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Diwali Quiz | MCQ on Diwali

Which two Historical icons of India does the festival celebrate the return of?

A Krishna and Rukhmani

B King Krishnadeva Raya

C Lord Ram and Sita

D Raja Raja Chola

Correct Answer is C Lord Ram and Sita

What other religious groups celebrate Diwali in India, apart from Hindus?

A Parsis and Bahais

B Jains and Sikhs

C Taoists and Shamans

D Buddhists and Jains

Correct Answer is Jains and Sikhs

What do the Sikhs commonly call Diwali?

A Baisakhi

B Bandi Chhor Divas

C Hola Mohalla

D Lohri

Correct Answer is B Bandi Chhor Divas

“Thalai Deepavali” is a unique Diwali custom of which Indian state?

A Assam

B Kerala

C Karnataka

D Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer is D Tamil Nadu

For how many days Diwali is celebrated according to the lunar Hindu calendar?

A One

B Two

C Three

D Five

Correct Answer is D Five Days

What is the first day of the Diwali season called?

A Dhanteras

B Diwali

C Laxmi Puja

D Naraka Chaturdashi

Correct Answer is A Dhanteras

In which country is Diwali celebrated and referred to as ‘Tihar’ or ‘Swanti’?

A Thailand

B Nepal

C Sri Lanka

D Cambodia

Correct Answer is B Nepal

Which town in Tamil Nadu has recently employed, Firecracker consultants from China?

A Tanjavur

B Madurai

C Sivakasi

D Tirunelveli

Correct Answer is C Sivakasi

What event from Ramayana does Diwali symbolize?

A The birth of Lord Ram

B The return of Ram & Sita to Ayodhya after 14 years

C The killing of Ravan by Ram

D The breaking of the bow by Lord Ram

Correct Answer is B The return of Ram & Sita to Ayodhya after 14 years

Jains celebrate Diwali because

A Lord Mahaveer was born

B Lord Mahaveer attained to nirvana

C Jain New Year starts

D Jain pilgrimage begins on this day

Correct Answer is B Lord Mahaveer Attained to Nirvana

Diwali is observed in which month according to the Hindu calendar?

A Ashwin

B Bhadra

C Asvina

D Kartika

Correct Answer is D Kartika

Which day of Diwali, commemorating Krishna’s defeat of Indra is called Goverdhan Puja, Balipratipada, or Annakut?

A Fifth

B Third

C Second

D Fourth

Correct Answer is D Fourth

 South Indians celebrate Diwali in honour of lord Krishana’s win over which Demon King

A Bhandasura

B Narakasura

C Rakshasa

D Yakshas

Correct Answer is B Narakasura

Diwali always occurs on:

A Full moon night

B New Moon

C First quarter of the moon

D Crescent moon

Correct Answer is B New Moon

Which popular Indian Monument’s foundation stone was laid on the day of Diwali?

A Red Fort

B Amber Fort

C Golden Temple

D Taj Mahal

Correct Answer is C Golden Temple

In which among the following Indian States Diwali is celebrated as Kali Puja?

A Uttar Pradesh

B Nagaland

C West Bengal

D Bihar

Correct Answer is C West Bengal

Diwali commemorates the spiritual enlightenment of which two famous saints

A Buddha and Jesus

B Guru Nanak and Prophet

C Vardhman Mahavir and Swami Dayananda Saraswati

D Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Correct Answer is C Vardhman Mahavir and Dayananda Saraswati

Who was the first US President to host a Diwali party at the White House?

A Bill Clinton

B Donald Trump

C Joe Biden

D Barack Obama

Correct Answer is D Barack Obama

Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped during Diwali However in Eastern and North-Eastern India, which goddess is worshiped?

A Goddess Durga

B Goddess Saraswati

C Goddess Kali

D Goddess Parvati

Correct Answer is C Goddess Kali

What type of oil is traditionally used in oil lamps lit during Deepavali?

A Vgetable Oil

B Mustard Oil

C Olive Oil

D Palm Oil

Correct Answer is B Mustard Oil

Which empire was Lord Rama the ruler of?

A Mathura

B Kashi

C Ayodhya

D Dwarka

Correct Answer is C Ayodhya

Diwali is celebrated as ………    in Malaysia

A Hari Diwali

B Bhai Phota

C Bhai Teeka

D None of these

Correct Answer is A Hari Diwali

For what reason Diwali is celebrated among Sikhs?

A For Ram’s victory over Ravana

B Release of Guru Hargobind

C Defeat of Narakasura by Shri Krishna

D None of the above

Correct Answer is B Release of Guru Hargobind

Which god is worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali?

A Narayana

B Vishnu

C Krishna

D Ganesha

Correct Answer is D Ganesha

Diwali celebrates which victory?

A Mind over matter

B Chaos over order

C Good over Evil

D Nature over technology

Correct Answer is C Good over Evil

Which country has an official Diwali holiday?

A Chile

B Bangladesh

C Trinidad and Tobango

D Albania            

Correct Answer is C Trinidad and Tobango

The largest Diwali celebration outside of India takes place in which British city?

A London

B Leicester

C Liverpool

D Canada

Correct Answer is B Leicester

Sita is the symbol of sacrifice and love. Who is Sita, an avatar of?

A Goddess Santoshi

B Goddess Lakshmi

C Goddess Durga

D Goddess Parvati

Correct Answer is B Goddess Lakshmi

On the occasion of Diwali, a type of body art was practiced by women. What type of body art was it?

A Body Painting

B Beading

C Alta

D Henna

Correct Answer is D Henna


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