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“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
09/06/2023 2:37 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Bird and Farmer

A farmer lived in a village.  He had a small farm outside the village.  Once a few days after sowing the crop, the bird made a nest in his field.


After some time, the bird also laid two eggs there.  Two small children came out of those eggs.  They started spending their lives in that field with great fun.


A few months later, harvesting time has come.  All the farmers of the village started harvesting the crops in their fields.  Now the time had come for the bird and its children to leave the farm and move to a new place.


One day, the children of the bird heard the farmer saying that tomorrow I will ask my neighbor for harvesting and send it to the field.  The children of the bird got upset after hearing this.  At that time the bird had gone somewhere.  When she returned, the children told her about the farmer and said, “Mother, today is our last day here.”  We must have left for another place at night. ”


The bird replied, “Not so soon kids.  I do not think there will be harvesting in the field tomorrow. ”


The statement of the bird proved to be correct.  The next day, the neighbor of the farmer did not come to the field and the harvest could not be harvested.


In the evening, the farmer came to the field and started mumbling to see the field as if he was a neighbor.  I will send it to a relative tomorrow. ”


The children of the bird again listened to the farmer and got upset.  When she told this thing to the bird, she said, “You guys don’t worry.  We don’t need to go tonight.  I do not think a relative of the farmer will come. ”


The same thing happened and the relative of the farmer did not reach the field the next day.  The children of the bird were surprised that everything about their mother is being corrected.


The next evening when the farmer came to the field, seeing the same condition of the field, he started mumbling that even after saying that these people harvested

Don’t come for  Tomorrow I will come and start harvesting myself.


The children of the bird also listened to the farmer.  When he told his mother, he said, “Children, the time has come to leave this farm.”  We will leave this farm tonight and go to another place. ”


Both children were surprised that this time what is it that the mother is ready to leave the farm.  He asked the bird said, “Children, the last two times the farmer depended on others for harvesting.  By telling others, he had lost his job.  But this time it is not so.  This time he has taken this responsibility on his shoulders.  So he will definitely come. ”

The same night the bird and its children flew from that field and went elsewhere.


 Learning: There is nothing wrong with seeking the help of others.  But if you want to start work on time and want it to be completed on time, then the responsibility of that work has to be taken on its own.  Others also help those who help themselves.

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