“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Most Precious Item 

King Mahendranath used to organize a competition in his state every year, in which thousands of contestants participated and the winner is awarded the prize.  One day the king thought that to increase the service of the people, he needed a nobleman who could be intelligent and could contribute to the work of the society.  He decided to organize a competition for the appointment of Rajpurush.


This time there were contestants in lakhs from far and wide.  The king had built a large garden for this competition, which had all the valuable items of the court, every kind of material was present, but its value was not fixed in front of any object.  The king made an announcement before starting the competition, according to which the person who will appear before the king about the most valuable items from this garden will be accepted for the Rajpurusha.  The competition started.


Everyone started looking for the most priceless thing in the garden, bringing many diamonds and jewels, many gold and silver, many books, some idols of God, and bread which were very poor, because that was the most priceless thing for them.  All were engaged in presenting the value to the king in front of him according to his ability.  Only one young man appeared empty-handed to the king.


The king asked the young man after asking the most questions- Hey!  Young man, did you not see anything valuable in that garden?  How did you come empty-handed?  “Rajan! Where have I come empty-handed, I have brought the most priceless money from that garden.] – ‘The young man said,” What have you brought? “- The king asked.” I have come with satisfaction, Maharaj! “- The young man said.


Is “Santosh” even more valuable than these invaluable items brought by him?  – The king asked again.  Yes, Rajan!  There are many priceless items in this garden, but they can provide a moment of joy to all the people.  After acquiring these things, a person generates in his mind the desire to get something more, that is, after acquiring them, the person will be happy but it will be there for a moment.



Education:   The one who has the wealth of contentment, the diamond-jewels of contentment, the same person can feel true happiness in his original life and control all his material desires.  “The young man replied in a calm voice. The young man was elected to millions and was honored for his majesty

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