“The Knowledge Library”

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An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.
31/01/2023 10:56 PM

“The Knowledge Library”

Knowledge for All, without Barriers……….
An Initiative by: Kausik Chakraborty.

The Knowledge Library

Competitive Exam Questions & Answers -26

(1)Which among the following is not an instrument of fiscal policy?
(b)Public expenditure
(c)Public debt
(d)Credit Rationing
Ans-d(Credit Rationing)
(2)Which of the following equation is/are INCORRECT?
I. NI=NDP+Net Foreign Income
II. GNP=GDP+Net Foreign Income
III. NDP=GNP-Depreciation
(a)Only I and II
(b)Only III
(c)Only II and III
(d)Only II
Ans-b(Only III)
(3)Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed for how many years?
(4)Who is the custodian of Contingency Fund of India?
(a)The Prime minister
(b)Judge of Supreme Court
(c)The President
(d)The Finance Minister
Ans-c(The President)
(5)Who was the first female emperor of India?
(a)Noor Jahan
(b)Razia Sultana
(c)Rani Rudrama Devi
(d)Queen Didda
Ans-b(Razia Sultana)
(6)Who was the first Governor General of India?
(a)Lord William Bentinck
(b)Lord Dalhousie
(c)Lord Cornwallis
(d)None of these
Ans-a(Lord William Bentinck)
(7)Which of the following planet is also known as ‘Earth twin’?
(8)Which of the following imaginary lines join places with same level of rainfalls?
(a)Contour lines
(b)Isobaths lines
(c)Isohyets lines
(d)Isobar lines
Ans-c(Isohyets lines)
(9)What is study of fungus Known as?
(10)Which of the following bacteria is responsible for the formation of curd?
(11)How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body?
(12)When a ball is thrown vertically upwards, which of the following quantities remains constant during its motion?
(13)What is the SI unit of heat energy?
(14)Which system is used by the Digital Computers to encode data and Programs?
(15)What is the common name of Sodium Bicarbonate?
(a)Baking Soda
(b)Washing Powder
(c)Plaster of Paris
(d)Fly Ash
Ans-a(Baking Soda)
(16)Which of the following is an ore of iron?
(17)Which of the following has maximum bio-diversity?
(c)Polar Region
(d)Tropical Region
Ans-d(Tropical Region)
(18)who will be implementing the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana scheme during financial year 2017-18?
(a)National Insurance Company Limited
(b)New India Assurance Company Limited
(c)Life Insurance of Corporation of India
(d)SBI Life Insurance Company Limited
Ans-c(Life Insurance of Corporation of India)
(19)Albert Sabin is known for developing________________.
(a)Smallpox vaccine
(b)Polio vaccine
(d)hepatitis B vaccine
Ans-b(Polio vaccine)
(20)Match the following.
Term Associated      sport
1.No ball               a.Hockey
2.Goal                   b.Cricket
3.Knockout           c.Boxing
(a)1-b, 2-a, 3-c
(b)1-c, 2-a, 3-b
(c)1-b, 2-c, 3-a
(d)1-c, 2-b, 3-a
Ans-a(1-b, 2-a, 3-c)
(21)Who amongst the following is a renowned Indian classical dancer?
(a)Palghat Mani Iyer
(c)Sonal Mansingh
(d)Siddheshwari Devi
Ans-c(Sonal Mansingh)
(22)Who among the following did not receive the 2016 Arjuna award in the field of ‘wrestling’?
(a)Virender Singh
(b)Vinesh Phogat
(c)Amit Kumar
(d)Rajat Chauhan
Ans-d(Rajat Chauhan)
(23)Who was written the book ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’?
(a)Chaitanya Padukone
(b)Amitav Ghosh
(c)Pramod Kapoor
(d)Arundhati Roy
Ans-d(Arundhati Roy)
(24)Which country became seventh member of South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation(SASEC) on 31 March 2017?
(25)How many Indian states share their boundaries with Nepal?

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