“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. UNRELENTING (ADJECTIVE): (निरंतर): continual

Synonyms: constant, continuous

Antonyms: intermittent

Example Sentence:

She established her authority with unrelenting thoroughness.

2. SPLENDOUR (NOUN): (वैभव): magnificence

Synonyms: grandeur, opulence

Antonyms: modesty

Example Sentence:

The barren splendour of the Lake District looked stunning.

3. INDICT (VERB): (अभियोग लगाना): charge with

Synonyms: summon, cite

Antonyms: acquit

Example Sentence:

His former manager was indicted for fraud.

4. INSURGENT (NOUN): (विद्रोही): rebel

Synonyms: revolutionary, mutineer

Antonyms: loyalist

Example Sentence:

He signaled to the other insurgent, who obeyed and moved forward.

5. CONSENSUS (NOUN): (आम सहमति): agreement

Synonyms: harmony concord

Antonyms: disagreement

Example Sentence:

There is a growing consensus that the current regime has failed.

6. AMBITIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (महत्वाकांक्षी): aspiring

Synonyms: determined, forceful

Antonyms: unambitious

Example Sentence:

She is a tyical ambitious workaholic.

7. COMBAT (VERB): (सामना करना): fight

Synonyms: tackle, attack

Antonyms: give in to

Example Sentence:

She dedicated her life combating poverty.

8. ULTIMATE (ADJECTIVE): (अंतिम): eventual

Synonyms: last, final

Antonyms: immediate

Example Sentence:

The ultimate aim of the firm’s head was to force his resignation.

9. UNDERMINE (VERB): (दुर्बल करना): subvert

Synonyms: sabotage, threaten

Antonyms: enhance

Example Sentence:

This could undermine years of hard work.

10. UNFETTERED (ADJECTIVE): (निरंकुश): unrestrained

Synonyms: unrestricted unconstrained

Antonyms: restrained

Example Sentence:

His imagination is unfettered by the laws of logic. 

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