector
d. Satellite


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