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“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers…

An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
05/06/2023 4:56 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Computer GK Questions with Answers

  1. A set of computer programs that work and control computer hardware as interfaces with users — Operating systems
  2. How information is stored on a computer – Analog data
  3. The process of saving is – copying documents from memory to storage medium.
  4. The directory inside the directory is called – Sub directory
  5. Which slot is not a motherboard expansion slot – ATX
  6. Running more than one application at a time is what a well operating system is called — Multitasking
  7. Oracle is a – Database Software
  8. What is possible through e-commerce? – Doing Business on the Internet
  9. Which port connects special types of music devices to sound cards? – MIDI
  10. Pascal is – a computer language
  11. What should be used to avoid missing an email address? – Address book
  12. What is Chat? – Typed conversations that occur on the computer
  13. Arithmetic operation – involves addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  14. Which application is used to create a slide show? – PowerPoint
  15. Junk e-mail is another name? – Spam
  16. With whom is the modem connected? – Phone line
  17. Who is the first language developed for programming? – Fortron
  18. What is called a collection of related files? – Record
  19. What is an irreversible modem called from its position? – Fixed modem
  20. What are all the characters used by a device? – Character set

  1. Wards that have been set aside by the programming language for their own use – reserved windows
  2. Display of a program in the form of a picture is called – flowchart
  3. What is the meaning of KB connected to a computer? – Kilobytes
  4. What does data processing mean? – Preparation of information for commercial use
  5. Which substance has a layer on a magnetic disk? – Iron oxide
  6. Thin plate or board with electronic component is called – Circuit board
  7. What is Processed Data called? – Output
  8. Processor has three main parts – ALU, Control unit and Register
  9. Microprocessor which is the brain of computer is called – Microchip
  10. What generation computer is a microprocessor? – IV
  11. The circuit board which consists of CPU and other chips is called – Motherboard
  12. In which field is the computer language FORTRAN useful? – Science
  13. The task of the Assembler is – to convert the assembly language into machine language.
  14. The first visible computer virus in India is – C-Brain
  15. What type of CD ROM should you use to write, erase, and rewrite data in a CD ROM – CD-RW
  16. If you want to move an icon to your desktop, this is called …… —Dragging
  17. The point at which data enters or leaves the computer – Terminal
  18. The world’s first computer network is considered – ARPANET
  19. Which is part of the system unit — CPU
  20. Restarting an already running computer is called – rebooting

  1. The process of finding errors in software code is called – debugging
  2. LCD monitor is known as …………. TFT
  3. By whom is the calculation and logical action done — ALU
  4. The part of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all other computer components – Control Unit
  5. The data that goes into the computer is called – Input
  6. What does a CPU consist of – a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit
  7. What connects millions of people around the world to a vast network of computers is called the………… –
  8. What is said by one who easily understands the instructions? – user friendly
  9. What is called data in a computer? – Symbols and numerical information
  10. The full name of ALU is – Arithmetic logic unit
  11. The controller part of a computer is called –
  12. A byte is equal to ……. 8 bit
  13. What is the name of printed circuit board? – Mother board
  14. Which extension is used for the file name of an application program — EXE
  15. Which component of a computer maintains its time and data regularly – CMOS RAM
  16. Co-ordinates between all parts of the computer – Control unit
  17. Microprocessor which is the brain of computer is called – Microchip
  18. ALU performs operations – econometric
  19. Who measures the length of a word in a computer – bit
  20. The capacity unit of storage medium is – byte

  1. What is the full form of SMPS – Switch Mode Power Supply
  2. A hardware device that converts data into meaningful information – processor
  3. What is CRAY? – Supercomputer
  4. Teleprocessing and timesharing were used in which generation of computers? – Third Generation
  5. Who has developed the integrated circuit chip – S. Kelby
  6. Whose layer is on the integrated circuit chip (I.C.)? – Silicon
  7. What material has a layer on a magnetic disk? – Iron oxide
  8. A device that uses a handheld operating system? – PDA
  9. Point and draw device called – Mouse
  10. Track Child Example – Pointing Device
  11. What is hard copy if soft copy is an output? – Printed output
  12. In which memory the data kept ends when it goes to power? – RAM
  13. The full name of CD-RW is – Compact Disc rewritable
  14. Who does the work of transporting information from one unit to another and bringing them back? – Data Base
  15. What is the short form of continuous power supply in computer? – U.P.S.
  16. What remains in the motherboard that connects the CPU to other parts on the motherboard? – System Bus
  17. The first counting machine is – Abacus
  18. In Windows Dum, what word is formed by Dum? – Millenniu
  19. Common name of modulator-D-modulator is – Modem
  20. What is called restarting a computer already on? – Warm booting

  1. What is needed to create an HTML document? – Text editor
  2. Website Collection is a – Web Pages
  3. Which programming language does not require a translator? – Machine Language
  4. Extension of Excel spreadsheet is – .xls
  5. What are file extensions used for? – To identify the file type
  6. Excel Workbook Collection – Worksheet
  7. What are the two parts of an email address? – Username and domain number
  8. Who is associated with the term CAD in computer? – by design
  9. What is the name of the first computer manufactured in India? – Sidd

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