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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Indian Polity: Questions and Answers-09

401. When the Constitution was brought into force, the number of judges in the Supreme Court  besides the Chief Justice was:

402. The power to establish a common High Court for two or more states belongs to: 

403. Which High Court has jurisdiction over Lakshadweep:

404. The Contingency Fund of a State is in the nature of an imprest, is placed at the disposal of: 

405. The Fundamental Rights listed under which Article are automatically suspended on the proclamation of emergent due to war: 

406. A member of the Public Service Commission can be removed only on the report of: 
Supreme Court

407. A political party is recognised national or regional by: 
Election Commission

408. Proclamation of emergency due to breaking down of Constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament  within …..:  
Two months

409. Proclamation of Financial Emergency has to be approved by Parliament within ……:  
Two months

410. The Twelfth Schedule is related to the responsibilities of:

411. When was the ninth schedule added to the Constitution:

412. Which emergency has so far not been declared: 

413. Who determines the composition and conditions of service of a Public Service Commission:

414. Proclamation of national emergency automatically suspends: 
Right to freedom

415. The Constitution provides …. methods to amend the Constitution:

416. The enforcement of Directive Principles depends mainly on:
resources available to the Government

417. The first state bifurcated after the State Reorganisation Act of 1956: Bombay

418. The work of the general-purpose committee is to advise:

419. Which writ is called the bulwark of personal freedom:
Habeus Corpus

420. Who nominates the members of Anglo-Indian Community to the Legislative Assembly if they are not adequately represented in the Legislative Assembly:

421. Which Article of the Constitution is related to Legislative Council: 

422. The minimum age to become a member of the Legislative Council: 

423. The Legislative Council is presided over by: 

424. Who will preside over the Legislative Council in the absence of the Chairman: 
Deputy Chairman

425. How many Indian states have the Legislative Council: 

426. The budget session of Lok Sabha begins in the month of:

427. The maximum age limit for election to the office of the Vice President of India: 
No limit

428. The number of languages in the Eighth Schedule when it was brought into force: 

429. What is the share of the members of the Legislative Council who are elected by the Members of State Legislative Assembly:

430. What portion of  the members of the Legislative Council are elected by University graduates: 

431. What portion of  the members of the Legislative Council are elected by teachers: 

432. What portion of  the members of the Legislative Council are elected by local bodies: 

433. Who addresses the first parliament meeting after the election:

434. In the original constitution, the minimum voting age was fixed at: 
21 years

435. Right to Education Act (RTA) has become legally enforceable law from:
1st April 2010

436. The Article in the Constitution of India which provides for the appointment of a special officer for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes by the President of India:

437. The National Human Rights Commission Chairman will be: 
A former Chief Justice of Supreme Court

438. The National Policy for the empowerment of woman was issued in the year: 

439. The power to control the expenditure of the Government of India rests exclusively with the: 

440. The provisions concerning the suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergencies was borrowed  from the constitution of:
Weimar Constitution (Germany)

441. In the parliamentary practices when did zero-hour  intervention emerge in India: 

442. In Union Territories, the Chief Minister is appointed by:

443. It is mandatory of the police to take an arrested person before the nearest magistrate within ___ hours: 

444. The association is related to the formation of the Right to Information Act: 
Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan

445. The Constitution forbids the employment of children below the age of ____ in dangerous jobs:

446. The law made by Judiciary is known as: 
Case law

447. The maximum duration for which the Vice President may officiate as the President of India: 
6 months

448. The National Commission for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe came into existence as per …… amendment of the Constitution: 

449. Which Article exempts Jammu and Kashmir from the category of ordinary states:

450. The social disgrace abolished by Article 17 of the Constitution:

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