“The Knowledge Library”

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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

General Knowledge – Questions and Answers Part-2

201. Earth is called:
(a) Yellow planet (b) Red Planet
(c) Green Planet (d) Blue Planet
Answer: (d)
202. The capital of Czech Republic:
(a) Prague (b) Berlin
(c) Reykjavik (d) Athens
Answer: (a)
203. Kalaalit Nunat is the official name of …..in native language:
(a) Greenland (b) Denmark
(c) Iceland (d) Norway
Answer: (a)
204. ‘7 Race Cource Road’ is the official residence of …… of India.
(a) President (b) Prime Minister
(c) Speaker          (d) Leader of opposition
Answer: (b)
205. The country helped for the construction of Bokaro steel plant:
(a) Japan              (b) Former Soviet Union
(c) USA                  (d) Canada
Answer: (b)
206. Which soil is also known as ‘Regur soil’?
(a) Laterite (b) Red soil
(c) Black soil (d) Alluvial soil
Answer: (c)
207. Indira Sagar dam is in:
(a) Narmada (b) Tapti
(c) Kshipra (d) Ganga
Answer: (a)
208. Trishna National Park is in:
(a) Tripura (b) Manipur
(c) Meghalaya (d) Nagaland
Answer: (a)
209. Kalimpong is a hill station in:
(a)West Bengal (b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Uttarakhand (d) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: (a)
210.The distance between the rails in broad gauge line:
(a) 1.67m (b) 1.4m 
(c) 1 m (d) 762 mm
Answer: (a)
211.Who sacked Nalanda University in the 12th century?
(a) Sher Shah (b) Bakthiyar Khilji
(c) Balban (d) Iltutmish
Answer: (b)
212.Who led Swethambara sect of Jainism after schism?
(a) Bhadrabahu (b) Jamali
(c) Kharavela (d) Sthulabahu
Answer: (d)
213.The founder of the Satavahana dynasty:
(a) Dantidurga (b) Simuka
(c) Simhavishnu (d) Vasudeva
Answer: (b)
214.What was the real name of Sher Shah?
(a) Ulugh Khan (b) Nasiruddin
(c) Farid            (d) Salim
Answer: (c)
215.Guru Nanak was born in:
(a) 1469 (b) 1539 
(c) 1479 (d) 1459
Answer: (a)
216.The Viceroy when Muslim League was formed in 1906:
(a) Minto II (b) Hardinge II
 (c) Chelmsford (d) Chelmsford
Answer: (a)
217.The first person to be appeared in the stamp of independent India:
(a) Nehru (b) Sardar Patel
(c) Mahathma Gandhi (d) Rajendraprasad
Answer: (c)
218.Who was known as ‘the lion of Punjab’?
(a) Bhagat Singh (b) Lajpath Rai
(c) Ajith Singh      (d) Chandrasekhar Azad
Answer: (b)
219.In which year Gandhiji withdrew from active politics and devoted to constructive programmes:
(a) 1934 (b) 1935 
(c) 1936 (d) 1937
Answer: (a)
220.The first session of the Constituent Assembly was held in:
(a) 1944 (b) 1945 
(c) 1946 (d) 1947
Answer: (c)
221.The president of India who signed in the declaration of internal emergency:
(a) Rajendraprasad (b) Dr.Radhakrishnan
(c) Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (d) None of these
Answer: (c)
222.Whose resting place is ‘Veer Bhumi’?
(a) Indira Gandhi (b) Rajiv Gandhi
(c) Lal Bahadur Shastri (d) Narasimha Rao
Answer: (b)
223.Rajya Sabha was formed on 3rd April,……..
(a) 1947 (b) 1948 
(c) 1950 (d) 1952
Answer: (d)
224.The law making procedure in India has been copied from:
(a) Ireland (b) USA 
(c) Britain (d) Canada
Answer: (c)
225. Fourteen Indian banks were nationalised in:
(a) 1980 (b) 1949 
(c) 1959 (d) 1969
Answer: (d)
226.Who is invented Mobile phone?
(a) Martin Cooper (b) Sorenson
(c) Cockerel (d) J.J.Thomson
Answer: (a)
227.Paleontology is related to:
(a) Soil (b) Fossils
(c) Stamps (d) Drugs
Answer: (b)
228. The author of Jurassic Park:
(a) Michael Crichton (b) HG Wells
(c) Arthur Conal Doyle (d) Aldous Huxley
Answer: (a)
229. The first American to get a Nobel Prize (1906):
(a) Sinclair Lewis                       (b) Woodrow Wilson
(c) Rudyard Kipling                    (d) Theodore Roosevelt
Answer: (d)
230.The day on which Magsaysay Awards are distributed?
(a) December 11         (b) December 10
(c) August 31              (d) July 31
Answer: (c)
231. Number of permanent members in United Nations Security Council:
(a) 5                (b) 10 
(c) 15               (d) 6
Answer: (a)
232. World Haemophilia Day:
(a) April 27 (b) April 7
(c) April 17  (d)April 18
Answer: (c)
233. Who said this ‘Work like a bull; live like a hermit”?
(a) Gandhiji (b) Winston Churchill
(c) Edison (d) B.R. Ambedkar
Answer: (d)
234. The first test tube baby in the world was born in:
(a) 1978 (b) 1979 
(c) 1980 (d) 1981
Answer: (a)
235.In which book ‘Sher Khan’ is a character?
(a) Jungle Book  (b) Kim
(c) Moby Dick  (d) Robinson Crusoe
Answer: (a)
236. The first modem was invented by:
(a) Bell Company (b) Microsoft
(c) Apple (d) Lenova
Answer: (a)
237.Number of Hydrogen atoms in a water molecule:
(a) 1 (b) 2 
(c) 3 (d) 4
Answer: (b)
238.The process of extracting pure water from sea water is:
(a) Fragmentation (b) Combustion
(c) Distillation (d) Evaporation
Answer: (c)
239.Which is known as ‘Yellow Cake’?
(a) Titanium dioxide (b) Lead trioxide
(c) Uranium oxide (d) None of these
Answer: (c)
240.Pine apple was brought to India by the:
(a) Dutch (b) Portuguese
(c) French (d) British
Answer: (b)
241.Plant that produces fruits once in life:
(a) Coffee  (b) Tea
(c) Magnolia (d) Plantain
Answer: (d)
242.The wood used for making ‘Veena’ and ‘Tamburu’:
(a) Jack Fruit tree (b) Teak
(c) Mahagony  (d) Deodar
Answer: (a)
243.The largest lizard:
(a) Crocodile (b) Komodo Dragon (c)
Goliath beetle (d) Anaconda
Answer: (b)
244.Which organism has the heaviest brain?
(a) Elephant (b) Hippopotamus
(c) Sperm Whale  (d) Rhinocerus
Answer: (c)
245.In which continent Yak can be seen?
(a) Africa (b) Asia (c) Europe (d) Australia
Answer: (b)
246.Degrees of longitude are ……km apart at the equator:
(a) 111 (b) 100 
(c) 90 (d) 89
Answer: (a)
247.The only country in the Indian Subcontinent which does not share border with China:
(a) Myanmar (b) Bhutan
(c) Nepal  (d) Bangladesh
Answer: (d)
248. The second smallest nation in the world in population:
(a) San Marino  (b) Tuvalu
(c) Nauru (d) Palau
Answer: (b)
249.In which language ‘Janaganamana ‘ was originally composed by Rabindranath Tagore?
(a) Bengali (b) Hindi 
(c) Urdu (d) English
Answer: (a)
250.The largest district in India:
(a) Leh (b) Jaisalmer
(c) Kachch  (d) Medinipur
Answer: (a)
251.Which Vedanga is related to Metrics?
(a) Chanda (b) Kalpa
(c) Nirukta (d) Shiksha
Answer: (a)



252.Who defeated Humayun in the battle of Kanauj?
(a) Hemu (b) Rana Pratap
(c) Rana Sanga (d) Sher Shah
Answer: (d)
253.Who spread Bhakti cult in Assam:
(a) Sankaradev (b) Chaithanya
(c) Thukkaram (d) Dadu
Answer: (a)
254.The year of the First Battle of Tarain in which Muhammad Ghori was defeated by Pritvi Raj Chauhan:
(a) 1026 (b) 1192 
(c) 1191 (d) 1090
Answer: (c)
255.The youngest to become the Congress President:
(a) Rajeev Gandhi (b) Maulana Azad
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) None of these
Answer: (b)
256.Gandhiji was imprisoned for …… days in India.
(a) 2089 (b) 2189 
(c) 2890 (d) 2338
Answer: (a)
257.Who founded the ‘Servants of India society’?
(a) MG Ranade                       (b) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(c) GK Gokhale                      (d) MK Gandhi
Answer: (c)
258.In which year Bal Gangadhar Tilak formed Indian Home Rule League with its headquarters at Pune?
(a) 1916 (b) 1917 
(c) 1918 (d) 1919
Answer: (a)
259.Who moved Objective Resolution in the Constituent Assembly?
(a) BR Ambedkar (b) Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) Sardar Patel (d) Gandhiji
Answer: (b)
260.The resting place of Morarji Desai:
(a) Sakthisthal (b) Santhivan
 (c) Raj Ghat (d) Abhai Ghat
Answer: (d)
261.Who presides over the Rajya Sabha?
(a) Speaker (b) Vice President
 (c) Prime Minister (d) President
Answer: (b)
262.From which country Ireland copied Directive Principles?
(a) India (b) USA
(c) Spanish Republic (d) Germany
Answer: (c)
263.In how many ways the Constitution of India can be amended?
(a) 2 (b) 3 
(c) 4 (d) 5
Answer: (b)
264.Who has the power to issue ordinances when the Assembly is not in session?
(a) Chief Minister  (b) Law Minister
 (c) Governor (d) Speaker
Answer: (c)
265.Who discovetred artificial radio activity?
(a) Henry Becqerel
(b) Joliot Curie and John Frederick
(c) Pierre Curie
(d) Marie Curie
Answer: (b)
266.What is discovered by John Napier?
(a) Computer  (b) Calculator \
(c) Logarithm (d) Type writer
Answer: (c)
267.Ann Hathaway was the wife of a famous playwright. Name this person:
(a) Charles Dickens  (b) Maxim Gorkey
(c) Leo Tolstoy  (d) William Shakespeare
Answer: (d)
268.The first talkie in Malayalam:
(a) Vigathakumaran  (b) Balan
(c) Kandam becha coat (d) None of these
Answer: (b)
269.Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) was formed in:
(a) 1957 (b) 1965
(c) 1960 (d) None of these
Answer: (b)
270.The birth place of Chattambi Swamikal:
(a) Panmana (b) Chempazhanthi
(c) Kayikkara (d) Kannammoola
Answer: (d)
271.The Palaruvi waterfalls is in the district of:
(a) Idukky (b) Pathanamthitta
(c) Thiruvananthapuram (d) Kollam
Answer: (d)
272.Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology is at:
(a) Kozhikode    (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kochi (d) Kannur
273.The country participated in all World Cup Football tournaments:
(a) Argentina (b) Brazil
 (c) Italy (d) Germany
Answer: (b)
274.The term ‘Chinaman’ is related to:
(a) Football (b) Table Tennis
(c) Cricket  (d) Volleyball
Answer: (c)
275.Where is the headquarters of ICICI Bank?
(a) Chennai (b) Mumbai
(c) New Delhi (d) Kolkata
Answer: (b)
276. Which is a port town of Indus Valley Civilisation?
(a) Kalibangan (b) Lothal 
(c) Ropar (d) Mohenjodaro
Answer: (b)
277. The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is a part of:
(a) Mundakopanishad(b) Kenopanishad (c)
Brihadaranyopanishad (d) Katopanishad
Answer: (a)
278.The first human image worshipped in India:
(a) Mahavira (b) Kanishka
(c) Buddha (d) Asoka
Answer: (c)
279.Who founded the Kanva dynasty?
(a) Menander (b) Gondophernes
(c) Kanishka  (d) Vasudeva
Answer: (d)
280.The greatest king of Pala dynasty:
(a) Mahipala (b) Gopala
(c) Kumarapala (d) Dharamapala
Answer: (d)
281.Who imposed Jazia for the first time?
(a) Feroz Shah Tughlaq                  (b) Ghiassuddin Tughlaq
(c) Muhammad bin Tughlaq          (d) None of these
Answer: (a)
282.The real name of Shah Jahan:
(a) Salim (b) Murad
(c) Shuja (d) Khurram
Answer: (d)
283. The second Sikh Guru:
(a) Har Kishan  (b) Ram Das
(c) Angad (d) Arjun Dev
Answer: (c)
284.The Governor General when Calcutta medical college was founded:
(a) Canning (b) Cornwallis
(c) William Bentick (d) Dalhousie
Answer: (c)
285.The freedom fighter who was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia:
(a) Rehmat Ali        (b) Syed Ahmed Khan
(c) Vinoba Bhave    (d) Abul Kalam Azad
Answer: (d)
286.The date in which Gandhiji started the Dandi March:
(a) 1930 April 12 (b) 1930 March 12
(c) 1930 May 12 (d) 1930 April 6
Answer: (b)
287.In which year the first meeting of AITUC was held?
(a) 1910 (b) 1920 
(c) 1921 (d) 1922
Answer: (b)
288.The president of India when India celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Independence:
(a) K.R.Narayanan (b) Zail Singh
(c) Sankar Dayal Sharma (d) None of these
Answer: (a)
289.In which year Jawaharlal Nehru and Chou En Lai of China signed Panch Sheel Agreement?
(a) 1953 (b) 1954 
(c) 1955 (d) 1956
Answer: (b)
290.The Constituent Assembly met for the first time on ……., 1946:
(a) December 1 (b) December 6
(c) December 9  (d) December 11
Answer: (c)
291.The maximum number of members that can be nominated by the president to the Lok Sabha from  Anglo Indian community:
(a) 12           (b) 2          
(c)14          (d) 5
Answer: (b)
292.The distribution of powers between centre and states has been copied from:
(a) Canada (b) Britain 
(c) USA (d) Ireland
Answer: (a)
293.The English Admiral who defeated the French fleet at Trafalgar in 1805 but lost his life:
(a) Wellington  (b) Arthur Wellesley (c)
Louis Mountbatten (d) Horatio Nelson
Answer: (d)
294.Nobel Prizes were given for the first time in:
(a) 1900 (b) 1901 
(c) 1896 (d) 1895
Answer: (b)
295.The permanent members of Security Council are USA, UK, Russia, France and…..
(a) Germany (b) Canada
(c) Italy (d) China
Answer: (d)
296.The day on which CV Raman announced the discovery of Raman effect is related to:
(a) National science day
(b) National technological day
(c) National integration day
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)
297.“Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get’: These words are related to:
(a) Keats            (b) Socretes
(c) Shakespeare (d) George Bernard Shaw
Answer: (d)
298.King of hobbies:
(a) Philately  (b) Numismatics
(c) HAM Radio  (d) Reading
Answer: (a)
299.The term ‘ashes’ is related to:
(a) Chess (b) Football
(c) Volleyball (d) Cricket
Answer: (d)
300.The length of Marathon race is …… miles and 385 yards.
(a) 26             (b)  34        
(c)28                 (d) 22
Answer: (a)
301. From which part of the plant is cotton fibre is derived?
(a) Bark of stem (b) Phloem
(c) Xylem (d) Epidermal hairs of seed
Answer: (d)



302. Geographically, Galapagos Islands belong to:
(a) Africa (b) Europe
(c) South America (d) North America
Answer: (c)
303. Yak is an animal belongs to …… family.
 (a) Horse (b) Dog
(c) Cat (d) Cattle
Answer: (d)
304. Which of the following types of light are strongly absorbed by plants?
(a) Violet and Orange (b) Yellow and violet
(c) Blue and red (d) Indigo and Yellow
Answer: (c)
305. Which city hosted the 2008 Olympics?
(a) Shanghai (b) Beijing
(c) London (d) Paris
Answer: (b)
306. Economic Planning is a subject in the
(a) Union List (b) State List
(c) Concurrent List (d) Unspecified in any special list
Answer: (a)
307. Chandra Mohan Jain is better known as:
(a) Mahesh Yogi (b) Baba Amte
(c) Rajneesh (d) None of these
Answer: (c)
308. The rarest metal on earth:
(a) Astatin (b) Rhodium
(c) Platinum (d) Gold
Answer: (b)
309. The first university established by the British in India:
(a) Madras (b) Mumbai
(c) Culcutta (d) Delhi
Answer: (c)
310. China occupied Tibet in:
(a) 1959 (b) 1962
(c) 1949 (d) 1955
Answer: (a)
311. British Empire Games is now known as:
(a) Olympics (b) Afro-Asian Games
(c) Commowealth Games (d) Asian Games
Answer: (c)
312. The major source of revenue of the state governments
(a) Sales Tax (b) Customs Tax
(c) Income Tax (d) Excise Duty
Answer: (a)
313.The famous painting Monalisa is now kept in Luvre Museum. It is in:
(a) USA (b) Britain
(c) Italy (d) France
Answer: (d)
314. The Life Insurance Corporation of India was nationalised in:
(a) 1972 (b) 1973 
(c) 1956 (d) 1966
Answer: (c)
315. To which God of the Hindu Pantheon is the Gayatri Mantra addressed?
(a) Shiva (b) Vishnu
(c) Savitri (d) Yama
Answer: (c)
316. What is ‘Dow Jones’?
(a) Share Market Index of New York exchange market
(b) Share market index of Mumbai Stock Exchange
(c) Gold Price Index of World Gold Council
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)
317. World Health Day:
(a) April 7 (b) April 5
(c) March 15 (d) March 4
Answer: (a)
318. The name of Arthur  C.Clarke is associated with:
(a) Cartoon (b) Drama
(c) Science Fiction (d) Painting
Answer: (c)
319. ‘Harmony at Work’ is the motto of:
(a) Technopark (b) Infopark
(c) Smart City (d) Technocity
Answer: (a)
320.The Indian state which was known as Brahmarshidesh in ancient times:
(a) Asom (b) Orissa
(c) Rajastan (d) U.P.
Answer: (d)
321. The only divided capital in the world:
(a) Nicotia (b) Tel Aviv
(c) Ankara (d) Astana
Answer: (a)
322. The venue of Boer war was:
(a) South Africa (b) China
(c) England (d) Egypt
Answer: (a)
323. The Mughal ruler who granted Diwani rights to the British:
(a) Shah Alam (b) Bahadur Shah II
(c) Akbar II (d) Muhammad Shah
Answer: (a)
324. The time taken by light to cover the distance between the earth and moon:
(a) 8 seconds (b) 8 minutes
(c) 1.3 minutes (d) 1.3 seconds
Answer: (d)
325.Who calculated the speed of light for the first time?
(a) Newton (b) Huygens
(c) Roemer (d) Edison
Answer: (c)
326. Light year is the unit of:
(a) Time (b) Speed
(c) Distance (d) Mass
Answer: (c)
327. The number  of naturally occurring elements:
(a) 90  (b) 91  
(c) 92   (d) 88
Answer: (c)
328. Which one of the following is not a tuber crop?
(a) Potato (b) Carrot
(c) Tapioca (d) Beetroot
Answer: (d)
329. Wall Street is in:
(a) London (b) Paris
(c) New York (d) Mumbai
Answer: (c)
330. Who gave the famous Gettysburg address?
(a) John F Kennedy                   (b) Abraham Lincoln
(c) Martin Luther King            (d) Washington
Answer: (b)
331. The first woman president of a country:
(a) Emelda Marcos                  (b) Margarette Thatcher
(c) Maria Estella Peron             (d) Sirimao
Answer: (c)
332. The Belwant Rai Mehta Committee was appointed by
(a) Planning Commission
(b) National Development Council
(c) Finance Commission
(d) Central Statistical Organisation
Answer: (b)
333. The first state in India where President’s rule was brought into effect:
(a) Kerala (b) Punjab
(c) Thiru Kochi (d) PEPSU
Answer: (b)
334. Who is called ‘the link between the President and the cabinet’?
(a) Vice President (b) Speaker
(c) Chief Justice (d) Prime minister
Answer: (d)
335. The headquarters of the Press Trust of India:
(a) New Delhi (b) Kolkata
(c) Chennai (d)  Mumbai
Answer: (d)
336. The rule of which dynasty is regarded as the golden period of ancient India?
(a) Maurya (b) Gupta
(c) Kushana (d) Sunga
Answer: (b)
337. Which area was known as ‘Arikamedu’ in ancient time?
(a) Goa (b) Bihar
(c) Chennai (d) Puducherry
Answer: (d)
338. The viceroy who repealed Vernacular Press Act:
(a) Lord Rippon (b) Lord Dufferin
(c) Lord Lytton (d) Lord Curzon
Answer: (a)
339. ‘No taxation without representation’: this slogan is associated with …… revolution:
(a) French (b) American
(c) Russian (d) Chinese
Answer: (b)
340. Who authored ‘Pratimanataka’?
(a) Bhasa (b) Kalidasa
(c) Banabhatta (d) Sudraka
Answer: (a)
341. Which team lifted the first Cricket World Cup?
(a) West Indies  (b) Australia.
(c) Pakistan (d) India
Answer: (a)
342. The year of French Revolution:
(a) 1776 (b) 1789
(c) 1911 (d) 1917
Answer: (b)
343. Who created the character Frankenstein?
(a) Bram Stocker (b) Arthur Conal Doyle.
(c) Mary Shelly (d) Ian Fleming
Answer: (c)
344. Sankaradeva was a religious reformer in:
(a) Bengal (b) Assam
(c) Maharashtra (d) Gujarat
Answer: (b)
345. The only session of Indian National Congress to hold in a village:
(a) Tripuri (b) Kakkinada
(c) Faizpur (d) Gaya
Answer: (c)
346. The nationality of Nostradamus, the famous astrologer lived in 16th  century:
(a) France (b) USA
(c) China (d) Egypt
Answer: (a)
347. France and Germany are separated by:
(a) Maginot line (b) English channel
(c) 38th parallel (d) 49th parallel
Answer: (a)
348. What was known as ‘Yavanapriya’?
(a) Cardomom (b) Pepper
(c) Cassuenut (d) Coconut
Answer: (b)
349. Which tournament is held in Rolland Garros?
(a) Wymbledon (b) US Open
(c) Australian Open (d) French Open
Answer: (d)
350. What is known as ‘evening star’?
(a) Venus (b) Moon
(c) Dog star (d) Pole star
Answer: (a)
351. The Mauryan king who was called ‘Slayer of Foes’:
(a) Asoka (b) Chandragupta Maurya
(c) Bimbisara (d) Bindusara
Answer: (d)



352. Kharavela ruled ……… during the period of B.C.176-163
(a) Kalinga (b) Kashmir
(c) Vanga (d) Kamaroopa
Answer: (a)
353. The decipherment of Brahmi script was done by:
(a) William Jones (b) James Princep
(c) Warren Hastings (d) Robert Clive
Answer: (b)
354. The literal meaning of the name of the Indus Valley site ‘Kalibangan’:
(a) Mound of the Dead (b) Place of Worship
(c) Black Bangles (d) Port city
Answer: (c)
355. The most serious economic problems of India are
(a) Poverty and Unemployment
(b) Illeteracy and starvation
(c) Underdevelopment and illeteracy
(d) Stagnation and poverty
Answer: (a)
356. The main model that formed the basis of the strategy of the Second Five Year Plan was formulated by
(a) K.N.Raj (b) P.C.Mahalanobis
(c) Gulsarilal Nandha (d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: (b)
357. The Panchayat Raj system was introduced in 1959 under the recommendation of:
(a) Ashok Mehta Committee
(b) Belwant Rai Mehta Committee
(c) Dinesh Goswamy Committee
(d) Narasimham committee
Answer: (b)
358. The state which has the largest percentage of rural population
(a) Himachal Pradesh (b) Bihar
(c) Chhatisgarh (d) Uttar Pradesh
Answer: (a)
359. Name the scholar who suggested that the original home of Aryans was Sapta Sindhu region:
(a) A.C.Das (b) Max Mullar
(c) B.G.Tilak (d)Dayanand Saraswathy
Answer: (a)
360. According to ‘Arthasastra’ of Chanakya, Mauryan Kings ruled for —— years as a whole.
(a) 137   (b) 157   
(c) 180   (d) 200
Answer: (a)
361. The last ruler of Kanva dynasty:
(a) Narayana (b) Susarman
(c) Bhumimitra (d) Vasudava
Answer: (b)
362. Who was also known as ‘Milinda’?
(a) Kanishka (b) Menander
(c) Harsha (d) Ashoka
Answer: (b)
363. “All composite things decay. Strive diligently”- are the last words of:
(a) Mahathma Gandhi (b) Mahavira
(c) Buddha (d) Jesus Christ
Answer: (c)
364. Arhai Din Ka Jhonpara, a mosque constructed during the period of  Slave rulers, was situated at:
(a) Delhi (b) Ajmer
(c) Badami (d) Allahabad
Answer: (b)
365. Who said this-”God is of no use to the hungry belly”?
(a) Mahathma Gandhi                  (b) Ram Krishna Pramhansa
(c) Swami Vivekananda               (d) Dayanand Saraswathy
Answer: (b)
366. Gopinath Bordoli was an eminent freedom fighter and recipient of Bharat Ratna, belonged to the State of:
(a) Maharashtra (b) Assam
(c) West Bengal(d) Bihar
Answer: (b)
367. Who among the following brilliantly defended for prisoners, in the
I.N.A.trial of 1945?
(a) Mahadev Desai (b) Bhulabhai Desai
(c) Morarji Desai (d) S.Sathyamurthy
Answer: (b)
368. Which region was once known as Ariana?
(a) Afghanistan (b) Myanmar
(c) China (d) Bangladesh
Answer: (a)
369. Owen Falls is in:
(a) Zimbabwe (b) Uganda
(c) Egypt (d) Ghana
Answer: (b)
370. R.R.I.I-105 is a variety of:
(a) Paddy (b) Tapioca
(c) Rubber (d) Pepper
Answer: (c)
371. What percent of the land area of the Earth is covered by the continent of
(a) 29.5 (b) 20.0 
(c) 16.3 (d) 11.8
Answer: (a)
372. The venue of the first modern Olympics:
(a) Athens (b) London
(c) Paris (d) St.Louis
Answer: (a)
373. Which element has the symbol ’Au’?
(a) Aluminium (b) Arsenic
(c) Mercury (d) Gold
Answer: (d)
374. Which among the following is not the name of a Zodiac sign?
(a) Aries (b) Libra
(c) Venus (d) Taurus
Answer: (c)
375. The avatara of Mahavishnu which is in the shape of a boar:
(a) Matsya (b) Kurma
(c) Varaha (d) Narasimha
Answer: (c)
376. Where one can see Harley Street?
(a) London (b) Paris
(c) New York (d) Washington
Answer: (a)
377. Who is known as the Father of United State’s Constitution?
(a) George Washington
(b) Abraham Lincoln
(c) James Madison
(d) Thomas Jefferson
Answer: (c)
378. Amarnath is a holy place for:
(a) Hindus (b) Jains
(c) Buddhists (d) Christians
Answer: (a)
379. “March of the Volunteers” is the National Anthem of:
(a) U.S.A. (b) China
(c) Greece (d) Japan
Answer: (b)
380. Irrawady is the main river in:
(a) Bangladesh (b) China
(c) Myanmar (d) Pakistan
Answer: (c)
381. In which country the Anatolian Plateau is situated?
(a) China (b) Turkey
(c) Iran (d) Pakistan
Answer: (b)
382. The first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) K.C.Neogi
(c) Gulsarilal Nanda (d) K.S.Santhanam
Answer: (c)
383. Father of Green Revolution in India
(a) Dr Varghese Kurien
(b) M.S.Swaminathan
(c) M.Visvesvarayya
(d) C.Subramanyam
Answer: (b)
384. In the first Five Year Plan, priority was given to:
(a) Agriculture (b) Industry
(c) Transport (d) Communication
Answer: (a)
385. The Indian prime minister who abolished privy purses:
(a) Rajiv Gandhi (b) V.P. Singh
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) Indira Gandhi
Answer: (d)
386. The veda which is regarded as the source of Indian music:
(a) Yajur (b) Atharva
(c) Sama (d) Rig
Answer: (c)
387. What is the rank of U.S.A. in terms of area in the world?
(a) 4                (b) 5   
(c) 6                (d) 7
Answer: (a)
388. Le Monde is a news paper published from:
(a) Moscow (b) Paris
(c) Karachi (d) Jakarta
Answer: (b)
389. Antara is the news agency of:
(a) Turkey (b) Indonesia
(c) Japan (d) Iran
Answer: (b)
390. J.F.Kennedy Airport is in:
(a) Washington (b) Chicago
(c) New York (d) Sanfrancisco
Answer: (c)
391.  ‘Rising Sun” is election symbol of:
(a) Anna D.M.K. (b) D.M.K.
(c) Akalidal (d) Shivsena
Answer: (b)
392. Glasgow is a city on the banks of the river Clyde. It is in …….
(a) Belgium (b) France
(c) Germany (d) Scotland
Answer: (d)
393. Lepchas are the tribal people in:
(a) Sikkim (b) Andamans
(c) Tamil Nadu (d) Orissa
Answer: (a)
394. The most populated country among the members of SAARC:
(a) China (b) Pakistan
(c) India (d) Bangladesh
Answer: (c)
395. The first mid-term poll in India was held in:
(a) 1957  (b) 1962  
(c) 1967 (d) 1971
Answer: (d)
396. ‘The Pearl Harbour of India’:
(a) Tutucorin (b) Chennai
(c) Mumbai (d) Surat
Answer: (a)
397. Which of the following book was not written by Salman Rushdie?
(a) Midnight’s Children              (b) Satanic Verses
(c) In a Free State                     (d) The Moor’s Last Sigh
Answer: (c)
398. Firdousi, who is called Persian Homer, was a contemporary of:
(a) Akbar (b) Mahmud Ghazni
(c) Muhammad Ghori (d) Alauddin Khilji
Answer: (b)
399. The second largest Union Territory in India, in terms of area:
(a) Andaman and Nicobar(b) Delhi
(c) Pondicherry (d) Chandigarh
Answer: (b)
400. ‘Man of Everest’ is the autobiography of:
(a) Tenzing Norgey (b) Edmund Hillary
(c) Nawamg Gombu (d) Apa Sherpa
Answer: (a)

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