“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
05/02/2023 10:53 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Competitive Exam Questions & Answers -125

(1)Isfahan, the Persian Capital is said to have provided the inspiration to build which of these monuments?
(a)Humayun’s Tomb
(b)Mahabodhi Temple Complex
(c)Qutub Minar
(d)Red Fort Complex
Ans-d(Red Fort Complex)
(2)Which one of the following is the name of Nobel Prize-winning Indian?
(a)Vikram Sarabhai
(b)APJ Abdul Kalam
(3)How many layers does Human Skin have?
(4)Allium Cepa is the scientific name of_______________.
(5)DNA stands for_____________.
(a)Di Nucleic Acid
(b)Deoxy Nucleic Acid
(c)Diribonucleic Acid
(d)Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Ans-d(Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
(6)Which among the following is false about natural rubber?
(a)It is an elastomer
(b)It is a monomer of cis-isoprene
(c)Natural rubber is a polymer of chloroprene
(d)It is heated with sulphur compounds to improve its properties
Ans-b(It is a monomer of cis-isoprene)
(7)Why does carbon tetrachloride have no dipole moment?
(a)Because of same size of carbon and chlorine atoms
(b)Because of regular tetrahedral structure
(c)Because of planar structure
(d)Because of similar electron affinities of carbon and chlorine
Ans-b(Because of regular tetrahedral structure)
(8)Convert decimal number 101 to binary.
(9)‘Vallam Kali Boat Race’is held in which state?
(b)Tamil Nadu
(c)West Bengal
(d)Andhra Pradesh
(10)If price of an article decreases from Rs P1 to Rs75, quantity demanded increases from 1000 units to 1200 units.If point elasticity of demand is-3.2 find
(a)Rs 85
(b)Rs 80
(c)Rs 90
(d)Rs 95
(11)Match the characteristics with their market structure:
(A)Differentiated Products, but close substitutes for consumers so their demand curves are elastic
(B)Homogeneous product, all goods are perfect substitutes for consumers
(1)(a)Monopolistic Competition,(b)Pure Competition
(2)(a)Monopolistic Competition,(b)Pure Monopoly
(3)(a)Pure Competition,(b)Monopolistic Competition
(4)(a)Pure Monopoly,(b)Pure Competition
Ans-(1)(a)Monopolistic Competition,(b)Pure Competition)
(12)Which of the following gases is produced due to incomplete combustion of fuel?
(a)Carbon Dioxide
(b)Carbon Monoxide
Ans-b(Carbon Monoxide)
(13)Organisms that generate energy using light are known as_______________.
(14)Which is the first Hindi newspaper of India?
(b)Azad Vichaar
(c)Udant Martand
(d)Vichaar Vyakti
Ans-c(Udant Martand)
(15)What is the capital of Portugal?
(d)Buenos Aires
(16)Madrid is the Capital City of_______________.
(d)United Kingdom
(17)Alexander the Great was born in_____________.
(a)356 BC
(b)189 BC
(c)189 AD
(d)356 AD
Ans-a(356 BC)
(18)Akbar (1556-1605 AD)was the ruler of which dynasty?
(19)Who invented Rocket?
(a)Rich K Goyle
(b)E M Forster
(c)Robert Goddard
(d)James Anderson
Ans-c(Robert Goddard)
(20)Weight of a person at a height of 2R from the centre of the earth,where R is the radius of the earth__________________.
(a)remains same
(b)becomes half
(c)becomes twice
(d)becomes one-fourth
Ans-d(becomes one-fourth)
(21)How can we measure specific gravity of milk?
(a)Using a viscometer
(b)Using an odometer
(c)Using a hygrometer
(d)Using a hydrometer
Ans-d(Using a hydrometer)
(22)Constitution Day of India is on____________________.
(a)26th January
(b)23rd June
(c)15th August
(d)26th November
Ans-d(26th November)
(23)Article 44 of the Indian Constitution “Uniform civil code for the citizens”deals with_______________.
(a)the directive principles of state policy
(b)the Union Government
(c)the State Government
(d)the fundamental rights of the Indian Citizen
Ans-a(the directive principles of state policy)
(24)Who is the first Indian Cricketer to have scored a triple hundred in test cricket?
(a)Rahul Dravid
(b)Sachin Tendulkar
(c)VVS Laxman
(d)Virender Sehwag
Ans-d(Virender Sehwag)
(25)Who wrote the book”The Arabian Nights”?
(a)Stephen Hawkings
(b)Vikram Seth
(c)Zoya Hasan
(d)Richard Burton
Ans-d(Richard Burton)

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