“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
02/10/2023 3:50 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library


1. UPHILL (ADJECTIVE): difficult:(कठिन) 
Synonyms: tough, unimaginable 
Antonyms: banal, mundane 
Example Sentence: 
The article had a glorious description regarding the uphill task done by the army. 
2. DROUGHT (NOUN): scarcity:(अकाल) 
Synonyms: shrink, depletion 
Antonyms: plentiful, lavish 
Example Sentence: 
They criticized leaders who were responsible for the financial drought faced by the nation. 
3. PLEA (NOUN): request:(तर्क) 
Synonyms: pray, appeal 
Antonyms: order, instruct 
Example Sentence: 
The doctor’s plea for silence went unheard, resulting in extreme discomfort to the patient. 
4. ARREST (VERB): take in custody:(गिरफ्तार करना) 
Synonyms: abstain, detain 
Antonyms: liberate, emancipate 
Example Sentence: 
The judge will seek reasons for the arrest without a legal warrant. 
5. CONFLICT (VERB): fight:(लड़ना) 
Synonyms: brawl, scuffle 
Antonyms: serene, peace 
Example Sentence: 
They have conflicted again and again. 
6. RIFT (NOUN): division:(मनमुटाव) 
Synonyms: gap, difference 
Antonyms: bridge, joint 
Example Sentence: 
The opposition and the government seemed to be focused on removing the rift between them. 
7. FORTHCOMING (ADJECTIVE): coming in future:(आगामी) 
Synonyms: new, futuristic 
Antonyms: obsolete, outdated 
Example Sentence:  
Ever since I was of tender age, I have trained for forthcoming technical enhancements. 
8. BORROW (VERB): to take by request:(ऋण लेना) 
Synonyms: loan, beg 
Antonyms: snatch, rob 
Example Sentence: 
The new economic freedom has enabled people to borrow less and spend more. 
9. CRISIS (NOUN): problem:(संकट-स्थिति) 
Synonyms: mayhem, doom 
Antonyms: prosperity, harmony 
Example Sentence: 
The writer’s crisis lies in the depiction of negative characters in a positive way and vice versa. 
10. JUMBLE (VERB): disturb:(गड़बड़ करना) 
Synonyms: disturb, disorganize 
Antonyms: organize, arrange 
Example Sentence: 
All of us can jumble up our lives but many few of us can arrange it properly.

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